Into the Warmth of Twin Flame Love

*These exchanges are between another and myself – my heart felt guided to share these back and forth responses with you…read it all through and feel the progression of love within, love between the twin flame, love for all…love, just love! Let it inspire you and instill within you the peace that each moment, each glorious piece of building the love is creating such a MASTERpiece that is increasing the love for us ALL as ONE*


Hi Gabriella! I miss my TF badly and I get messages that I should keep my vibrations up. How can I do that when I feel this exhaustion and miss my TF so much. I keep trying to be happy but I keep slipping down every now and then.

I know that feeling well of missing your twin flame, and in those moments, what helps is releasing the mind that brings in the thoughts of the absence of your twin flame, for you are always with one another, even when your bodies are not beside each other AND allow yourself to bask in the love within you that you feel for your twin, for yourself and for all that is, those “good vibrations” of love that is flowing within you…then extending that love to others, and allow it, feel it come back to you, enhancing your love within. I’m sensing the exhaustion you speak of is one of moving from the old ways of feeling, thinking, responding into the new ways of being, feeling, and flowing in each moment. This is where we are all at right now, individually and collectively, creating anew with the guidance that is “unseen” rather than how we have previously followed in the past. Reach out to your twin flame when you feel that you want to express yourself and share when something comes up…it’s only the ways of limitation/separation that cause us to move away from each other, when we desire SO much to move into and with one another. I was sharing with a client last week, and she expressed how she keeps feeling a strong pull towards connecting with her twin flame but wants to respect his “space,” and yet if we are moving from the “old” ways of being and responding with life and each other in relationship, then the rules of how to respond to each other, when to respond and if we should respond need to be transformed. True, unconditional love will LOVE no matter what, and will allow those feelings to guide us in each moment, as the fear is released of how the one we love will respond or if there will be a response…just as the blood in our bodies is always flowing, the love within our hearts is always there, and the more we release anything that blocks us from knowing that truth, the more we feel it more strongly, the more we desire to flow with its nurturing and sweetness in each experience. Moving with this flow of love requires us to constantly surrender our attempts at control and expectation, to hold hands with our emotions, surrendering the fears of whether we can be loved for ALL of who we are as we know that who we are is love and therefore, is already loved. And of course, one of the common fears on both ends of the male and female energy, is to know that the individuality will still be maintained within the union…in the way of this true, unconditional love, there is no way that it cannot be…for all three make the ONE – each twin in their own oneness and the union, both as one.

Thank you Gabriella! I do feel I need to give space to my TF and only If he wants to move closely with me , I will also go ahead. Until then, I propose to connect spiritually. Sometimes I feel strongly that I want to share with him but I have controlled my urges and hoped that he will be able to sense it or somehow the Universe will make me share it with him at some point. How can I deal with this emptiness and yet keep myself happy. It’s all ok to feel love, send love and keep connecting spiritually but I am after all human and do feel lonely and desolate and hopeless many times. Is it not good to feel like that? Will it take me backwards in my journey?

First, let me start by saying that it is not possible to move backwards on your journey, as you are always moving forward. For example, when you experience a full circle moment, you are not at the same place again, for you have evolved and become more awakened since the last time you were in that “same” spot. This whole journey of life and love (and encountering, connecting and merging with the twin flame) is one of integrating both the spiritual experience WITH the human experience. Those feelings you are expressing of wanting to not only feel and send the love to your TF spiritually but also wanting to bring it INTO the physical is not only normal but a necessary part of bringing the love that is YOU deeper into the world, in co-creation with your other half. The stars/the Universe, so to speak, have been bringing us (the twins that have chosen to merge together in all ways in this lifetime) many signs pointing towards THIS time as the time for our full union…and if you feel this, then I would encourage you to communicate openly with your twin flame, to share your feelings to see if you are both at the same point of readiness to BE together, in all ways, with all that that encompasses. Trust your feelings, trust your guidance…for so long, in relationships, both sexes have assumed where the other was at instead of respectfully expressing the feelings and intentions of the heart. This can cause the mind to come in…and actions such as moving away, as you mentioned before, while all the time, the hearts AND bodies desire to come together and are being magnetized to one another. By all means, trust your feelings…but in order to know truly if your twin flame wants to move closely with you, feel if it resonates with you to reveal your love and see if in doing so, both your hearts can be freed…you mentioned previously that he is no longer “moving away” as he has done before…something has opened…fears have been released…and the integration of the emotional, mental, spiritual aspects have united…to now be ready for the physical…do you feel it?! I DO understand the “controlling” of the urges…yet the journey is one of bringing those human urges into union with the spiritual essence, to bring it all into embodiment for us all.

Gabriella, I have expressed my love to my TF but he does not say so in words, though I can sense his feelings. How long should I wait? What is it that he really wants? He moves back and forth. He is able to talk to all people in our circle freely but when it comes to me, he becomes affected, why? I have waited for years now.. But he shows no signs of opening up.. I have expressed my love many , many times ….. So where do I stand..

Through the expressing of love, the heart opens, more and more, freeing both the one who extends the love and the one who receives the love, which may be what has happened for you and for him through the many times you have shared the truth in your feelings. The path of the twin flame is about understanding and developing the truth of what love is and shedding the illusions of what love is not. Part of the process is loving yourself and loving your twin…as this love for self and for the twin go hand in hand…yet throughout the journey of life, allowing yourselves to receive love and to know that you can be loved just as much AS you love can be hard, but it is part of the pathway towards embracing your twin flame and allowing yourselves to love regardless of what you receive. The other part of this is that you may have picked up on some perceptions/behaviors that you need to DO certain things to BE loved instead of just being who you so naturally are…and with being, comes the seeing (and the experiences) that each moment along the journey of life gives you beautiful opportunities to increase your knowing that you are in co-creation with an abundant universe. If that’s the case, then everything is always flowing perfectly…which makes it easier to surrender to what is, in any given moment. Now, I’m sure you know since you are on this tf journey, that it comes with an intensity of emotions. When your twin flame is around you or can sense you, there is an increase of his own aliveness that comes flowing through him, which you may be feeling as well, and there is also a sense of feeling as though you are transparent – you see/sense/feel each other beyond what you are both used to experiencing with others. This brings you both into “unknown” territory and jumping into such territory encourages you to surrender to the flow of the universe combined with your intuition, YET this again brings you both back into your hearts, to feel the love for yourself, your twin, all that is, and reassures you that you can trust in love. What we really want is to love and to be loved, for it is such a strong desire flowing through us all…what does your twin want? To love and to be loved, freely, as he is, just as you do, for who you are, and to bring that love into the world, which is so much a part of the twin flame union. You have probably noticed that as you share more with your twin, and see the reflection within each other, how your love grows for all 3 aspects (self, twin, and all that is) and this increased desire keeps building – which your souls so naturally want to share with everyone else. It is beautiful. How long do you wait and where do you stand? You would really need to trust your feelings on this, tap into your inner knowing…for your souls have planned something in creation together in this lifetime since you have encountered one another. The more you go along the journey, the more the clarity comes…I know in human terms it seems easy to discard when I say that you are never waiting, rather creating in each moment and growing ever closer, but this is the truth. If you are sensing his feelings, what are you sensing? If you tap inside, I’m pretty sure there the truth resides. Sending you both love!

My deep gratitude to you Gabriella. Your words are so soothing. Yes my TF wants love, cos whenever I say that I love him, he just acknowledges and does not say a word. I can sense love in him but also a strong feeling of self control as if he wants to hold back or he will lose control. He is very compassionate but when it come to me he withholds all his feelings but tells me he feels he is physically attracted to me and it is nothing more than physical and does not feel any emotions . I feel torn by this. Inspite of all this I keep telling him that I love him. However, even physically he keeps a huge distance, though he says he is attracted to me. Sorry, I seem to be writing a lot Gabriella. I can sense my TF and I have a purpose here but with so much resistance, how will we achieve the purpose. I go into silence and ask for guidance and each time the answer is, that he will come when the right time comes. What does it mean? Is it wishful thinking on my part?

No need to say sorry. I have no resistance to you coming to me for assistance. Ok – so I just got your second response when I was about to post the first response to your comment before this one! How about changing your perception of the resistance into acceptance of it? For once you do that, whatever is creating the resistance loosens its grip on YOU and no longer has the control OVER you and therefore, can also aid in its lessening the distance between you and your TF, if you feel that there is distance. Love takes many forms and requires us to be formless with it so as to change form and go beyond form. Yes, he will come when the right time comes…(this is so true of everything and not just joining with the TF), but then he will come when he comes and when he comes, it will be the perfect moment, as every moment is perfect. Again, it’s the journey INTO deeper love, into LOVING deeper that we are meant to be open to in each moment…love your twin right now, as he is, in this moment, love him and yourself into the acceptance of each other, as you are, right now. That is what deep love is. I keep bringing you back to your own guidance, because if you are feeling something within and receiving an answer to what you feel, trust it. Trust your gut, trust it! That’s what you are here for – this is the continuation of the journey to embracing ALL of your TF. Love the resistance out of each other by acceptance…of each other as you are right now, love yourself into trusting yourself, and love him into and beyond existence of self so that the resistance of freedom of self no longer hinders you but the freedom of self becomes you both. In that freedom, you will both be able to know when that right time comes, and then let the good times roll. BUT let them also roll right now. You achieve the purpose by allowing the purpose to shape you both as it takes shape in each moment…everything is not mapped out right now, rather you continue to create with the flow in each moment to shape the purpose and expand it – hence back to your guidance – when the right time comes for ANYTHING, you will know, and how that will feel or look, you will know, in THAT moment. Why keep wondering beyond right now? Everything is constantly unfolding, forming, unforming…this is why it is so important to stay connected to your inner guidance…when you do that, you move beyond the resistance to acceptance and THAT is where the both of you dance! *I wrote another response to your first comment but not feeling the flow of including it here right now…if you desire to read it anyway, you let me know what YOUR guidance says.*

Love him into and beyond existence of self…. That is so beautiful Gabriella !!! I will keep loving him and not expect or wait for the future. It’s only when I want to be united with him and think nothing is happening I feel hopeless. But yours words have given me a new perspective. Many times I feel some divine guidance , that I think maybe wishful thinking, but now I will trust them fully. I have been guided to your website and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I strongly feel that our purpose is to unite and share our love with each other and extend it to the world. How can we make it happen? Please let me know the other response also Gabriella !! Love to you!

You go girl!! I’m glad you’re not only hearing your guidance of reading this second posting that was actually the first one, but following that guidance by telling me!!! *clapping* Losing control is what can be scary when we “think” about it, but yet there isn’t really anything to control in love (love just is – it does not control), instead we are meant to continue to flow with those feelings that “threaten” to bring us out of control because they are a part of the journey that is constantly moving in form and beyond form into the experiencing of it all – and that’s what love wants, to be experienced. Do you sense why there is that “strong feeling of self control?” Truly, love can and does bring us beyond self into what is selfless, and in this, whatever we have attached to in ourselves begs to be let go of (such as the need for self control) so that it can transcend form and be transformed, bringing the perception of self into expansion…and into a deeper expression of love that has no control, but always flows. Ah, so long, in relationships, we have been loving in separation but trying to be in union with one another, not knowing all the time that we are creating the separation – such as sharing love with our bodies but keeping a close guard around our hearts (or vice versa), for in releasing our hearts within the physical expression of the love that is always flowing, we risk true joining in union beyond the “self” we attach to. I understand how that can be frustrating, especially knowing how much you love him and want to share with him in all ways, beyond control, beyond any limitations of freely being and receiving love. I feel a need to bring you INTO your feelings…you are sensing his compassion, his open heart, and his love…knowing this, continue to express your love to him…love never gives up, and when you recognize your soul companion, and feel the strong, profound connection with him, you love and continue to love, even when you think or feel you can’t love anymore, because it is in the loving, that the love is experienced and more completely known, and all that is not love is therefore shown so it can be released. Enjoy the journey of loving, in each moment, with your twin…honor your feelings in each moment, and allow them to bring you within to see what is coming up in you that might need to be let go of (though this is a lifelong process as we’re always shedding the illusions to reveal the truth) – the TF is a very clear reflection of you (both of you are teachers and students, both of you have and will always have things that you are giving and receiving to one another for revelation and expansion) – do you feel that you have let go of your feelings of control, self or otherwise? (remember there is always something for you to receive within your observation of your twin). That being said, what is so important is to bring balance in…to meet each other halfway…and to move each other all the way…enjoy the journey deeper into love. Each moment gives you countless opportunities to feel the depths of love with reckless abandon and BE fully in it…and letting go of control is so essential. (ok responding from your new comment – question) How to make it happen? Continue making it happen with each moment, following your guidance, and when you know that you are ready and he is ready, just make it happen. You’ll know how, in that moment. It is such a pleasure to hear or rather read, your excitement and reassurance that you can trust your divine guidance, for this is what the twin flame journey does, brings us within, to increase that self love (which naturally increases the love for us all), to connect us with our inner knowing, and once that connection is made, to trust it and follow … for that is how the mission/purpose continues to be shaped and brought through for us all, as ONE! How beautiful is that?! Love to you as well!!!

Wow that was so emotional! I feel overwhelmed with your kind supporting and encouraging guidance . I am so reassured and now I will feel happy just loving him deeper and deeper. As you say , when he comes it will be the perfect moment. until then, no waiting but creating ! Have you met your twin flame! How are you so accurate in your expressions of feelings ? Love and thanks!

I’m glad you got emotional – moving that energy around, which is always in motion, connecting you to your feelings! I have met my twin flame…and all that comes through in my expressions of feelings is because of my *experiencing* it all (and it helps to let go of that “control” and let it all flow)… as I constantly *allow* myself to experience it all…committed to the depth of love that is truly limitless!! Through my journey, I have loved myself again and again, loved my twin more and more, which just keeps increasing my love for everything and each moment, as I find myself constantly in tears with gratitude for being alive to experience the oneness and love that IS *through* the experience itself and the emotions. It is intense, but in a magical way!!!! How beautiful it is to be creating with my twin every day, in every moment, in every way as we constantly increase that love through our creating with and into one another, which increases the creations and then the love again (constant circles here because everything is always in motion – there’s no waiting – there’s no stopping – there’s no going backward – everything is always in motion – “it’s what’s happening right here and now” – this song from Van Halen came on as I was in the car today!). So my twin and I are creating and loving each other into LOVE and into EACH OTHER…and I am enjoying every moment of it!!!!…as I’m enjoying every moment of all of this love and creation surrounding me within the Universe…truly, the connection of it all constantly has ME emotional for the sweetness of the completeness that is perfection in every moment! Gosh, that sounds divine, doesn’t it? SO much love and thanks back to you!!!, for increasing my flow of inspiration through these exchanges and of course, the LOVE. Ah, and, of course, YOU are welcome!!!!!

Oh Gabriella ! It is so wonderful to have these exchanges with you. Are you united in all ways with your TF? Is he with you? It will be exciting to know how it is to live united with our TF. It must be the most complete feeling a person can have, right? When I am with my TF I feel at home and when I think of him deeply, as you say ,the love just flows and washes away the hurts and sharing love with TF is the ultimate!

Yes it is wonderful! To honestly answer your question, I am moving, right here and now, into “literally” being with my twin flame in all ways (as we are approaching the physical joining)…but is he with me right now? YES, in all other ways… living with the twin flame, I have NO doubt it is the most magical and complete feeling *beyond* words to truly capture and express, though I know we’ll try!!!!, and the next part of my journey with my TF is bringing our creations and love into the physical to do just what YOU say, to share with the world how it is when ALL of the merging takes place – emotional, spiritual, etheric, mental AND physical as we both continue to bring our love into our creations and our creations into our love. Gosh, this is intense! I always feel at home with my twin flame too…and now to bring that feeling of HOME into the experiencing of the creation of the physical HOME, uniting it all. How sweet it is to be loved…!!!! and YES, all of the illusions fall away, such as the hurts…and then we are truly ONE with LOVE and peace…yummyness!!!! to the extreme!!!! As I reread these lines, “I have been guided to your website and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I strongly feel that our purpose is to unite and share our love with each other and extend it to the world.” my heart is truly happy and all other pieces of me!!!! wow…yes, of course, there are no coincidences. I do what I do for the purpose of bringing the purpose and the love of twin flames INTO the light, SO glad that you were guided to me!!! *sigh* the rest of what you wrote mirrored my heart back to me so clearly, as you know, for it is what I feel the intention of twin flames embodying physical form in the light to do…and how strongly and with conviction you expressed it! That type of connection moves everything into the full expression and experience of divine love.

It is exciting that you are about to be united with your TF in all ways.waiting for you to share it with us. I have been doing a lot of earth healing projects like promoting tree plantation, reducing usage of plastic products, promoting organic way of living, etc. somehow I feel guided that this has something to do with my TF journey . Could it be true? How can he be connected to this? Does this have anything to do with earth ascension Gabriella ? If my TF and I are united in all ways will it have a spiraling effect on this?

How timely is this! It’s early in the morning here, like 5:30am, and I awoke to the rumblings of the Earth, and nature’s nightlight, as they both, thunder and lightning, are dancing together outside my window. This is increasing the rumblings in my heart…yes, it is very exciting this union in all ways is SO near on the horizon, and I am just as excited to share it with everyone!!!! Ain’t enough exclamation marks to express my excitement for that sharing of our love with all! So, going back to the Earth and it’s connection to us all…so much about the message of twin flames is the connection that we all have with each other and everything, absolutely including the Earth, animals and EVERY aspect of nature. It is essential that twin flames embody the oneness that is, in form with each other, and bring this oneness into all areas of their life, just as they share their love with others, they will share that love, compassion, and enhancing of it all with the Earth and all its frequencies. As we continue on throughout this year and beyond, twin flames (and all who continue to choose love in each moment) are and will be the pioneers for the New Earth/New World so to speak that we are all building and creating ever deeper as these days unfold. Oh, and your TF is connected to this because he is never NOT ever separate from it (same as you, same as for us all)…there truly is no separation, as this is one of the core messages/themes that twin flames will spread. And that of course includes the healing aspects of reversing the thinking/feeling/believing that this oneness is NOT here now…if it’s here now, and we feel and know that, then doing such things as you are expressing you are doing above, like reducing plastic products, promoting organic ways of living (even having your own garden – I experienced this in Hawaii), not driving as much but rather walking…just become natural and will become much more commonplace. Our souls are calling for a deeper connection to ALL, ourselves, each other and the world (nature, animals, etc). The rumblings of the earth in whatever form, thunder, earthquake, flood – those are re-balancing occurrences however they are also a call/reminder for us to know that we are ONE, and that what we do affects all. Spiraling effect…love that! For that represents the connection with every thought, every action, every feeling that vibrates and affects all that is. If you’ve seen pictures of twin flames, many show when the twin flames are embracing, there is a spiral around them, which extends from above to below and around, surrounding us all. AND when twin flames make love, in the union of all bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) this naturally affects the cosmos, and everyone, everywhere. So this union that is VERY near, I am excited, for SO, so many reasons…Tis a beautiful journey of oneness. Now I send you waves of sweet sleep as I try to see if I can get some more, embraced by nature’s symphony and light show outside.

Also, if you haven’t read my post, Soul Journey Man. I feel this explains a lot of the journey of oneness and union consciousness that we are on…and that twin flames are so much inherently a part of…and that when we remember this, it’s like Aha! wow, an illumination (and many more come) that brings us into the known…and the veils fall away…union is u n I are one but also u n I on a journey of being and experiencing oneness.

Gabriella, I too feel this excitement that something is coming up. So many inner messages and and also ones that I read. I strongly feel this oneness with my TF . Surely this deep feeling should pull my TF out of his self imposed self control !!!!!i I feel we are merged together beyond form and physical merging is the only step left. I know deep down it will happen, but when, I do not know. Maybe Gabriella, your reunion with with your TF, physically will be a catalyst for us. Making it happen for us… Hopes , dreams, love , love and more love…….

Ah, wow, waves of energy flowing throughout my heart reading your words of feeling something is coming up! Trust in that…and push through to pull you both out and into each other…the first step to get past the self control is to recognize it (self imposed, yup it is!)…but remember you are moving beyond self back into the self anew…trust in love…and know that it will bring you both out of any control, trust those inner messages. Know that as he releases the self control and surrenders to the flow of divine love and guidance!!!!!, that you will BOTH steer the ship together, by noticing the divine flow in each moment and assisting each other in brightening your light, creating in that light, and sharing that light! YES, my reunion with my TF will ABSOLUTELY be a catalyst for MANY souls to become illuminated/awakened further to their divine birthright to be in oneness with their sacred beloved and to spread that love around….the hopes, dreams, love, love and SO much more love, as it’s truly limitless!!

Hi Gabriella ! Love always!! I get the strong messages that I should keep my vibrations up. How is this possible. If I feel down when I miss my TF, will it lower my vibrations? How can we keep our frequency up and keep moving up and up. At times I feel cheerful and hopeful, but sometimes, when I do not see or hear from my TF for long I become very low key. With this scenario how can I move upwards with a high frequency.

Love to you all ways!! YES! It is good to keep your spirits up because as you do, you send those waves of love and increased excitement for rising up, literally, into love, into the “spaces” between you and your beloved. I would recommend seeing how you are connecting in any moment with your tf, remember, we said before that you are never waiting, but rather always in creation, with one another, and enhancing the creation for us all in the process. SO, I’m sure that there are ways in this moment that you are connecting and extending the love within you to others (and to each other in those same moments) along with your twin flame…and if you recognize what they are, have fun with them, express your love in them and see the connection between it all. Every moment gives us another glorious opportunity to serve others in love while at the same time serving our TF and ourselves into deeper love within those moments…it truly is a beautiful circle of sweetness. Since I last shared with you, I’ve noticed a HUGE shift and expansion in my consciousness, and seeing, feeling, being, experiencing love within this glorious universe ( u n i verse = you and I in verse), deeply sensing and understanding the many layers of everything, and how the language (the symphony) of the universe is within each thing – when this awakening occurs, there is no going back – you experience the oneness that is and the many opportunities of extending the love within you into creation as you are guided in each moment, knowing that in those creations, you are becoming, or rather revealing, the Goddess (the I AM) presence within you, as you see it within everyone else. Yes, this increases the excitement for merging and sharing with your TF, however, you know at this point, that there is no separation, and as you serve another, you are serving your other (your TF) and all that is. Let yourself feel this love…and let yourself be drawn to sharing/expressing your love with your TF as you are guided. Many of us now, are going deeper through the process of Ascension…and some of us can experience in this time, deeper emotions since a LOT is coming through (downloads from above – the new templates are being brought in)…whatever is needed to be cleared for you to rise higher in love with your beloved (as you be love and be loved) will come up for you to just allow it to flow through…don’t feel that you need to attach to it or make it part of your story, just let it be, and see the reflection there…remember, you are never moving backwards (therefore you won’t lower your vibration). It’s like when you get a cut on your knee, it hurts for a bit, you might cry, but then again, you’re still able to walk, and you still have your energy…it’s just a blip when you slip away, and you can get back up. From sharing with you, I’m pretty confident that you aren’t giving up!!!! and that makes my heart smile!! I have been in such excitement and a whirlwind of notes I’m taking for the new template of relationships to be shared in my next book…that every day becomes a whole lifetime of experience as I keep moving forward towards being ONE with my TF in all ways!!! and I am bursting with the vibes of love flowing throughout me…and I am sending those love vibes over to both you and your TF’s heart this early morn. Let yourself receive it…breathe…in and out…and release any illusions that love is not right here beside you, holding you and enfolding you in its sweet and warm embrace. And in the perfect moment, you’ll be able to experience the face of your beloved standing before you, ready to be love and be loved all ways, flowing with the light from above… It absolutely helps to have people around you that are also in higher vibration and on the TF journey, that understand what you are going through, and that can receive where you are, as you support each other along this emotional, blessed and unique journey. Guess that is one reason I’m glad you’ve connected with me! I’m always here.

Oh dear Gabriella ! I am so moved by your love ! I have been feeling this wave of love and it made me emotional ! I have definitely received the love vines that you sent!!!! Your guidance and tremendous energy and enthusiasm keeps my vibrations up and I feel alive after reading your words! It is filled with love !! My love to you and it feels so good to connect with you. How I am sure my TF will be able to feel this love too ! It will propel us both into each others’ arms ,right !! Ooooohhh those very thoughts make me feel so excited!! We are arriving right !! I got the message that my TF is keeping a small distance because I will not be able to withstand the high energies and I am asked to raise my frequencies through meditation.”. Is it true Gabriella ?? Love you soon much. Take care!!!

I am glad that you are moved by my words and feel the waves of love all around, surrounding you both, coming from all ways and all source, connected to the main source of ONE!!!!! Yes, yes alive, alive! Live, live!!! awake, awake!!!!!!! Oh propelling you into each others arms, it IS!!!! But also into each other, beyond each other, and back into each other…balancing the beyond (bonding you) in the middle of both the beyond and form…truly remarkable!!!!! To answer your question, it isn’t true…that you or your TF *won’t* be able to withstand the high energies, because such a thought is merely in limitation, in form, and you both reside beyond – beyond form….finite becomes infinite when you go IN…there are no limitations…this is the truth of ONE…which we are receiving, integrating, becoming, and surrendering to as we shift our seeing and feeling into its being…and fully embody/resemble this oneness…which all that is, the oneness that is, the ONE is encouraging twin flames to merge, in all ways, to bring it all in, to balance the ONE, the TWO, the Three…to go deeper withIN, WITHin, to go WITH IN, we need the other piece of our circle for deeper integration and then creation…it’s time to be in UNION all ways, because (u n i are one and u n i are on a journey of awakening, integrating, experiencing, and being union consciousness!!!!!) Phew…let the flowing in and out continue, in all ways….!!!!!!! the frequencies are continuously between both you and your TF as 1’s but also as the 11 rising, and rising, and there is NO going back or down…but up, and up, and up…as you both bring the ONE world into rebirth with YOU!!!!!! Phew! Yeah, I’m SO excited now too!!!!!! Love you soon much lol cute…your excitement and enthusiasm is bursting me open, and open again…cheers to opening, expanding, and extending our arms out to LOVE the world (back) INTO creation – ah the truth and depth of love and creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmm, yeah those thoughts make me feel so excited too!!!!!

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  1. sunshine says:

    Thank you, again!!! Ah, i so needed this, this cleared a lot of my thoughts that i have lately. Today i met my TF and before that i was having hot flushes i wanted to run or just to pull out on any way all that energy, i knew i would see him, but when i approached him it was not so intense anymore, ah!!! i feel such peace!!!! it`s not matter anymore what will happen, when will it happen, i/we just are, we just exist wrapped together with divine flow! life is so full of wonders and we are the ones who are blessed to enjoy this, admire and co-create in all. i feel like time stops and i`m breathing life with my whole lungs!

  2. kay says:

    Hello Gabriella and everyone,
    Thank you so much for your wisdom and generosity:)
    There is so much that I would like to say because I had many ah-ha moments reading this. But, I will focus on this one thing…I met my tf 20 years ago. We were in love for over a year. When the time came that we ‘seperated’…I now know it was from a misunderstanding that was not true. However, deep down inside (even though I loved him and wanted him more than anything in the world) I felt that it was meant to be to seperate. I was scared and not ready.

    But the main thing is miraculously I listened to my inner guidance that said now is not the time. So I moved on with life as it we were to never be together again..because it was the only way I could funtion and continue. But still deep down..(subconsciously) I felt ‘it’ would someday happen. For example, I remember the day when I thought of him after not seeing him for 8 years…something inside said ‘time is going by…it should be soon.’ It’s so complicated it’s hard for me to put into words. I just knew subconsciously, but not aware consciously…if that makes sense.

    So fast forward to 2012…18 years later. We reunited…living across the world from each other. It was like neither one of us made any just happened. Now, when I listen to my inner guidance…it tells me something different than it did 18 years ago. I know in my heart that we will be together and now is the time. There are fears…but when I listen to my heart, I know.

    Anyway, I thought this may help with the idea of following your heart. Because I experienced both…my heart saying it’s not time and, now, my heart saying it is. And I now believe and understand that listening to our hearts is the best guidance possible.

    BTW, I wrote something the other day, but cannot find where it is I wrote it. lol. There were some really nice comments to welcome me..and I wanted to say thank you but could not find were they are. So, thank you for the welcome!! I appreciate you all!!

  3. Delphina says:

    Dear kay,

    thank you so much for your nice words *smiles*. I think it’s just a nice place to write here “in the Warmth of the Twinflame Love” 😉 and am happy we are here right now :-).

    Thank you so much also for sharing that you have experienced both and telling us that it can also happen that a heartfelt “no” or “not yet” can turn into a heartfelt “yes”. That is a very beautiful and soothing thought to know that this can happen.

    Me personally I have always had the “yes” in my heart, so it is always difficult for me to imagine a “no” can turn into a “yes” again … and so I am very grateful for your comment.

    Lots of love and light to you, dear one, and to everyone here

  4. Joana says:

    Dear Kay:
    I have been experiencing things since I meet my TF that I can not describe witth words too. Is it part of our awakening? I feel close to him always. The days we met at the libray, I was giving my back to the door and I could sense or see him coming some way. Weird…
    Love to everbody

  5. tina says:

    I am married happily for 18 years. i met a man 12 years younger than me last april 2012 – i just wanted a hot dog. he walked in we both acknowledged each other. we both had on the same colors. we began talking now looking back my feeling now for him are the same as they were then. warm, familiar, comfortable. he also is married – for seven years. he relocated for work and wife was coming back and forth. the physical contact took a while but the emotional started off very quickly. the first time he kissed me my whole body lit up – when i think of him it feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. we have been seeing each other off and on for the past 9 months we keep trying to break it off but something keeps pulling us back. he says he feels guilty as for me i dont want to hurt my husband or my children. i think about him all the time. sometimes i get really depressed and within two days i will hear from him. i cant focus, my friends and family notice a change in me – and our worried but somehow i am not. just a little confused. my head and heart are in a constant battle. i have never been the needy type, have never cheated on my husband and thought i was happily married. until now – i feel like i have met the love of my life. i have been in love 3 times and it has never felt like this. i am 45. its been really crazy – he comes in and out my life. the other day i had not seen him in over 2 months i just texted him out the blue told him i was at starbucks he came in less than 10 minutes – gave me the deepest stare into my eyes like he was looking in my soul. i asked him if i could hug him he said yes. then ran out the door. i was left there standing. it’s been two weeks since i have seen him. yet the longing seems like eternity.

  6. Joana says:

    Tina, Welcome to our family. I was married 12 years when I met my TF on fall 2010, I was confortable with my life, but meeting my TF changed completely my whole world. Now, I just going with the flow of events coming from God or the universe. Note: I’m older than my TF, and my soulmate (husband) is older than me.

  7. Tara says:

    Hello all: I am new one guilded to this site . I am too having a new experience in love that thorugh reading all the information online that is TF- Separated by distance and marriage to others, yet, intensely connected to each other at all the time over the distance , this has been the most intense , fulfilling yet heartbreaking journey I have been on , Here I am comopltely in love with my TF yet we have never been physically together , We are both hornoring our current marraige to others but sometimes I wonder how can I live like this for the rest of my life . My twin and I maintain connection through emails as ” friends” and talking ocaatonally and yes, simply hearing his voice became a life sustaining force for me as it appears at times. Can any one share similar experience and advice on how we can gain support and clarity on this ? Tara

  8. Joana says:

    Dear Tara:
    You are lucky, at least you communicate with your TF by email, I wish I could do that with my TF. I saw him two times this year, I hope to see him next semester. We study in the same university, we are graduate students. When I see him, my soul jumps out of my body, I mean, I feel my soul jumping of happiness. I’m married and he is single. About your commentary ” how can I live like this for the rest of my life “…I had the same question, and my answer to myself was, You just live and feel the love of my TF, God will guide us.

    Blessing to everybody

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