Continued to be Wowed by Now

Continue to Bask in the Awesomeness that Every Now Moment Contains…

I was joined again with Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher and Author of The Big Glow and the new book The Wow of the Now. We shared on many of his insights within his new book and just about anything that comes up in the moment. We both feel the power and essential aspect of allowing oneself to be in the moment, for it is in each moment that miracles and magic is noticed. Miracles are always happening yet it is when we stop to look around that we notice them!

Brian leads workshops, retreats, classes, online courses and personal sessions with clients by phone and skype around the world on an integral, holistic approach to living each moment with presence, peace and passion from ones most authentic truth. Visit his website

My endorsement for Brian’s new book, The Wow of the Now, “The Wow of the Now will bring you into the powerful, amazing and limitless potentials for each moment in your life if you allow it to. Let the insight on so many areas of life enfold you, transform you deeper into the presence of now, where everything is born.” ~Gabriella Hartwell

Here is the link to the first part of our interview: First Part of the Interview