Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames

You are already spiritually married with your twin flame, as you are already one with your twin flame. However, your spirit is within the journey of this human experience, and therefore, you are experiencing the joining of your spirits as one in form. You are experiencing the oneness that is and deeply feeling it on all levels. Some call this the Dance of the Spirits…the journey is always ongoing and the dance is always in motion, integrating and co-creating in each moment through your emotions (energy in motion).

As you dive in to the depths of your essence within you, you discover the divine love that IS you, which of course is also your twin flame, for you are one. As you uncover the beauty and unconditional, purity of this love, you are inspired (in spirit ~ in love) to become a living vessel of sharing and expressing this love. This is the process of experiencing the spiritual marriage with your twin flame ~ within and then around~.

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Lots of love,
Gabriella Hartwell

5 Comments on “Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    This video is so in depth and heartfelt. Thank you for the insights. Expressing the twin flame love…. How can we express it openly to all that is when we are in soulmate relationships ? I am married to my soulmate in humans but spiritually to my TF . If I tell my soulmate that I am spiritually married to my TF, will he understannd? It will create chaos. Whenever my TF and I meet we pretend that we are not close . If we show that we are this close to each other my human marriage will be shaken. My relationship with my TF is so intense that we make love beyond form , so much so that I cannot let my soulmate husband come anywhere physically close to me. When this is the case how can we expresses TF love through soulmate relationship? as of now my soulmate relationship is platonic and it this makes my soulmate husband realise that something is wrong. I do not know how long I can go with this stress. Am I denying my soulmate husband his due ? I cannot leave him and children and I cannot deny my spiritual marriage to my TF. Oh, Gabriella, what can I do ? Is this my soul contract? To be torn between spiritual and human marriage. Is there something to learn from this? My TF and I long To be in each other s arms and share our love in human form too!! Isi it too muh to ask for ? Should I suppress this desire and give priority to my soulmate relationship and go on with life. This is what my TF and I are doing now. How can we extend our TF love to all and in what way?

  2. wow….Sleeping beauty!!! … I am very much in the same situation as you, there is a higher purpose going on, you like myself, and your soulmate and twin flame still have much work to do here. Until all that is transcended and worked through, then you can honour your heart and follow your intuition I believe. This belief is the only thing that keeps me going each day. It is not easy by any means, I spend many a day just daydreaming the hours away, my life has been turned upside down, I can’t even begin to describe. My TF is with a soulmate also, all we can do is love and keep loving and know that deep within our soul we asked for this, and you will be with him again soon… this is only temporary xx

  3. Dear divineguidance!
    Your very name and message seems divine guidance for me. In fact I am going through a very torrid period with so much chaos around me and I was just pouring out my heart and crying to God. And then I read your message and its like an answer. Thank you. I hope I get the strength to pull through all this. Love to you all.

  4. When I find my TF in my dreams or in another dimention there is only one question I ask to him and myself: “Do we agree with these contract in this lifetime?” Sleeping Beauty, yesssssssssss, after feeling my TF in the most beautiful spiritual intimacy and I don’t want to have intimacy with anybody else. In my case my soulmate decided long ago not to get close to me, and I never ask the reason, I guess our relationship has evolved to a brother-sister relationship or just good friends. We have a mission of taking care of our son. Now I started seeing my soulmate like my other son. Somedays I can understand what Gabriella said, but somedays I just can not then I send my love to my TF and imagine being in his arms. How long we are going to be this way, is my question to God.