It is Essential to Release Separation to Move into Union with your Twin Flame

This is a call to both men and women (the masculine and feminine energies), to open your heart deeper and deeper to the truth that union is present in every moment, within every relationship and experience in your life. I am urging you to see how you may be feeling separation, believing in separation, and acting from separation in your life so that you can heal this to move into union.

For so long, individually and collectively, we have been falsely believing that we need to create separation in relationships for the perception that in order to BE together, we have to keep our natural essence hidden, what we are so passionate about, separate from one we love all from the fear of it being taken away. The truth of union is that we are already connected, so separation is merely an illusion…if we are connected, then what you are passionate about and what your loved one is passionate about can merge together to form a beautiful co-creation. These co-creations in union will then enhance everything else…as it is already doing so…it is only the perception of separation that sees the opposite…

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