Can a Relationship be Too Good to be True?

Can a Relationship be Too Good to Be True?

What you believe, how you think and feel, creates your experience in relationships. If you believe that love cannot last, that if you are connecting, feeling deeper happiness and love in relationship there must be something wrong, this can then influence your actions and response. This can spiral into the creation of what it is that you don’t want to happen – an end or struggle in relationship and therefore, make “true” what you believed.

The truth is that no, a relationship is never too good to be true, and actually the “goodness” continues to be transformed and enhanced when you see from the eyes of Spirit, from recognizing the interconnectedness with all and the beauty that is present in each moment and each relationship.

Continue to open your heart more profoundly to love, surrendering to the depths of your soul, as this type of love is completely limitless, unconditional, eternal, and true. As you do this, your desire to love and to be loved increases, beyond any perceptions that attempt to hinder the expression of love, in its equal capacity to both give and receive it.

The fairytale of love is to walk through the fire, get back up if you stumble, and to know that you don’t have to abandon each other through the times that may seem uncomfortable. Love goes through it all, and knows that by holding hands with your own divinity, you absolutely will get through with a deeper and more intense understanding of the truth of sacred love. It is always there and never leaves, never changing in the openness to love, yet constantly evolving into more love and expanding to share in that love.

~Gabriella Hartwell