Jesus Had a Wife Who was his Disciple?!

Ah, we do have to honor the timing of when what is hidden is chosen to be released to the masses. If you are awake, truly awake, to the symphony of this One Song (universe ~ u n i in verse) and the interconnectedness therein, you would discover a world of messages layered right before your eyes. This would create an intensity of excitement when truths are revealed ~ an excitement to bring to light the illusions and finally, flush them down the toilet!

How delightful it was for me to be woken up by my mother who was trying, literally trying, but not readily succeeding, in hiding her enthusiasm. She watched this video which I share with you now…then I will continue my sharing, because now I AM flowing with the sweetness of the revelation of truth so inherently already within us…the Kingdom that man named Jesus spoke so often about…

Jesus refers to having wife, named Mary, in ancient papyrus.

“the language of intimacy to talk about spiritual relationships.Yes, I would say that spiritual relationships are intimate, in the deepest and most profound sense, with all of the senses therein…only separation consciousness would create the spiritual and the physical to be separate, rather than uniting them both ~ oh boy, there is power when you join both the spiritual and matter ~ what is possible becomes limitless.

So I’ve been delving into the many profound messages that are within numbers…let’s take a look at today’s date since this information was brought to us this day. September 19, 2012. September is 9, 19 (1+9=10 (1+0=1)), 2012 (2+0+1+2=5). So, we get 9+1+5=15 (1+5=6) 6 is our final result for adding up today’s date. 6 represents equilibrium; harmony – balance and it also symbolizes the union of polarity. For so long, the masculine and feminine have not been expressed in balance within our world ~ and what better day than a day that brings forth the message of balance and this union of polar opposites to share the message that Jesus had a wife who was also his disciple! I also felt guided to take a look at the number of how long the video is ~ 49 seconds ~ which is 13 ~ final 4. 4 is wholeness, completion…and 13 has so many meanings within it because it is 1 and also 3…bringing through the message of oneness within the trinity (the 3 parts present within creation ~ male/female/God ~ Be Love/Be Loved/Beloved and the list goes on but the 3rd part is always the creation as a result of the union of “opposites” to create a whole, which affects all that is. We also can’t forget that Mary Magdalene is the 13th disciple ~ “she can be my disciple.” And in addition, another message within 13 and 4 = (1+3) = 4 = closure of our reality program or the evolution of consciousness back into light. We are bringing the truth into light by closing the book, so to speak, on illusions and upholding the truth, therefore our consciousness evolves. I like to call this union consciousness, as we become so profoundly aware of (or rather, we remember) our oneness (because it has never not been ~ tis only been clouded by illusions). Here’s a fun site to explore the messages within numbers Numbers and their Meanings ~ yet I encourage you to allow your own remembrance to bring to light many more of the messages therein ~ balance the discovering from “outside” sources with those within. Remember, the Kingdom of God is within you.

You already know what 6 means and now if you go to the link right above here, you can discover what 9 means…the completion (the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega ~ which is truly infinite, no recognizable defined beginning or end) and again the joining of the trinity in its infinite form and power of creation…so when you join 6 and 9, you get 9+6=15 (1+5=6) ~ balance again ~ then the number 69 is a symbol of that ongoing balance that has never begun or ended for it has always been ~ the joining of spirit and matter, male and female in creation ~ spiritual marriage (the union of both). The debate for so long has been whether a man could devote his energy/essence to God/creation while also at the same time, devoting his love/presence to a woman. You make this call for yourself what you feel is true. You probably know that the number 69 has gotten a specific vibration within our world…this is the time (as we release the illusion of time) to bring to light the joining of the spiritual and matter (and all of what we have considered to be “opposites” into ONE). Here’s a post on my website for further reading, The Number 69: What It Truly Means.

It may come as no surprise to many of you that have already opened to the truth that Mary Magdalene was not only Jesus’s 13th disciple and his wife but she was also his divine counterpart, his beloved twin flame. They were the balance and harmonic mirror of each other, as together they created the 69, the yin yang, the balance of inner and outer masculine and feminine energies. Many have expressed what a powerful time we are living in as we bring the truth of this oneness and balance in co-creation between the masculine and feminine…and what an enlightening day this has been for the revealing of the true relationship between Jesus and Mary now out in the open! For so long, the feminine energy has been stifled and not viewed as an essential part of man as both the man and woman in union bring about the wholeness of their inherent oneness with each other. This is so essential for the creation of all that is…for in order to give life, a man and a woman must be joined in ecstatic union of their essence as one ~ this is not only the case for physical procreation but also for manifestation on all levels, creation to its utmost capacity. The awakened masculine and divine feminine who come together in remembrance of their oneness, and the harmony they are in balance with one another will increase the consciousness for us all, bringing us all into complete remembrance. What a HUGE and POWERFUL revealing was given the world today…no doubt there will be many, many more as well as the Beloved representation in physical embodiment of this balance between the masculine and feminine as waves of twin flames unite to embody the oneness and love that they are.

This is taken from another blog I wrote but I feel it’s relevant here ~ When you look at numbers that have more than one, there are always at least 3 parts (within 2 numbers, there are 3 parts to look at). In 12, we have to look at 1, at 2, and at the joining of both. 1+2=3. One represents the oneness of all, 2 is the joining of “opposites” as one and three combines them both – so the oneness of all is expressed through 2 joining as one, and then extending that out to all, which brings it back to the oneness.

So, another thing that came, was a license plate I saw recently, 13RC13. This is what messages I received. RC= Return of Christ or Christ/Union consciousness. Reading the first 13 is relevant for before the return of Christ…there were 12 apostles following 1 man…bring in the return of Christ and you get the second 13 (Mary as the 13th disciple, wife and beloved twin flame), AND what the number 12 represents bringing us into ONE, THE WAY of ONE! So we are then following the Way of ONE, yet not only following, but BEING that ONE (oneness).

And to end, I’m gonna quote that Spirit in Man given the name of Jesus…

“Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.”

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4 comments on “Jesus Had a Wife Who was his Disciple?!
  1. Sidney says:

    You might also be interested in the “Gospel of Mary” in which Peter acknowledges (and is jealous of) the special relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. I have also read it was traditional for the groom to provide the wine at his wedding, which suggests the “Wedding of Cana” story is about Jesus’ own wedding (sorry, can’t remember source).

    What?! No mention of Jesus and Mary Magdalene being twin flames? That always seemed an obvious one for me…a twin flame would have no trouble “seeing” their other half, even after death.

    Love your number spotting…
    My TF and I have
    12 hours
    3 days
    and 4 months between our birthdays

  2. Gabriella says:

    Hi Sidney!

    Read the article again ~ I did add the relevance of twin flames between them and more on that. I was actually putting that piece together as you wrote me! I have read the “Gospel of Mary,” and I remember quite well those parts where Peter expresses his frustration with the relationship between Mary and Jesus. I also recall reading what you mentioned too about the wedding where Jesus was rumored to supply the wine was his own wedding.

    I agree, that absolutely a twin flame would have no problem recognizing their twin flame in form and beyond form, in death. Such exciting times we are in and it’s only going to get better!

    How divine are those numbers between you and your TF’s birthdays ~ I just love witnessing such sweet synchronicities and recurring numbers, which just bring to light the many layers with them.

    Lots of love!

  3. Sidney says:

    Sorry, I must have been half asleep to have missed the twin flame references in your article. Love the articles, keep ’em coming!

  4. Joana says:

    Gabriella, Thanks again for answer our questions so much to understand. It happen to me that when I finally understand something then a lots of questions come to my mind. Could you explain what is emotional, etheric, mental, and espiritual body? You mention these concepts before. How they are integrated into us. Why these bodies need to emerge with our TF before the physical reunion occur? Why I met my TF at this stage of my life where it seems impossible to even get close to him? You metioned too that meeting our TFs starts the process of the espiritual awakening? Please let me know if I did not understand what you wrote about it. It is possible that maybe my TF and I will never get together in this life time due to issues he and I need to do and fix first. It is possible that our reunion will occur in heaven, I mean in another dimention? It is possible that already, we are living together in another dimention at the same time we are here in this 3d world? Sorry, to many questions. Love to you and everybody in this lovely site.

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