Sacred Sexuality

I am asking you to be present within your intimate relationship you are in at this moment. I don’t mean aware and sharing on a surface level, but on the deepest level that is possible. I ask you to open your heart profoundly to the essence within your partner, the one you slept beside last night and woke up to this morning. Whether you are consciously aware of your twin flame, whether your current partner is your twin flame or not, love that being you are connected with deeply as if he/she is God because the truth is that he/she is the essence of God in human form.

The more you allow yourself to love all of the aspects of who you are and merge your energy into the sharing of love with your partner, the more you see God, the more you feel God, the more you become God together. What happens when you open to this overwhelming, powerful force of ecstatic love is that you affect all of creation, bringing all of us into union with you.

When you move further along your spiritual journey, you choose to open yourself in the deepest space of love, therefore the decision to share in the making of love with your body comes from your heart and not from the physical urges of the temporal. This is where you enter into sacred sexuality, as when you love with another who is choosing to love in the same way, you become God and create God anew throughout the cosmos. Everyone is affected by this merging, for God is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies, and when the God and the Goddess merge, complete unity is achieved, creation is born. Literally, healing on all levels can happen here.

Separation is merely an illusion…we are all connected…I must remind you that you are here to love, to love deeper in every moment, within every relationship, for as you do this, you raise the vibration of unconditional divine love on this planet. Embrace each moment in love…let it flow, and watch yourself glow.

2 Comments on “Sacred Sexuality

  1. Thanks, Gabrialla for this explanation. Many years before I married I found this misterious man in my dream, I could not see his face I just see his body and the huge energy emanated from his body, Now I think, he was my TF. We had what you are saying in this blog. Incredible, I never forget this dream and the sensation I experience, it was from heaven. It never matched what I had with my husband, sorry to say it. Of course, I never told this to my husband, I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I know I never fulfill his expectation either.

  2. I was laying next to my twin flame we were skin to skin and as I was experiencing and contemplating on how we have both been cultivating our individuality and how that has brought us together in a way that we had yet to experience and was thinking of how perfect our connection seemed on this night, my daughter knocked on the door to tell us something and as she left the room and we looked up at the clock it was 11:11!! needless to say we were BOTH in awe! Thank you Gabriella for your wonderful twin flame mentoring session it has changed and shaped us in new ways we could have never imagined!!!