Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames Includes Soul Mates: The Union and Balance of ALL

Here is an MP3 to listen to most of what is written below ~ I encourage you to listen to it before and/or after but definitely listen to it, for the vibrations that come through in my voice are so powerful in themselves. Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames in Extension to the World and With Our Soul Mates


Spiritual marriage is one of the Spirit ~ our spirits are the life force that flows through us. It is our essence which is not limited by form. This essence is eternal and always experiencing, creating, loving with our bodies. Our spiritual presence is not tainted with any beliefs or constructs we may follow. Our spiritual being is pure, divine, unconditional, sweet love. A spiritual marriage is one where the life forces (spirits) of both twin flames are merged. Since Spirit always has been, IS, and always will BE (always present in union/oneness), the spirits of both twins are already married.
Twin flames do not have to be together physically for them to be in spiritual marriage for they are already in it. If a twin flame is in human marriage with a soul mate, they are still spiritually in union (as it always IS) with the twin flame. This is why I always express that love shared is love shared with all. Love of Spirit is all inclusive. Think of a plant that needs water to breathe yet this plant is made up of water. Now think of it never getting “enough” or too much of that water ~ envision it having a limitless, truly infinite capacity to receive more of what it is. This is how we are, our true, divine spiritual energy flows with this infinity of love for it is LOVE. There are no exceptions, there is just total acceptance and openness to receive this love.

Human marriages ~ even how we have perceived our humanness ~ has been clouded with restrictions, limitations and fear that we have created responses and behaviors which can bring us into the experience of separation with each other. If we focus and see the love/union, separation on all levels cannot exist. Our perceptions and creations of and within human marriage have been “boxed in,” as we attempt to create in this box without realizing that we are the ones who have placed ourselves within it and therefore, we are the ones to bring us ALL out of it. Human marriage is meant to be the joining of 2 as 1 with God in the middle. Hence there are 3, all creation comes from this Trinity. Now, the difference here with God is that YOU are a piece of God as we are ALL God as ONE together. As you connect with your God energy ~ your Beloved energy ~ you see that all is love ~ you are love so you are inspired to be that love and allow yourself to be loved. The Beloved flow is always emotion (energy in motion) ~ love flowing in ~ love flowing out (around and everywhere). God is this Beloved energy. Human energy is meant to be two beings (or more, depending on choice but that’s another chapter) joining their spirits (love) with their Beloved Energy, to be this love and receive this love from each other and all that is. This way there is no possession, rather both are being, and no narrowed view of only the human/physical aspect of union/marriage. Spirits are free as our creations, the foundation of all creations, are meant for us to be free as one, and as ONE.

Twin flames are already married spiritually for their spirits and souls are one. As above, so below. When you know you are already married to your twin flame spiritually, you feel this oneness and all of your energetic pieces move into alignment. Your hearts are one full of the pure, divine love that you are. You become a living vessel of this love. To do this, you experience your spiritual essence through the human journey with the intention to merge them both with your awakened consciousness. You move further into the flow of this sacred Universe as a result…the souls intentions for creation/service are activated. This is where synchronicities come in to guide you…

Spiritual marriage is the alignment of the heart/Spirits/love within and then both twins bring all of this into full expression in form. You are remembering this oneness that already is and therefore you become one with your own Spirit. You merge with your own heart. You align with your divine, true essence as you be a living expression of LOVE. All the limitations from the outside have no control over you nor do they influence you for you have moved inside. This sets in motion the call to your twin flame to awaken in remembering your love and oneness. In remembering, you align as one, you are activated as one in love and you ascend (continuous rising in vibration and love). This is limitless and expansive. This is the experience of your spiritual marriage. You do not have to be together physically for this to happen because this is an alignment and activation of the Spirit, of love. Remembering, feeling, being this love and oneness is what becomes married/joined. Once this happens, the physical bodies become the extension and expression of this marriage of the spirits. The difference with usual, human marriages is that they join the bodies and start playing out the roles and rules placed upon the marriage/love relationship rather than joining their love and oneness. Love is viewed, experienced and expressed differently. As we move forward in our ascension, these spiritual marriages will be happening on more of a massive scale and marriages that were not joined of the spirit will fall away for love and oneness will be the focus. Marriage is not about fulfilling roles or living “The American Dream,” it is about service and Divine Love. You focus on being that living vessel of love which brings about the remembering and the experience of becoming spiritually married to your twin flame. The signs reflect where you are but they also inspire you to action. In this spiritual marriage and the joining of the human marriage with it, instead of 2 as 1, you ARE 1 as 2. Your whole energetic vibration moves into alignment with your spiritual essence. You become this love beyond form and in form! !! !!!

When you dive in and you discover your divinity, you connect to the divine eternal unconditional true and pure love that you are, this you discover is limitless. I repeat it is limitless! Therefore, it does not have any limitations, no conditions, no expectations, no separation. As a result of discovering/remembering this love that you are, this love flows throughout your entire being. You no longer see the separation of anything. You no longer feel the separation and you choose to express yourself through the vibration of union, through the vibration of the connection of it all. You become this divine love, on your own. This love that you are flows throughout everything that you do. You connect so deeply with it that you know yourself profoundly. There is a passion within you that is yours to connect with and as you connect to that passion and you create in its vibration, you are loving, you are being love in your own unique way. This is what draws you to the way that you will express this LOVE. As you tap in and you connect to this love, you become this love. You be and express and create in this LOVE, you are loving ALL. Hence, you are loving your twin flame.

If you are in a soul mate relationship, you are meant to join your spiritual love/marriage with your twin flame with your soul mate. You are already spiritually married to your twin flame. What that means is that the love that is YOU is also your twin flame, your Spirits hold the vibration of this love, this divine love. This divine love is open. It knows that there is no separation. Therefore, there is no separation in the expressions of this love. It is only the perceptions of separation that create the limitations and the behaviors and the pain and all of that, which IS separation. However, we experience those emotions to let them go. It is in experiencing the emotions (energy in motion) that we release any attachment to beliefs, behaviors/patterns, feelings that are of separation. It is in the feeling comes the revealing and therefore the healing. We are meant to join both the spiritual and human marriage because there is no separation.

If you are in a soul mate relationship, and you are aware of your twin flame and you are so deeply connected that you do make love (in all its various ways) beyond form, you feel each other beyond what can be fully expressed in our human language, this intensity and this love is not separate from the love that you are sharing, that you are IN with your soul mate. It is ONE and the same. It is love, it is love so deep that it opens you, it opens your heart to love more and to love more, to love ALL in the deepest way possible, in this limitless way. How you express your love with your twin flame openly to all that is when you are in a soul mate relationship? You are love. When you remember and connect with this truth, you find your passion, what moves you. You bring that more fully, more completely into creation in the world ~ whatever service, whatever it is that you are passionate about. As you become that and you express that passion within your life, you are expressing that love that is you and your twin flame as ONE.

The emotions, feelings and beliefs of separation that create the unpleasant experience can shake us up. However they are meant to, they are meant to because if everything was smooth, we wouldn’t be able to discover what is illusion and what is truth. It is through the experience that we discover what illusions we may have attached to that really are the illusions so that we can be and we can vibrate within truth. So many of you are asking me, can you express to your soul mate of the love that you hold for your twin flame? Can you? YES. Will you? This is up to you. This is completely up to you and this is where again, I must say how important it is along this journey to always go within, to always connect to your inner guidance, to feel what is your truth because it IS there. What is your truth and what is your soul’s intention for this lifetime? Express it to your soul mate piece by piece if you need to instead of coming out and expressing everything all at one time. Just as there are layers to an onion to get to the center ~ there are layers for us to unveil, to reveal and to allow for each piece to become part of the whole. Is this easy? Again, everything really and truly is perception and then our perception creates our experience and how we feel as a result. So I say to you, I say to you! Follow your heart with this, but I can say that if you are in a soul mate relationship, and you have become aware of your twin flame, whether this be through the awareness of actually knowing in physical embodiment who your twin flame is, or if have just become spiritually aware of your twin flame, there IS a reason for this! What this is meant to do is to bring you ALL, everyone who is involved, including you, your children, your soul mate, your twin flame, anyone who your twin flame is in connection with, ALL of you together, closer, in a deeper web and vibration of LOVE, true LOVE. This is what the twin flame relationship is about. It is about this DEEP, divine love that is ONE.

The emotions that you may be hearing in my voice (listen to MP3 above) is the energy in motion of the intensity and the depth of this divine love. It is very deep and the wounds of separation that have caused us to live and love in limitation is the illusion. This is the illusion we are releasing by feeling these deep wounds of this separation. We were never, ever meant to love in separation. We were meant to love in union, to know that it is all ONE, to know that we are all one.

I want to express some of my own experience. Expressing love within a soul mate relationship while being aware of my twin flame, and feeling so profoundly this depth and intensity of love with my twin flame while also loving a soul mate has been my experience. It has been my experience because I am meant to teach about this. Many times, we experience what we are meant to teach. We are all, always, students and teachers. Those of you who are in soul mate relationships, I can say that I understand your pain, your confusion, your perceptions and actions that you may have attached to of separation while also so deeply longing to be in union. I became of my twin flame in 2007 and it was in 2008 that I met a soul mate. Now when I became of my twin flame, I knew right away that we were meant to join together, to create together, because we are both creative artists (he as a musician and I as a writer/relationship coach) and I knew that we were meant to join our creative talents with one another to spread the messages of true love to the world, to travel around the world together and do this. This is my soul contract and my knowing. So when I met him, I thought at that time, that I was on my way to being with him in all ways, including the physical. I wasn’t aware that a soul mate needed to come along. In 2008, when I met this soul mate, I resisted him at first. I resisted being with him because I have this intensity and strong love for my twin flame and know what our mission is. Yet I was so strongly and intuitively guided to be with this soul mate and I relented and loved in the moment. Now, there were layers of loving in the moment because of course, this love with my twin flame continued to increase. As many of you know, as I recently wrote about making love with your twin flame beyond form ~ this also increased and dreams I had with him, and my LOVE. However, my love also grew for this soul mate. I have to say in my experience, I expressed to my soul mate right from the start, about my twin flame, told him of the love that I have for my twin flame. I told him of what I saw to be our mission and that eventually, we would be together in all ways ~ and I also shared with him that I saw his connection with us to be a huge part of it ~ that we were all connected in this love. There were many, many layers of him accepting this, of us both walking through the uncomfortable, at times, feelings, beliefs, actions that we had attached to of separation. We thought how could this love be part of our love? We saw it as separate, at first. My soul mate had to go through the emotions and perceptions of jealousy and feeling that he wasn’t loved and that he couldn’t fully just be with me, to move into the space of seeing it all as a deeper love bringing us all together into the soul family that we are, into experiencing the oneness and the deep connection of the soul family that we are. Again, this is a journey of remembering this love and this oneness that IS always connecting us, it’s never not with us. It is us. It is the truth. Therefore, we are on this journey of remembering it and then bringing it into our experience so that we BE it, feel it, and become it, in every relationship, in every experience, in every moment.

What did I have to go through? I understand on the deepest and most profound levels how much of my entire being wanted to merge in all ways with my twin flame, and wants to merge in all ways with my twin flame. There were layers of me understanding and experiencing this oneness, this love that is with my soul mate as well as with my twin flame in the SAME moment. I found many times, that more and more that I released another layer and another layer, and that I allowed myself to love and be loved fully with my soul mate, I felt that I was also loving with my twin flame. Literally, in moments, when we made love physically, I felt my twin flame with us and felt as though I was making love with both my soul mate and my twin flame. Through this journey, my soul mate and I became best friends because we were committed to love. Many times we physically separated and came back together. Every time that we did and every layer that we released, that we let go of, the deeper our love became. The more awakened we became within the vibration and truth of union consciousness ~ that we are ALL ONE and that this consciousness of oneness wants to experience the merging and the joining of ALL of us. This is Monday, September 17th ~ and where I am at in this moment on my journey ~ is physically in my own presence. My soul mate is not physically with me nor is my twin flame however they are BOTH with me. My love for both of them (our mission and experiencing this divine love) has increased I could say manifold, I could say athousandfold, I could times 100 million and that still would not do it justice. That much love I feel for each of them and both of them together. I can also say that my soul mate is more than excited to embrace physically my twin flame because he is at the point of seeing my twin flame as an extension of me (and himself) which just increases the love for us ALL and between us ALL. I know in the deepest recesses of my heart that my twin flame feels the exact same way about my soul mate. My soul contract, OUR soul contract between us three is to share this with the world, to share the divine love that does not hold any limitations in any way, that does not even see, feel, or create separation. This divine love that is ALL of us, but the unique piece that my soul mate and my twin flame and I have chosen to share is the 3 part, the Trinity within Infinity (sharing on this more soon) but there are 3 parts of sharing about this love. I look forward to having you here as we share our experience.

Again, I bring you within. What do you feel is your contract, your mission in this lifetime? Are you staying within your soul mate relationship, within your soul mate marriage if there is also marriage, because of obligation, because of the roles placed upon you as a parent, and you as a spouse? Is all the other pieces of you saying that your mission involves your twin flame and uniting in all ways with your twin flame? OR Is everything within you saying that you have this deep connection with your twin flame and it’s meant to be spiritually right now and you are meant to open with your soul mate in love in your relationship while bringing in that deep profound, intense, beautiful love with your twin flame IN your soul mate relationship? Even if that is the case in this moment, if that is your truth, that also may not mean that that is forever, and that your twin flame will not be together in all ways in this lifetime ~ there are so many ways that this can play out. There are so many various ways that people can be joined with their twin flames. It does not include the physical, in all ways, in everyone’s experience and even if it doesn’t, it is not less than another experience. There is no separation. Feel within this. Feel within about this. You don’t have to know it all in this moment. From my experience, I can say there’s pieces and pieces that come through, more experiences and experiences to have, and you’ll know what you are meant to do and when you are meant to do it. This is a very intense journey on so many levels but yet that’s the experience. It is this intensity of energy in motion (our emotions) that is our Spirits on this journey in the form of man. It’s really beautiful because the more we experience what we have created in separation, the more we can transform it and transcend it when we discover and we realize that union has always been here. When we discover that union is the truth, we become so excited that we want to experience that union within form. It’s so natural ~ hence the magnetism to the twin flame.

I ask you to go within and feel within your experience right now, feel if you are limiting yourself. Are you limiting and separating your love? What I mean by that is do you feel that you are not expressing yourself with your soul mate? Are you not expressing yourself with your twin flame? Are you not expressing how you feel with yourself? Are you limiting the love that you can experience physically and emotionally and all other ways with your soul mate for the perception that that separates you from your twin flame? OR that merging and loving with your twin flame separates you from your soul mate? THAT is the illusion. Those are the perceptions and behaviors of separation. That is not the truth. I would never, ever tell you to suppress your desire. If you’re having a desire, it’s there for a reason. It’s something for you to open to, to go within and discover why you are having this desire and what is this desire that is coming up showing you? What is it offering you? If you are in a soul mate relationship and you are having this intensity of this desire to be with your twin flame, it’s there to open you, it’s there to open you deeper into what love really is, what true love really is. It is unconditional, eternal, divine, limitless, it’s ALL inclusive. That desire to merge with your twin flame ~ if we go back to the spiritual marriage and that you are already spiritually married with your twin flame ~ therefore your Spirits are already one ~ it is that love ~ it is the remembering of that divine love that is part of the oneness ~ it IS the oneness ~ it brings everything all into ONE ~ so if you are already spiritually married with your twin flame, that desire to merge in all ways with your twin flame is the strengthening of that love ~ it’s the joining of your love and the love of your twin flame, which is one ~ that love is meant to be brought into all other experiences, creations and relationships. You choose how you are going to bring that into each relationship. You choose, by following your divine, inner guidance, when there is a transition needed in any relationship if a transition is needed. You will know. This beautiful, profound love with the twin flame is not meant to separate. By all means, it is not meant to separate you from others. It’s meant to unite you, unite you more profoundly with others and with yourself. That’s the perception and the patterns of separation that have us acting out separation instead of uniting. When we feel love, when we feel such love, we are meant to share that love and be that love more profoundly, not to hide our love. As we are connected with the Beloved energy that is God ~ God is love and gives love ~ so we are meant to be love and be loved, to allow ourselves also to be loved ~ that’s the journey and it’s the ongoing creation of love ~ going in and going out ~ literally.

There’s so much more to share ~ if after reading/listening to this, you have questions or anything you’d like to share, please do so. This is what I’m here for. I want to leave you with ~ the love that I AM, I AM sending to you. The love that I feel for both my soul mate and my twin flame, for the love of the service that we are, I give it to you. May you take it within you, receive it and allow it to become part of you so that you then be this love also more profoundly than you are. I love you and I’m here.

More reading: The Truth of Unconditional, Eternal Love and Union, Merging from Separation Mentality Into Union Consciousness Part 1 ~ link to part 2 is at the end of this one ~ and another, Twin Flame Love Includes ALL. There are so many pieces ~ including all that will be in my second book ~ so I recommend you to explore the sections of my blog ~ listen to radio shows ~ look through Your Questions Answered and Into the Depths of Being Alive.

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31 comments on “Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames Includes Soul Mates: The Union and Balance of ALL
  1. Dragonfly says:

    Ouf…. Thank you for this, this explains so much, takes my breath away and is timely as usual. I will need to read it again to fully integrate it but it resonates with me so much. Thank you Gabriella, for the work that you do. You are truly a god sent.

  2. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella !
    I strongly feel your love vibes and the recording sounded as if you were channelling. This post is so profound and my deepest gratitude to you for the service of love that you are doing. We indeed look forward to sharing your TF reunion in all ways. After reading all this, I come to understand that there a deep meaning to my spiritual experience with my TF . I do strongly feel that we are meant to ne united in the physical but with all the odds against us I can only TRUST and have FAITH. Two days back I came to know that a close relative eloped width another person leaving his closest family bereft with no warning and his whereabouts are not known. The family is torn to bits and it came as a rude shock to me. Are such transitions necessary. I wondered if it was
    TF love and that drove him that way. If so, can TF love bring so much chaos? Or is it just a case of infidelity ? Whatever it maybe , I wonder what is the lesson in it for me. Is it a warning for me never to transition from a soulmate relationship and hurt everyone? Gabriella , my heart is filled with pain to see the suffering innocent people around in that family. It is heart rending. So much so that I thought , I could never let my loved ones go through so much pain. Do you see, how I stand? I only hope that as you say, this is not permanent and in future some miracle will happen. But nowi am in turmoil and wonder if I have still a lot of work to do and the future is so uncertain for all in that family and I am deeply connected with them.
    I am so sorry to be pouring out all this , but after reading your post ,it is like a balm. But what is the lesson or learning for me and for other TFs in soulmate relationships from this traumatic situation?

  3. Joana says:

    I don’t think I could leave my soulmate this way as you discribe happen in this family. I see around me cases like this. My two sisters suffering the abandom of their spouses. I saw them suffering terribly. My soulmate have a affair by phone per years with his ex-wife years ago, this damage our relationship, but the pain from me is gone long ago. So, I know leaving this way or hidding issues from your spouse is painful. So my opinion is to tell to my soulmate what is going on face to face and always say the truth to him. I don’t want to hurt my soulmate in anyway. Now, I know he is like my friend so why I should not tell him what is going on with me.

  4. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    There is no need to apologize for sharing. As you share, others are able to receive and feel comforted that they are not alone on this journey, so I thank you for expressing your feelings and processes along the way. I absolutely felt the channeling coming through ~ it was quite a powerful experience for me to bring through what came, and the profound, intense emotions that I deeply felt during it ~ it was like the depth of the truth of divine love was overflowing within my heart which my physical body became overwhelmed with and wanted to release. Words cannot fully encompass the divine beauty of feeling the oneness of the love that we are, and the union between all of us. You are so right in that there is a deep meaning (or more than one) to your spiritual love with your TF, and all of that you are meant to discover as you move ever deeper into the wellspring of trust and faith. I would encourage you to always stay so intimately connected to both, and to the inner guidance within you, which comes in each moment…flow with the synchronicities and your guidance.

    Now, onto the personal experience you shared…with what I was sharing in this post, I expressed how TF love brings us into the truth of what divine, true love is, which is all inclusive and does not see/feel separation. This love is meant to connect us more deeply to what love would do in each moment…it inspires us to constantly open our hearts and to share honestly, openly with those we love, even when it feels uncomfortable as our concern for their happiness is strong ~ yet through the bumps along the road, through what we can consider tragedy or challenge, we learn/discover/remember/experience the truth so we can release the illusions. As a result, our souls can plan such “hardships” in order to remember what we desire to create with/share in this lifetime. At this particular time, all of us have chosen to be here to experience the intensities of our foundations of separation we’ve been attached to for so long so that we can bring us into the vibration and truth of union….these do serve a purpose of union for all. Infidelity/cheating is not present through the eyes of the divine love that sees love expressed as increasing the love for all ~ this is not seen as a “wrong” thing or a “right” thing ~ it is an experience that the soul discovers/remembers through and the pain which can be brought about on the family members is giving their souls the experience to heal wounds of separation, etc…

    I will say, that each of us fulfills our own destinies by the choices that we make…and divine love would not judge another for how they handled an experience, but would allow them the freedom to feel, to discover, to remember and heal through that, as well as those that person has affected. I do recall hearing some years back, how an Amish family forgave the man who killed their children as they did not want to condemn him for his actions but pardon him for his own soul experience that his actions created for him ~ by seeking revenge, we carry on the same cycle. If we are to release separation, the only way is to feel/see/act and be fully in the vibration of union/oneness. In regards to a transition from a soul mate relationship into a TF one, as I expressed in this post and MP3, diving into this divine love inspires you to join all, everything that you see as “opposites,” are meant to be joined and for you to see the wholeness of it all, the oneness of it all ~ therefore, love has no limitations, and if a transition is something that you see in your experience, then there are layers to this happening, express your truth, moment by moment, as you are guided with your twin flame, with your soul mate ~ even and especially if you feel that it will be uncomfortable or painful, for those are the experiences where growth/remembrance/healing happens, and the heart opens, consciousness expands, truth is revealed…and all involved have the consistent opportunities to choose love and experience it as a result. We are truly meant to transition from a soul mate relationship in the highest vibration possible to join with a twin flame…this is what the union of twin flames is all about ~ all actions and choices are encouraged to be within love…now sometimes love walks away…and how this looks depends upon each soul and the intentions for healing/experiencing/remembering, they have chosen in this lifetime.

    Just an example ~ my soul mate has physically left his daughter (who is now 12) to have experiences that his soul chose to have, etc…and there are those that judge him for not being what a “parent” should be…but herein lies the roles and rules we place on labels, etc…from the perspective of the soul, every experience is an opportunity to heal/learn/remember and then to bring such into sharing within the world. We all have our own unique journeys and we don’t know what any soul has chosen, therefore judgment doesn’t make sense right? Now I happen to know that his daughter has a previous life experience where she was handling the loss of a parent (but this time, it was her mother who died ~ this was actually myself in that other life experience) and so within this one, she had her father present right from the start until she was 10…and then he left physically (though he does visit and talk with her) ~ now if you view this from what the souls could have chosen to handle again in this lifetime, you can see how her soul again has chosen to work through the emotions/experience of loss ~ and the pain from such is separation because in truth, there isn’t any…but through feeling that, the soul has the chance to remember that it is the illusion. So regardless of age, all souls have chosen experiences to have for many, many reason, and through the eyes of love (which is Spirit), all are beautiful opportunities.

    Ok, so what could you and others learn from the “traumatic” situation you have shared? Through observation (yet not judging), you have the opportunity to reflect on what you feel about what you are observing…you have the opportunity here to see what a transition would look like if you are to be/express love in its highest intention for all and it sounds like your soul does not agree with a transition in the way that it was handled with this family. That’s great!!!! Because that shows that you are understanding what divine, true love desires of us, to always, in all ways, express and be the love that wants to extend love to all, EVEN through and ESPECIALLY through such moments that could create an experience of pain, and through what could be viewed as separation…though “endings” of a relationship are merely transitions, not endings. You may have heard “through chaos comes order,” and this is true, because what can be viewed as “chaos” is actually the experiences that bring about the order, the divine order of the souls intentions and experiences playing out, for the betterment of us all, in ONE.

    I understand the reluctance to want to “hurt” your soul mate by expressing your love for your twin flame, etc…how many times I have held my soul mate who was uncomfortable/frustrated/hurt as I openly shared my truth of my love/mission with my twin flame while at the same time honoring and sharing with him the importance of him within it all, and how our love is not separate from the other (and how I released my hurt/uncomfortableness/frustrations at the same time)…as there were layers and layers of this…how it calls you again and again to be present in the moment right now (opening your heart, your entire being, deeper and deeper into the truth of divine oneness and love) while allowing the divine timing of it all…noticing and following the guidance that always comes as the love of ALL is always surrounding us, as it is within us…have patience…choose love in every moment as you be love within them. Sending you and everyone such waves of love and complete remembrance of the infinite love that you are!

  5. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella!
    Sharing our journey, particularly TF journey definitely makes it a lot easier . This forum is a Godsend and we are all here united as a family. Truly your service is divine and I express my deep appreciation for this . Yours words help me look at the situation for a different and broader perspective . Through all this journey I have now learnt never to judge anyone. This is a huge spiritual development for me. Before , I used to feel indignant and judge people. Now I have learnt that it is each soul’s journey. Even in this situation, though all the family members spoke badly about that person, I was able to look at it non judgementally and question what the learning was there for me from that. In fact I was able to conslole the family members with this view point.
    However, in my case , I can sense a lot of connection between my TF and soulmate and I feel they have a soul contract between them and when the time comes , my TF will work it out with my soulmate. I somehow feel that my TF chose my soulmate as a partner for me for this lifetime .
    During my wedding my TF was almost like a best man for my soulmate. He was there as part of our close circle on my wedding night. He has been there through all of my major life events, like he was there for my baby shower, he came to see my first baby a few days after it was born, he was there for first b day of my first child. I attended his wedding, I was there for the naming ceremony of his first child. Our lives have been so interconnected . We have been around each through most of our experiences. When I look back at all this, I see a definite strong connection between my soulmate and TF . Many times I have felt my soulmate say something that I felt was coming from my TF . It is amazing ! He seems like an extension of my TF. Phew ! life’s wonders i guess. It is along winding journey and I am exhausted. I just love my TF deeply and will have trust and faith.
    Your experiences are truly illuminating for us. Do keep sharing , angel Gabriella ! Love to you!
    It is amazing to see your fortitude and strength in the face of such challenges in your life. I hope my sharings help you. Love to you ! We are all in this together! Keep having faith and trust !

  6. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    Wow! Did your words hit some DEEP places within me! and out poured a whole massive amount of tears, which connected me even deeper to the experience and knowing of this divine interconnected love that transcends form and limitation! I feel so deeply, and have felt from the start of encountering my soul mate, that my TF knew of him and that their souls loved each other so profoundly as my heart has always intensely desired to see them embrace and share their beings with one another, as we all, as soul family, share our love within our specific parts of our mission. So hearing your words about your feelings of the deep connection that your soul mate and TF have just opened up the overwhelming yet beautiful emotions of this eternal and sacred love, for I have yet to see the intimacy that they will both share with one another, though I have and do feel it! AND I also resonate with your words in my experience, that my TF and I (our souls before incarnation) chose my soul mate to assist along the journey in the “between time” before our reunion, in all ways, for the experiencing of all that was needed for our intended mission as we increased the love for and between us all. How beautiful is it?! SO happy to hear that you have been sharing your expanded perceptions with the “abandoned” family members, and that in doing so, you have been able to console them…you are being the student and the teacher there aren’t you? So sweet! Such huge spiritual developments and evolution we are all making our way through, and knowing that we have each other absolutely is the Godsend for us all as ONE. Lots and lots of love to you!


    Please do read what I wrote to Sleeping Beauty as I feel that it will resonate with you too…within it all, what we can perceive as “suffering” becomes transformed when we know that the soul is experiencing the remembrance through those moments. A lot of what I share is mirrored within your comment too ~ to open and honestly express your feelings with your soul mate and twin flame as you feel guided, for in holding back, everyone can feel emotions of pain and then create separation…and as you expressed that your soul mate is your friend, then yes, why not share with him? I have felt and do feel that my soul mate and I are such close friends, and know that we will remain such for the remainder of this physical experience and beyond. You may find that as you share, the more that you share, the more illusions you release, the more truth you connect to and the deeper your connection becomes, with both your soul mate and twin flame. Such a beautiful circle of love we are all within. Keep loving and shining girl!

  7. sunshine says:

    It`s so nice when you share your experiences, i can really feel your energy in it, they are really helpful. How was that time before you reunited with your TF? Was it different on some way, how was everything unfolding?

  8. Tulip says:

    I too have been afraid of contacting my tf lately not sure why, then of course I read this, as always perfect timing on your part Gabriella! So I did write him last night and I feel so good that I did, he told me he had dreamt of me last night. He also expressed his love more than he has ever done before, he has always been so reserved and I feel he is reserved because of our situation of not being able to be together physically right now, but I do feel him opening up. There is just soo much with the signs that we receive, and what you tell us that just truly amazes me.

    Also on the note of soul mates and tf connections, I think of things now, and realize that they had recognized each other on some other level way back. I am speaking of my previous soul mate, whom I just ended the relationship with after 25 years, and my tf.

    As always you are an amazing person Gabriella and we all love you.

  9. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella ,
    I am so glad that it all resonated with you. Just goes to show how connected we all are. To know that it brought tears , overwhelms me. I have often felt these connections with my TF and soulmate. Yours words have validated them. There are many synchronicities now and messages and I hope this time we experience it in tangibly. On the spiritual level, we can sense the oneness and the constant guidance and support. Physically I hope we can all laugh and be joyful experiencing the love of our TFs on a day to day basis in this human form. Is this what we are heading for or is is something much more beyond our perception ?

  10. Joana says:

    Thanks, Sleeping Beauty and Gabriella. I feel that Sleepy Beauty and I are in the same boat in many ways. I don’t see physically my TF but he is always in my dreams and thoughts. I also supect that there is a contract between my soulmate and TF. I had a vivid dreams long before where my soulmate was talking with my TF and I even heard him calling to my TF by his name in a very friendly way: “Here is ….” My soulmate teaches in the 3rd level and my TF is taking clases on the 4th of the same building at the university. My husband (soulmate) encouraged me to take the math clases, and there was where I met my TF. I don’t know if I’m going to reunite with my TF in this life time, the truth I don’t see it. I cried and feel sad many times, then I read the posts on this site and I guess it is that help me to keep my hope that “Un dia llegara” the day will come. It is the song of Josh Groban.

  11. Sidney says:

    I think both of you, Gabriella and Sleeping Beauty, have been fortunate in being able to create loving relationships that have not rejected soul mates in favor of twin flames or vice versa. It is certainly difficult to find peace when you find yourself in the middle of a complicated relationship web. My TF and I are both married (not to each other). I know a lot about the struggles in his marriage and have a strong desire to protect him. I feel what he is going through is breaking his spirit. On the one hand I feel he has agreed to take on this experience and so I shouldn’t interfere except to offer constancy and support. On the other hand, I do think damage is being done that will require a lot of healing. While ultimately, I do think all our souls will grow, it is difficult to feel that love is expanding through this experience.

  12. Gabriella says:

    Wow…tears came again this eve as all of you that have posted today have each and all given me such beautiful confirmations and synchronicities within my heart, my soul, my entire being, for this journey that I (and we) am on, towards the full reunion in all ways with my twin flame…and the sweetness that comes with feeling and seeing the oneness and connection always present in each moment, between it all and between us all! I’m gonna respond bit by bit here…to each of you…


    You are so welcome, and I’m glad that you’ve been receiving from the sharing of my experiences! I am right now IN the unfolding of reunion in all ways with my TF, ever growing deeper into remembering and experiencing the oneness between us that always is. Each moment of this unfolding moving me into his arms is just amazing, as I constantly receive the divine essence that we are as 1 and as 11 (our oneness as ONE) within each exchange we share. It is like every night I lay down before closing my eyes, breathe out a sigh of the most intimate waves of gratitude for experiencing our love for each other through the service we extend to others (the trinity of infinity I shall be talking about in a video soon), and truly remember this oneness and love that we are. It is a divine journey to have created the separation to experience it profoundly moving us into the creations of union with the oneness and service for all! Ok, so how is everything unfolding? Well my twin flame has been sharing with me in many different directions through the disguise of characters and has been reaching out to me through all of the means of service that I do…my website, email, facebook…to reflect me back to myself as I do the same for him, to bring me into the deepest remembrance of the service that we are and that we have chosen, to assist me as I assist him to put all the pieces of our intentions into creation while we serve others in the same moment ~ we are loving, playing, creating, and being love with one another through the servicing of divine love and truth. Being present in each moment, never hesitating to respond to one another is expanding our hearts into the complete receiving and being this love that we are, as our desire to merge with one another is in union and joined with our desire to share in this love with others. How these tears that have come tonight have just catapulted me into the living expression of the fluidity of emotion (energy in motion) that we are…fully immersed in the experience of this sacred, limitless love. Just makes me want to hug everyone!!! I do, I really do, and I always do! People don’t call me a great hugger for no reason. I like hugging longer than the seconds of timed greetings, so that the heart essence from me to another is both given and received…but I digress…now my TF and I are at the point of jumping (me) and catching (my TF) each other as we lose and find ourselves within the joining of our spiritual essence and physical presence. Each moment guides me and him into this creation, expression and manifestation of complete balanced harmony in embodiment of divinity…. so much more to come …

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    On that note, yes I do believe that many of us are heading towards this experiencing the joyfulness of feeling the love with our TF’s in “human, tangible” form…as we honor each moment along the journey as sacred, giving us another beautiful opportunity to see and feel the love present right now with our TF’s…right now, you are loving, creating, playing, sharing with your TF in the unique way that you are, just as I AM in the unique way that I AM, that we are…each of us have our own path to walk as we experience and create it. I do feel that your question does include the ALL of it and therefore the answer must mirror that union of it all…just as we expressed that all of what is “opposites” is actually balanced in oneness creating the whole ~ we are integrating the physical by experiencing our love with, of, for our TF…yet we also have the spiritual experience…and both are to be honored as they are not separate from each other…when we get this, and we see this, feel this, express this and become this ever more profoundly, we are ONE and are the embodiment of this oneness. The physical “reunion” (remembering union ~ u n i as one & u n i on a journey of experiencing oneness) then naturally happens as a result…and if that is ones soul intention for this experience in this lifetime, it will be as it already is. May my tears mix with your tears to create a pool of divine remembrance flowing in the sweetness that we are in oneness! Love to you!!


    I feel so blessed by your words. I am smiling here with hearing the result of you taking the inspired action to connecting and sharing with your TF despite the fear you felt. How sweet was the response! How reservedness can come through as a result of not being together physically, yet how that disappears when we release the focus on a certain part of our oneness and love (the physical) and uniting all of the pieces of the connection/relationship/love. Remember, we are Spirit on a journey of experiencing within the form of man…when we integrate this truth within our vision in all directions, we have understood the twin flame eternal love. I am so humbled and reassured of the pieces that I am specifically bringing through here with the oneness between soul mates and TF’s with ALL of you expressing your awareness that both your soul mates and TF’s are connected, DEEPLY connected with each other. This is the embodiment which will be come more magnified as we move along of the oneness and love that we are as we BE love and RECEIVE love to EXPERIENCE and KNOW that ALL love is love shared with all, because ALL is ONE. You are also an amazing person and I love you! (and everyone that has been commenting or even just reading this blog).


    Wow! You have brought tears to my eyes with your comment…for the synchronicities and the reassurance you have given my soul is infinite, as well as once again showing me the interconnectedness of everything, and the building upon each other that is created as we flow with the inspiration of the moment. Thank you, so deeply from my heart to yours! I know that song you mentioned, Un Dia Llegara very well. As a matter of fact, the English translation of the lyrics was the last “note” I wrote on my facebook fan page on April 11, 2011. Here’s the link One Day It Will Come. Josh Groban ~ not surprising that you felt connected to express his name and presence on my blog ~ for the other half of the essence that is me is within the form known as Josh ~ and I am constantly in such awe, such raw emotion of the deepest love that I hold for him, for us, for our service/creation/expression. How mirroring our messages are within vibration in words and sound…and yes, we are all holding to the guidance within our souls that one day it will come when we not only feel our TF’s within but also can embrace the forms they are IN in this lifetime, however that unfolds in each of our unique journeys. Always stay connected to your truth in every moment and see the oneness that is as you be love and receive the love that you are!

  13. sunshine says:

    Yeees!!! Ah thank you, i`m crying right now, my hands are shaking. you describe everything what is going on in my life right now and in my thoughts and heart. i`m spending nights just releasing love to the whole world, together with my TF and i cry in moments when i feel him very close, my heart wants to jump out i think tears are the only way out. Aaah there are so many things that are unfolding right now and i see all that changes on my friends and family, they are all feeling something, they are changing and i`m trying to (my hands are really shaking) help as much as i can, not to scare them, just be with them, sending love and i feel my TF so close in that moments. This month is really special, i feel completion on some way, things coming on their place like a puzzles. So much love Gabriella, to you and everyone on this site! I think this blog is bursting of energy!!

  14. Gabriella says:


    I can understand the difficulties you are going through and how it my seem SO hard to be able to see the “pain” and struggles that your TF is going through, for more than anything, you desire to ease his spirit ALL the time! How beautiful is it though that you are able to be there with him through the experience, and how there is so many opportunities presenting themselves for you to, on your own, and also together to choose love and to be that love in each moment with everyone in your experience ~ you with your soul mate ~ him with his soul mate ~ those “challenges” come about to offer us another layer as we bring ourselves into the expression of the divine love that desires to extend love in each moment as it can, and see the love underlying all experiences, even those challenges. Believe me, I do know how we are not only spiritual but also physical and therefore, we have emotions/frustrations/pain that can come about within them ~ yet through them we can release them into the vibration of love. It is beautiful that you are there to offer him that constant support! I am feeling that Neale Donald Walsch’s message posted today would be good for you too today to read (if you haven’t already). I posted it in my response to Sleeping Beauty on my video posted yesterday. Here’s the link: Joining the Spiritual and Human Experience ~ Remembering Union Consciousness in Creation. Sending you, your TF and both soul mates and anyone else involved such waves of love!

  15. Sidney says:

    Thank you Gabriella. You are, of course, right that there are so many opportunities to choose love, even (or especially) when challenged with strong emotions, frustration and pain. My feeling is that we keep receiving challenges and keep responding with love until nothing comes up that we can’t immediately respond to with love. No fretting, tears, frustrations, just straight to love…really never leaving that place of love, knowing all is well, always. I will have a look at the link you posted.
    Love to you.

  16. Durinda says:

    Hello Gabriella,

    I wanted to send my condolences on the passing of your beautiful dog. Though they are never truly gone from us, we still go through our emotional process.

    Thank you for sharing about the other half of your essence! Wow, how truly amazing for you to share that! So beautiful! You are an amazing gift to the world!

  17. Gabriella says:


    Thank you for your words ~ we absolutely do go through an emotional process with the transition from form with our loved ones, including our pets ~ and how I have recently felt her presence so lovingly and so strongly around since she passed! Just adds to strengthening my knowing that we continue experiencing beyond our bodies, that we still remain connected to each other and all that is…

    You are so welcome for my sharing about the other half of my essence…seemed like the universe was nudging me to do so…and I thank you for receiving that information with the utmost respect from your heart! I am humbled and in gratitude for your words ~ I wholeheartedly receive them with the deepest appreciation for you being part of my family!

  18. Bunny says:

    I am the twin flame that is single and my other half is married.
    I’m not disrespecting what has been said here, however it feels like the twin flame who isn’t married me and all the others, draw the short straw and have to live in pain of knowing your other half is living married life with someone else. It’s hard knowing them and having to love without all of them and only getting the telepathic/spiritual side. It hurts to not have them physically! Sounds like you are saying don’t be with our twin flame and stay married to your soul mate. Leave behind your true other half.

  19. Delphina says:

    Dear Bunny,

    your message is touching my heart and I would like to say: never ever would I say: leave your twinflame behind! Sounds horrible and even impossible to me !!! This is not the meaning of it all, dear Bunny.

    I can feel your pain and that your twinflame is married seems to make it worse for you. It sounds as if you think your twinflame is all happy in this marriage. Do you know how deep a twinflame can be torn when married and still deeply in love with their twinsoul? Do you really think your twinflame is just happy with everything?

    It is difficult for both twins, whether married or not.

    The answer is also in no way simply: stay with your soul mate. Why shoulr this be the answer? The answer is always: go within and do what your inner guidance is telling you. And the answer to the twins who long so much for their twin is: feel them with all your heart and soul in your life right now. You can’t make your twin come to you while he/she is not ready yet, and you even wouldn’t want to, would you? If your beloved twin needs time to work things out, wouldn’t you, loving him or her so deeply always give them all the time they needed?

    Of course the longing is so hard to bear and one really needs to learn how to deal with it in life, but be assured, dear Bunny: this is not one-sided. Whereever a situation is apparent that involves the need for one twin to stay away in the 3D from the beloved twin, it also means that the other twin needs time, so in this case: you … and also : me …. because I am also the twin who would love to be together with her twin right now … but I have come to understand that this journey does not play unfairly on one twin, but ALWAYS involves the best for BOTH twins. ALWAYS. Even if we don’t know why in this moment.

    Try to see it this way:
    Imagine two twin souls in the light of eternity, loving each other more than anything, being so close, so intimate, so beautifully in love … why would any of them ever stay away from the beloved twin for a longer time than absolutely necessary??? Which power might even do this??? Keep them apart for even a second longer than absolutely necessary???

    There is no such thing as this power who could do that … the love of the twinflames is so deep, so pure, so wonderful … and if ever possible they would be together … so also your beautiful twin must have a reason and be sure of that that it is also difficult for your twin, even if she/he doesn’t say or express so.

    Send your twin love and feel her/him in your heart, and KNOW that your twin is always with you and no one can cut this connection that is always there.

    Much light and love to you and all,


  20. elipticalromance49 says:

    I am currently in a relationship with someone. I met my twin several years ago. When I saw her last I was with my partner. My twin seemed upset with me for some reason. She kept looking at my partner with this weird look on her face. I could be wrong in reading her. I just felt like she was upset. Now I have been feeling her a lot lately. I don’t know if my feelings are hers or mine. I am confused over it all really. Back in 08′ was when I first met her. I wrote her an email telling her that I had a crush on her. I didn’t know what I was doing. At this time I left my ex after some years of emotional abuse. The first time I laid eyes on her I was walking out the door and turned around and saw her smiling at me. Anyhow, once I sent the letter she asked me if I had anything to tell her. I said no. I was in treatment at the time and she was a part of my treatment, a nurse. I felt so out of place so I resisted in telling her how I felt. She was married and I was in crisis. I had the feeling that her marriage was ending. I didn’t want to interfere in her life any longer. I respected her too much. She is much older then I am, 15 years to be exact. We were born in the same month, the same year, but different years. During the time I was in treatment she communicated with me telepathically. I heard someone say my name and looked up and she was in the doorway smiling at me. She also attempted to flirt with me and once said she loved me under her breathe. At least I think she did. After all of that I kept seeing her and she acted as though nothing was there. Could that be because she thought that she might get rejected again? I am at the point now where I an ignoring all of this, feeling like it’s all in my head. I love her and love my partner, only my love for my twin is very different. Can you offer any guidance on all of this?

  21. elipticalromance49 says:

    We were born the same month, the same day, but different years. Sorry about that.

  22. Joana says:

    Dear Buny, I’m the married Twin and I suffer horribly, intensely because I feel trap in this situation. I just send my love to my single Twin and let him know that my love is for him and only him. I know that is too much to ask to him to wait for me until I fix things with my soulmate. Many times I wish my soulmate meet his twin or a soulmate come to him. Dear Elipticalromance49, hope Gabriella answers your questions. My TF is younger than me too, and this situation make feel so shy, in this society when the man is older than the woman is not problem, see Clint Eastwood he is married to a woman 35 years his youth, and as Katie Couriec said, what is the problem when the woman is older than a man? I don’t know, I just wanted to give to you my opinion of how I feel.

  23. elipticalromance49 says:


    When you say shy, do you mean vulnerable? I feel the same way about my TF, which is why I try not to call or even think of her. The thing is I see her places, well people who look like her. There is a woman that lives in the area where I live who resembles her. She will pop around every now and then. I was watching a tv show and there was a woman on there who looked exactly like her, it’s crazy. I always question if these feelings are real. Like, does she sense me and doesn’t want me to forget her? Crazy stuff. I hope everything works out for you.

  24. Joana says:

    Thanks for mentioning this, I could not even asked to Gabriella or somebody here in this site about it. Me too, I see men who look exactly my TF. The weirdest was at the place I had to take my driving class becauses of a ticket I got. I came to this room and my heart started pumping like a crazy when I see this youngman who looks exactly like my TF. This could not be possible, I kept telling myself; this young man was 16, I guess, my TF is older and mature. I was there staring at him for a while when he was giving me his back, then I guess he felt it, and turned his face to me, OMG the shape of his face, his long and black hair were exactly like my TF. I really don’t know what the universe want to tell us with these incidents. I also feel I’m crazy sometimes. When I say so shy, for me is that he should look for a woman of his age, but on the other hand If he would be the older and I the younger, I don’t care his age, I would love him the same. So, everything is confusing for me at this point.

  25. Joana says:

    Hi, again, there is a movie that I really like eventhough is sad, the title is “One day” Is this a TF story?

  26. Believer in true love says:

    Your story is very interesting and moving, and though I get it I find it very hard to digest. How can love be shared equally 3ways? I am connected telepathically and energetically to TF and many times share love, intimacy, sexual energy energetically telepathically. I am married. We are happy we are friends and are raising kids and living our lives together. We sleep on the same bed and it’s comfortable secure familiar but I cannot make love to my husband. I cannot. Not anymore. I guess it’s just me maybe I’m not evolved enough to get it. Funnily my instincts intuition call itvwhatvyou may .. This feeling deep inside tells me love of that kind is meant to be one on one. Yes you can love but a true partnership of equals, sharing love life growing as a couple well it’s because it’s 2peopke … A pair a couple, not making love in the physical with your soulmate and in your head with TF it does not resonate as my truth. But if all parties are on board and have an understanding and your heart is ok with it I guess power to you. Live and let live. But I will live how I choose.

  27. Alexandra says:

    I was already married. I met my tf in the beginning of 2012 and we got romantically involved around the end of the same year. It sounds like I cheated on my husband but I can’t explain what really happened. I couldn’t resist this feeling I was experiencing. I called it off after 3 months because I do love my soulmate and my kids. I still have strong feelings for my tf. I feel the energy everyday and I know we are connected. There isn’t a day that goes by without thinking of him. Sometimes I cry because I feel so empty. Everytime I drove to his house I felt guilty and every time I left I felt empty. It was so confusing. That’s why it had to end. He respected that, but I feel him suffering as so do I. I know this is not the end of the story, but for now I can’t risk hurting my husband and children. So I pray and I wait…………

  28. Joanne says:

    I’m so glad to have found this article. I need my children to be with their dad and I recently last year met my twin flame. This article is very helpful as I think my twin flame is trying to unite all of us together. I believe we have soul child together- my son.
    This is a wonderful article- thank you for sharing this!

  29. BackFromSpace says:

    All I have to say is that this article is 100% correct regarding my own journey. Thank you for the validation! Much love to you, and all the others out there who are seekers and lovers!

  30. Sharon says:

    I do not mean any disrespect here. I know everyone here has their own path, their own Truth. However, my TF is in another relationship and he was happy in the beginning and now it is reduced to her being a workaholic and him feeding her fish, cat, and birds. He hardly ever sees her. However, for the first 2 yrs of his relationship with her I never saw him. I popped in one day at his work and he was really glad to see me – we talked…cleared the air about our breakup. He said come see me anytime – you know where I work. So I have been seeing him at his work since 2012 roughly 1 or 2 times a month. It happened throughout all of 2013 and then the first half of 2014. I saw him again in Nov of 2014.

    Since 2012 I have been on my Spiritual path – healing, raising my vibration, anchoring the Light, helping to heal Mother Earth. Meanwhile he has been in his relationship but everytime I saw him it has been like coming Home. It is effortless, easy, and natural. It is natural to touch his back or his arm. He keeps constant eye contact with me the whole time I am with him. The energy is there and he KNOWS I love him.

    I do not believe he is with his Soulmate. I believe she is a Soul Contract to help him heal/grow in different ways. I also know that I have been helping to heal him while mostly healing myself. My TF has always kept his phone away from me – so I didn’t have to see pics of her. He didn’t want me to know anything about her. We rarely talk about her. They were friends before I met him and they always wondered what it would be like to try and take their friendship to the next level. She broke up with her boyfriend when me and him broke up. This relationship has a karmic feel to it.

    And so I do not believe that him, her and me are supposed to be together as a “Unit” so to speak. We (him and me) do not want to let each other go. Seriously, how many ex boyfriends have their ex girlfriends meet them at their work for over 2 yrs while in relationship with another woman…I feel that number is slim). Yet, I feel that he has never told her about me. Which is totally fine. That is his choice. However, I know and feel he is happier when I am with him at his work. He finally confessed to me last weekend about the workaholic and feeding animals situation. He let me see his phone and we talked. I write poetry. I had just asked him to read 52 poems I did for a yearly project. He said can you record them so I can put them on my phone.

    So, I am currently doing this. 1 month ago I had a telepathic conversation with him. Where he said he has had to stay away and let me make my choice. To heal from all of my issues and become balanced and whole. There were many times he wanted to hold me but knew he could not make me so aware of our connection or I never would heal our break up enough. He sent me love whenever he could.

    I believe he has waited for me to heal and write my poetry and now my poetry will help heal him. It will provide him with the healing necessary to end this relationship and to fully feel empowerment and Self Love, and worthiness. He has always been a part of my writing. He has always supported me and encouraged me. I have known he was my TF. First I thought he was my Soul Mate but then TF popped up a lot and the synchronicities piled up for twin flame.

    I believe he is meant to be with me physically and spiritually. I feel that is what our mission is – the two of us in this deep and profound love using our third energy to create, to Heal Mother Earth, to Spread Love to Humanity. It is not meant to be with another person.

    In order to have the type of situation that many of you are making work the vibrations of all partners must be in resonance with each other. It is not just an acceptance. It has to be everyone at the same “level” so to speak. If a spiritually less mature person is one of the three I Know it will not work (of course this is my Truth) though all I say to many of you is carefully think and FEEL this before pulling the Soulmate into it. The love of a Soul Mate is not the same and a person has many Soul Mates. Many times we move from Soul Mate to Soul Mate. I feel that this situation would damage the parties involved. The energy bodies of all have to be balanced and Whole on their own. Each one must have enough Self Love to stand on their own without being in any of the relationships.

    My Truth on the TF concept is that 2 TF’s create a 3rd energy which is all about Love, Oneness but mostly creation. This makes up the Trinity. Bringing a Soul Mate in makes the third person into the Trinity (implying this will last forever which we know Soul Mates are not bonded the same way TF’s are) and then creation the 4th Energy. It feels that in this situation there would be so many times you have to make sure you are all on the same page especially in reference to your mission. What if the Soul Mate believes he/she has a mission with one of the twin flames and it isn’t of the highest order. What then? Say Soul Mate is not fond of what your TF mission is – what happens then? What happens if Soul mate chooses to leave.

    I am posing questions and am no way saying anyone is “wrong” or anything. I have always felt that if being in a relationship is causing pain (such as Soul mate having problems accepting the TF) then the relationship should end. The Soul Mate Bond is not the same as the TF bond. I know the love he has for me is SO much more than what he feels for her. I have always said it this way in a joking manner “She may have him in the 3D but I have him in the 5D and beyond. Of course he will be with me.”

    Also, I know I am strong in my vibrations, Self Love, Oneness, I am grounded and Balanced and Whole. Not many people can truly say this at this time – though many are waking up and beginning their path. Just remember SELF LOVE is the KEY to EVERYTHING. It is the Key to Oneness, Unity, Balance, Healing, etc this is what magnetizes your TF to you. If you do not have enough SELF LOVE on your own without being in a relationship/Union then it doesn’t matter if it is your TF or not because the two of you will not be able to hold the extremely high vibrations needed for this intense union. This I do believe is Truth for everyone in this time of the NEW EARTH.

  31. Yube says:

    Thank you for this. I create so much in this world with my twin flame – so many projects born of balance and love – and I love her so so so much. My heart yearns so much to be with her physically. But it has been over a year now since we met – and nothing. The year has been so difficult – all the virus programs fleshing out , and nothing. She is not attracted to me – even states she wishes she was Bc she knows I would make the best father and husband. And we plan so many projects for the future and my heart seizes, hurts , Bc I am not sure it can take not being together physically.
    And perhaps I accept that it is just not meant to be – that we are here to show our love through the work we do. That notion has felt like hell. Like a nightmare. A sick cosmic joke. When we hold each other – my god – there is no more comforting feeling in the world. I have accepted that this is what is. I must admit though that I do pray that our soul contract be rewritten that if there is any way to join physically , that spirit allows it. And I patiently wait for a soul mate to show up.
    Do we have any chance of uniting physically in this life ? Or should I completely let that go and just feel the merging and oneness on the spiritual plane. Thank you – this has been the best article I have read regarding my experience. All other articles say twin flames will be together after they rid themselves of energetic blocks – except her and I are both deeply spiritual and do a lot lot lot lot of personal work – the energetic blocks seem to be gone.

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