Twin Flame Love Includes All

Q. If I choose to be with another person who is not my twin flame and share love now, is this cheating on my twin flame?

A. There seems to be a common belief that when you become aware of the existence of your twin flame and the inherent connection that is there, you are cheating if you choose to be in a physical relationship with another soul in the “between” time before physical reunion with your twin. This is not true. There is no cheating that occurs. Cheating is seen from the eyes of the ego, from the perception of the old way of relationships. Now, in order to be with your twin flame, moving forward in the space of true love, the highest vibration of love consciousness, you cannot be thinking and feeling in the old paradigm. The twin flame relationship includes all as it does not exclude any other person. What I mean by this is that when you share love with a soul mate right now, that love that is being shared not only between the two of you but also with your twin flame as well. You are always connected to your twin, what you feel, your twin feels, what you heal, your twin heals, what you are learning, your twin is learning too. This is done absolutely on an unconscious level but there are pieces and shards that merge into the conscious as well, and when we become more and more aware of this connection, then the more that our conscious mind knows and understands what is happening. You can also consider this like an energy exchange, when you are in high spirits, you are also sending that energy to your twin. Love right now, be in the present moment right now, for it is in this present moment that brings you the healing, the growth, the awareness, the deeper love within your heart that is important in being more in alignment with your twin so that the reunion may occur. Never hinder your experience of love for FEAR of cheating on your twin, as you only hinder your growth and your readiness to be with your twin. However, please follow your heart for you will know when a soul mate relationship has transitioned and shifted, continue to let yourself be in the flow following the guidance within you.

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  1. TempusX7 says:

    I found my Twin flame I even connected with her via Reversespeaking btw you’re right though a twin flame is always close as in near by. But here’s where it really get insane. She is on a higher dimension occupying the same 3D space(Which mean I cant see or hear her since Iam on a lower density). Which this body I have is unable to and a tough time decoding it. I’ve actually seen her twice on this density that I cant explain. is there anything weird about this?

  2. Gabriella says:

    If you were to look at the twin flame experience/relationship/connection through the eyes of the mind/ego, then yes, it would be considered weird but then again if you look at the word weird, it actually means “different.” That is an understatement. 😉 The twin flame journey and relationship is quite unique, unique to each individual and to each relationship. What you are experiencing others may have experienced but that doesn’t meant that it isn’t accurate and valid. For that, you would just need to feel your heart and your soul for that is your compass. I have to say that you would be able to see her, hear her and feel her in your 3D denser space if you were to fully release the perceptions and emotions that go along with believing that you are separated by dimensions. There is only separation if we believe it for then we will experience what we believe and feel. I have had amazing connections with my twin flame as if he were by my side by just allowing my mind to fade away and to be in the space of my heart/soul. It is hard to explain in human language the experiences and dynamics of the twin flame connection, but it is powerfully intense and beautiful, isn’t it?

  3. Pam says:

    Thank you for this post! I found my twin. He ran and we’re in separation. He’s just not emotionally mature enough for it. He worked in a prison, has health problems, and he’s kind of a mess right now. There’s just no way he’s ready, even though we both know we are two halves of each other, and that I’m ready. So, after much love and releasing, I am emotionally preparing myself for a another lover. I ache to be held, hugged and kissed. For so long I felt I’d be cheating on my twin if I did this. But my twin is hiding, scared and won’t see me, and a month ago, moved away. I simply must move on with my life. I really don’t know if my twin and I will ever be together in this lifetime as physical partners. In the meantime, I want and need a lover, and I’m praying for the right man who will agree to place this role. He needs to not be “second fiddle” either, or that would lack integrity. So, I’m letting the Divine Universe pick him for me. And I’ve telepathically communicated this to my twin, and he’s agreed to release me for this. OMG, this is so hard.

  4. Hannah says:

    Making a decision out of fear is a mistake. Either to be with someone or not to be with them, leave fear aside and embrace what the universe gives you. There is a bigger world out there than the physical realm that we are familiar with.

    @Pam…The universe works in mysterious ways. Perhaps it is just the timing that is not right. Remember that when one element of a dynamic changes, the whole dynamic changes. So, you can’t change the other person, you can only change yourself. Ironically, by changing yourself, you will alter how the other person responds to you.

  5. Linda says:

    My experience matches Pam’s very closely. After him suggesting that we meet, and then immediately shutting me out from fear, for the third time, I wrote my twinsoul that I was moving on with my life. Two days later I told my best friend that if a decent man my age asked me out, this time I would accept. I went home an hour later to find a Facebook friend request from Brian. We chatted on Facebook in the morning and had our first date that evening. Immediately on meeting, I recognized Brian’s soul and experienced such an uplifting sensation. He says he felt the same. My intuition tells me that Brian and I have been in several happy relationships with each in other lives. We just celebrated six months since meeting, and the amazing speed in which our relationship has deepened bears this out. We are very happy and our children and friends are happy for us. This was not the case with my twinsoul. No one thinks I should be with my twinsoul as he has betrayed me in this life as he did in our past two. Brian is aware of the situation with my twinsoul and he is very patient with what I go through at times from feeling my twinsoul’s upset. I reassured Brian early on that he is not a substitute for, but an improvement on a relationship with my twinsoul. I will always love my tiwnsoul, no matter how cruel he has been to me, but I am so grateful for Brian’s love and to the divine for fulfilling my desires so completely.

  6. Sonyata says:

    This is a tough question. Follow your own heart for the right answer.

  7. Sidney says:

    I agree, follow your heart and treat all concerned with integrity.

  8. Anna says:

    If you are unable to go without physical touch/gratification etc then you really don’t know yourself well enough. A twin union is sacred and anything that simply fills a gap is just gratification. In order to receive this level of blessing you have to be willing to sacrifice certain aspects. If you are happy and eager to allow another person into your bed take a look at what that really says about yourself – YOU are not ready!

  9. Gabriella says:

    I completely agree with you Anna in that “A twin union is sacred and anything that simply fills a gap is just gratification.” We all have our own path to walk towards our twin flame…there are similarities on the path and there is also our own unique path leading up to the full reunion. I have been aware of the connection with my twin flame ever since I was a young girl and knew that I would recognize when he came along my path, yet I still had other relationships that were essential for my growth and experience in love in the meantime…then when I became conscious of my twin flame (with a name and a face), I ended the relationship I was in and was only focusing on my path towards union with him, yet another soul mate came along, the highest relationship I had ever been in up to that point…and I resisted the love at first until I got very clear guidance from Spirit that it was essential for me to share with him. By sharing, I mean SO much more than a physical sexual relationship…he has become my best friend (whom I will always have in this lifetime) and has prepared me for this now unfolding reunion with my twin flame.

    People can perceive that sharing in a DEEP loving relationship with a soul mate is cheating on the twin flame when one is aware of the twin flame in this lifetime, consciously with a name and a face, yet there is no separation from the twin flame with love being shared in, and I mean LOVE, not lust (as you are mentioning above). A relationship, a deep loving one is not based on physical pleasure, it is committed to healing and support as we as individuals move forward up the ladder of love. There also are many reasons why one would choose to be in a soul mate relationship…on a soul level, we choose with our twins to come in contact in a particular lifetime and what we will create together, yet we also have free will when we are in these physical bodies, and there are times when one or both twins don’t consciously choose to be together…the twin flame blessing is that “if I can’t be with you in all ways for whatever reason, then I bless the DEEP love you can experience in this moment for I desire you to be happy.” And again, I’m not talking about physical pleasure, but LOVE…when seen from the eyes of Spirit, we are all connected, and as all places state, you are never separated from your twin…anything you are experiencing, healing, growing from, your twin is also receiving.

    This is something that I am writing about in much more detail in my second book….but in the meantime, please feel free to read this post which does bring up more of what I’m sharing here: Merging from Separation Mentality into Unity Consciousness

  10. Anna says:

    Whatever you do your twin does too. So in you needing to experience further growth, through a physical relationship with another, they have had to experience similar. My situation is different to this and I have experienced many long periods of celibacy, through preference to having physical contact with someone that is only really a sexual exchange, no matter how you tart it up.

    The difficult aspect of all this is that most people who think they are on a spiritual twin soul path are actually not. They are far too unawakened to understand that what they will experience in this lifetime is a succession of soulmate and other relationships, in preparation for twin connection perhaps in the next lifetime. The twin flame thing is just the latest spiritual bandwagon everyone seems keen to jump on. What individuals should really be doing is understanding themselves more fully because without that they cannot attract the same essence in another. That is why people get presented with other physical opportunities to explore. If you have temptation dangled YOU are not ready.

    I have been aware of the twin soul connection since I was around 2 or 3 – it is my earliest childhood memory. However, it took me a 12 year marriage and succession of non-physical ‘relationship’/connections before I finally got to the place where I was allowed to meet my twin – in 2009. The three years since, after he ran though fear of the intense emotion and love, I have remained celibate knowing that our reunion is about to come full circle now. Had I been stupid enough (and that is what it would have been) to look elsewhere for physical gratification I would have hindered my own spiritual process and growth and his too. What people fail to see is that celibacy is far more a part of spiritual growth than a brief physical connection with someone. It shocks me that 99% of people cannot understand the importance of this. To anyone reading this, if there is only one thing you take on board it is the truth that celibacy gains you far more than you may ever think possible and certainly more than yet another physical encounter adds to your growth.

  11. Anna says:

    Also, when you finally fully connect with your twin you will only see/sense/feel/hear/smell and connect with that person. Anyone else is almost invisible. Why would you scupper that connection by allowing yourself to be distracted with another? That other is simply a test for yourself – are you ready? can you handle this? do you really want and deserve the connection? When you acknowledge it is yours it is only yours, and vice versa, and neither or you need to explore other people because you are able to grow within yourselves – which is actually what divinity is all about.

  12. Christopher says:


    Thank you for posting here… your words make so much sense to me:

    “Whatever you do your twin does too. So in you needing to experience further growth, through a physical relationship with another, they have had to experience similar.”

    However, I also have been struggling with this very same issue, for reasons which most people could scarcely believe possible, let alone fully understand… I wonder if the issue of electronic harassment is something that people on this board are familiar with?

    If you are a victim of this covert form of torture, your thoughts are sometimes not your own… even though my inner self is usually able to overcome this negative energy, which I have suffered from since childhood, there are times- particularly when my own energy levels are depleted- when I am unable to protect myself, and engage in self-destructive behavior that I am convinced is not my own making.

    I fear that my TF, who I believe to be very psychic, has now sensed this behavior, and has now severed her psychic connection with me, as I can sense her no longer… this is simply heart-wrenching for me, if anyone else can offer any advice/guidance with this issue, please do so, thank you…

  13. Gabriella says:


    Since you do know that what your twin experiences so do you, since you feel your twin is psychic, so do you have these same abilities, as I do feel we all do when we are aware and open to this. I have sensed that there is a lot of times through your life experience where you have put yourself down in whatever way, even if it is just a belief or feeling that you are less than, and yet your higher self knows your power, your beauty, your growth and your ability to receive in the highest forms all that life has to offer. It is a focusing on this type of energy that allows for more of it to come in…what you focus on you do receive. As you mentioned, you have come a LONG way, and I honor you for seeing this and feeling this, and just nudging you to continuously see this in every day and every moment.

    Now, the truth is that you are never separated from your twin flame, nor are you ever not feeling each other, yet sometimes we do need to be fully immersed in the moment for whatever it is offering us…and when that occurs, we may not be able to feel as strongly the psychic connection with our twin…however notice that in what you are saying, you are judging yourself for this self-destructive behavior, and as a result are placing a block on FEELING the connection (because you can never sever this connection) with your twin. Twin flame love is unconditional, and therefore the unconditional love does need to come from within you for yourself as well as your twin…

    Please know that you are never separated from your twin…rest assured in that and that the connection can never be broken. I am here to help in whatever way in each moment that I can. Honor your growth up to this point, and keep following your guidance as it comes in each moment.

  14. Sidney says:

    In general, I agree with what Anna is saying that if twins are aware of each other and are consciously reuniting then a period of celibacy might be appropriate. There is definitely a spiritual aspect to love-making, and if you are aware of who your true spiritual partner is, then having sex with anyone else may no longer feel right. However, everyone is at a different place in their recognition/reunion, so for some it is appropriate to continue to grow in love within a soulmate relationship. There is nothing “shocking” or even wrong with those who seek physical connections or emotional connections with those who are not their TF’s. It is all appropriate, and part of learning.

  15. Gabriella says:

    Thank you Sidney for your response. Yes I do resonate with what Anna was saying also, in that it does not feel right and probably will not feel right for most to be involved in a sexual relationship with another when consciously aware of the twin, yet there is so much more to a relationship than this…and for some of us, deep, fulfilling, rewarding soul mate relationships are absolutely part of the path towards reunion with the twin flame, as both the soul mate, oneself, and the twin goes through this relationship together because truly there is no separation.

    Everyone is at different stages of growth but then again, everyone has their own unique path towards the twin flame, depending on what the souls chose to experience leading up to that union and mission with the twin flame, and I by no means, can say that one way is THE way…for there are many ways, and they are all perfect for the souls involved. We are all connected, and our soul families, including soul mates increase the love we all are able to receive, which eventually brings us to the top of the ladder to completely be immersed in the love with our twin flame.

    All of you who have been commenting here and having your own experiences on this journey of twin flame union have been assisting my growth as well as yourselves and everyone else…creating a rippling effect which is felt collectively, and that is what we are here to do with and for each other.

  16. Gabriella says:

    I also did want to point out here what you mentioned Sidney in that there may be a time when twins are consciously reuniting there may be a period of celibacy may be appropriate for some…it is what I am experiencing right now as my reunion is unfolding. I have now physically separated from my soul mate (though it is important to note that through our transition there ceased to be sexual connection in our relationship) as I am joining with my twin. But the process of the soul mate relationship transitioning in the utmost unconditional loving space is important towards the union with the twin flame, for as you may all know now, that the one heart of the twin flames is of this deep unconditional love for self, the twin and all that is…as a result, all beliefs, emotions, actions will be shifting into this space…the transition in a soul mate relationship before twin flame union will reflect this. Christopher, feel on this…the love that you are sharing with your soul mate, that you are deepening for yourself and for your twin…is only enhancing your capacity to be and remain in unconditional love for all. It is beautiful, each step, with all of the complex emotions…

  17. Nenari says:

    Dearest Christopher~

    My heart goes out to you. For I understand maybe far more than you know what you write. And I would like to invite you to see something perhaps that maybe you have been free from seeing before. Could it be that such that you perceive as electronic harrassment is the only means by which your twinsoul (tf) can reach you? What I meant by this is that some moments on the twinsoul journey as we struggle to understand our twinsoul and ourselves, even though the telepathic connection is strong that especially if one does as Anna suggests (and as I have done myself) of being totally celibate and being free from being tempted by any other, that the only way for your twinsoul to be able to communicate with you is through such means to help you to break such patterns of those things that you write of those self destructive behaviours?

    Being that your twinsoul (tf) is very psychic as you feel she is (and she is I can feel this as well) then she also knows that as Gabriella said there is no severing of the twinsoul connection nor are you separate from one another ever, even if you are free from being physically connected at present. Please know and understand that she understands such self destructive behaviours that you are going through and that she wants to help you through such by being with you and loving you, however you are being asked to let her in. Let her into your heart fully and be with her fully so that together you can heal what it is you are experiencing. Our twinsouls are here to help us to heal and that can come through love itself if we are but willing to take that leap of faith and allow love in and see what it will give.

    Dearest Christopher, even if you have been with another please know and understand that your twinsoul does understand, that it was part of your soul agreement with those others that you had to complete as it is in our last life here on this earth that we come into our twinsoul for complete reunion so any other soul agreements that are to be complete before we are ready for that complete reunion with our twinsoul are to be such. Know that she (your twinsoul) loves you immensely and understands what you are going through in such self destructive behaviours and that all of it is part of both of your souls (or OneSoul together’s) growth to prepare you for reunion. As psychic as your twinsoul is, she knows this, she feels this.

    Much like what you are going through with your self destructive behaviours where you do not mean such it just occurs, so too is it with your twinsoul and whatever she is doing in such electronic harrassment. She doesn’t mean it to be hurtful to you or anyone no more than what is occurring for you do you mean it to be hurting to you or anyone. Its all part of the growth to be ready to be together. Allow her into your heart, be with her fully dearest Christopher and she will understand and she will heal you as you will heal her. Your twinsoul is still here, right here waiting for you. To come home, to come home to one another. For it is through love that it will heal. ~Nenari

  18. Nenari says:

    Dearest Anna~

    I understand totally what you are writing here in your posts and I agree with you within it. I also believe that each twinsoul has their own soul agreements. There are those twinsouls who choose the process of being with another in a soulmate relationship etc before coming into full reunion as a means to come to what you and I have come to understand which is celibacy before twinsoul reunion is really key. I find in my own journey having not been with any other man in almost 8 years now other than my twinsoul when we have had the moments we have had together has been what is required for the journey. However, having said that, to blanketly say that if you are tempted by another and do such before reunion that you are not ready is and isn’t correct I feel. I feel that yes I agree with you that obviously if you choose to be with a soulmate that you are not ready at that moment for the twinsoul reunion, however I also equally feel that for some twinsouls that this is part of their journey as per their soul agreement. To make others feel wrong or bad for choosing such or to say that they ‘have to’ be celibate as part of such reunion to occur is placing limitation and conditions on such love and unconditional love which is what the essence of twinsoul relationship is about is free from placing such conditions. Each twinsoul has their own path and journey and soul agreements and therefore each path is unique. And if it is one thing I have come to understand on this twinsoul journey is that there is free from being any rule book to this. The only guide and rule per se is love itself and following our heart and intuition.

    I do honour your journey in this Anna and as I said what you have written for the most part I agree with you totally on as this too is my path as well in such understanding. I also equally know that each twinsoul is unique and has a unique path, therefore who are we to judge what is or isn’t right for that twinsoul. ~Nenari

  19. Linda says:

    I feel that Anna is right about needing to be ready for a relationship with one’s twin flame/soul. Having my twinsoul come into my life opened up my heart to a deeper level and, for a very short time apparently, his too. Giving the earthly reasons of being a single father and his demanding career, my twinsoul chose not to follow his heart and enter into a relationship with me after all. I hung in there with him for another six months, communicating telepathically only. It seemed he was going to at least meet me to talk face-to-face, and then he abruptly changed his mind again, no explanation given.

    On review, I saw that I had been overly optimistic and that my twinsoul was not ready to give up hurting me as I’d hoped for this lifetime. Two days later when Brian, a wonderful man with deep love in his heart for me, unexpectedly came into my life, I saw it as an opportunity for me to grow spiritually in the way my twinsoul had blocked me from experiencing by his not being ready. I decided right then not to put up any blocks to the relationshp and to explore what I have come to see as a gift from the Divine. Brian also did not put up any blocks. We pillow-talk often about how amazing our relationship is. If Brian is in fact a gift from the Divine, then my fervent wish is to take good care of that gift and nurture our love.

    I will always love and feel that connection to my twinsoul. And I believe that in another life, when our evolvement matches, my twinsoul and I will have a beautiful relationship in the physical, the one the Divine apparently envisioned as evidenced by the revelations they sent me. In the meantime I will follow the Divine’s guidance for my path, and enjoy what is to be now.

  20. Christopher says:

    Gabriella, Nenari-

    Thank you for your kind and supportive words, you have no idea how great it feels to have people who can relate to your situation!

    To give you both a little more background, the “self destructive behavior” I write of has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life. In my earlier adult years, this once consumed me to the point of total self-destruction.

    As I’ve regained my health, I have also grown spiritually, and found myself increasingly able to control my behavior- though never 100% in control of my thoughts/emotions.

    This all changed after I met my TF- as I have written previously. Whenever I have been in her presence, this intense feeling of peace and happiness has overcome me. The second time I was with her, I could sense my aura expanding around me!

    I felt transformed, inside and out- my old habits came to an abrupt end, including the self-destructive behavior I wrote of earlier. My life was suddenly filled with this intense energy, and my nearly every thought was now of my twin flame.

    As an example of how this changed my life, I had been sleeping in every morning until 10:00 am, or later, for well over a year. After meeting my TF, I began receiving an 8:00 am wake-up call from her every morning- as if she was thinking of me every morning upon waking!

    All of this crazy, psychic energy actually caused great strife within my marriage. I was no longer giving my wife the attention she deserved, and began rejecting her requests for sex, as it just didn’t feel right anymore- I felt like it was cheating on my TF!

    Eventually my wife demanded to know what was going on. After a really long talk, I finally told her about meeting my twin. Fortunately, my wife has remained supportive of me, and though now suspicious, I have reassured her that I do not know my twin’s name, or where to find her, so will likely never see her again.

    A couple weeks later, I felt as though this energy came to an abrupt end. The wake-up calls ceased, and I no longer felt the close connection which I had once sensed. I began sleeping in later, and my energy levels began to decline again. My self-destructive behavior began to return, and I am left wondering, why?

    After much contemplation, and after reading the responses above, I believe that in fact something else is going on. It’s possible that my Twin Flame has met some one else- a ‘soul mate’ perhaps. What seems more likely, is that she has simply left the city, either having moved, gone on vacation, or study abroad program (I believe she might still be a college student).

    THANK YOU both, again, for reading my posts, and providing such great constructive feedback!

  21. Nenari says:

    Dearest Christopher~
    You are very welcome for such indeed. It is always wonderful when others know and can relate to what you are going through. There are many mirrors within your story that are present as well within my journey with my twinsoul. And yes you are correct, being in the presence of your twinsoul is extremely healing and life transforming especially when we allow such things as other lives or even destructive patterns from this one be free from running the show so to speak. If we can see these other lives and this one of any self destructive behaviours as a means for the growth and the life lessons (or soul rememberings) that they are here to show us, then we can let such go and come back into love. This helps us to be ready for physical reunion as it is the melding of the emotional and mental bodies that we embark upon as I write about in my most recent book.

    In moments when we are free from physically being with our twinsoul, it is best to continue to work on ourselves shedding such things as destructive behaviours or studying or moving until both are ready for reunion. Focusing on who you are really and what your soul purpose is individually and living and being who you truly are will bring your twinsoul to you. And when the moment is right and both of you are ready then it will occur. Have faith in such love dearest Christopher. The runner will stop running and come home, the runner within you and the runner within her and you will come together in the divine perfect moment it is to be. I still have faith in that, even on my journey. Continuing to love you, that is what matters and to be free from giving up. I was at a beautiful lodge ceremony this evening in which that was the message that came through as amongst the cold we were lighting the fire in the teepee and it was having a hard time starting and staying lit and the overwhelming message that came through was to be free from giving up that that fire of love, of the twinsoul essence will guide you home and is always, in all ways lit. And anytime you require such assistance know I am here and others on here are as well. It is what the twinsoul journey is about which is taking the love that is shared between you two and giving it to the world. Love is never meant to be hidden, it is to be given, to be shared. In love and in service ~Nenari

  22. Vikki says:

    I believe my late partner,(deceased 10 Jan 2012, his 1st wife (deceased 1992) and myself have soul connections…he is my TF…I even resemble the 1st wife and I have always felt a connection with her…she used to “speak” to me.

  23. Connie Cook says:

    I too agree with Anna, for the most part as everyone is on their own path maybe it is for their highest good to be with a soul mate.

    As for me I have been alone for nearly 13 years now and I know who my twin is and I have interacted with him. I know we both had contracts to fulfill, him with his children and me with my brother.

    My contract is over now and I am feeling his is as well. I have waited all these years for him as I have been guided.

    We have a powerful telepathic communication and he has always asked me to wait for him and to not give up. I have not.

    My inner guidance has always given me signs and messages to keep me going as well. I feel if I had been in a relationship with someone else at this time I would not have been able to assist him as I did in the etheric for so long. I know I contracted to do just that.

    Now I am just waiting for him to finally find himself and when he does he will find me again.

    I know they say we cannot save our twins but I do feel that was one of the things I contracted to do.

    Most of it was not in the physcial but in the etheric but I stayed steadfast to my path and I have trusted that soon we will reunite.

    Much love to all

  24. Janique says:

    I just wanted to add in some food for thought:

    Is it possible that we are creating limits, and expectations for what the twin flame union is “supposed” to look like by expecting it to also include physical intimacy?

    I have also gone through a period of sensing the Universe/God(dess) asking me to be celibate for a while.

    During that time, I was able to get to the root of certain issues in my life. Getting to the root of these issues has helped me to understand why I was making certain choices in my life over and over again that always yielded the same results. Coincidentally, my twin flame(?) has gone through the same issues in his life. I felt it was necessary for me to get to the root issues to not only free myself, but maybe even help him as well.

    This brings me to my original point about celibacy. I think that it is very easy to slip into a religious mindset with something so unexplainable as a twin flame connection. It can be easy to want to put rules on how it should look and what steps everyone needs to take in order to finally physically reunite with their twin flame.

    I felt the need to be celibate for a while. Then I allowed myself to share physically with a soul mate/best friend of mine. I did not feel like I was hindering the ultimate union of me and my twin. I am blessed to have this deep soul level connection with my dear friend/soul mate and I feel that our friendship and the times we have shared physically has served to help in my healing process, his healing process, and my twin’s healing process.

    If I box in this unique dynamic, that often times has little words to describe how deep this union is (b/t me and my twin), am I not hindering both our growths?

    If he needs to share physically with someone who is not me, what emotions come up for me that maybe I should deal with and face? These emotions are attached to ego, are they not? Because they will have some territorial, or even jealous feelings attached to them. If I have no box for how our union is supposed to play out, I know what he is doing is ultimately aiding towards his healing and I am happy for him.

    With that being said, what if my twin flame has chosen to stay out of my life, but feels more comfortable connecting on a spiritual level with me? What if I still desire a companion that has a spiritual/humanitarian drive like I do? I have chosen to not box in this twin flame dynamic.

    Maybe my twin will only serve as a mirror reflection for me as I will serve for him, in this life time. Maybe it helps me to know that I have this checking and balancing dynamic with someone who is not present in my life but I feel strongly that he knows about my life, my choices, and my motives as I know about his. Not through prying, but just because the information keeps coming to both of us and once it is received, there is this invitation to see things in a new light (because I feel this other perspective when viewing these issues).

    At this point in time, my twin is gone and has been for over a year. I feel him everyday and he is more comfortable sharing information with me subconsciously and in our dream world. He serves as a focal point for me. He has certain abilities that I hone in on and use him as a focal point so I can reach those abilities in myself. I know I have those same abilities and it is easier for me to reach them when I can focus on someone who is already living out those abilities quite easily.

    I am learning to accept that maybe my twin flame union is going to be in the spirit world, even though we are both present together in this lifetime (he literally lives a couple blocks from me). I am learning to accept his limits that may prevent him from communing with me in the tangible world. I am learning to let go of my preconceived notions that we are going to be physically united intimately. I feel I am in love with him, but I also just love him, his soul and all and feel it is necessary for me to just continue to be an support to him as he (in the tangible world) expressed he wanted to be for me. He told me this when I made relationship demands on him, expecting a specific type of union to play out between us. That is when he distanced himself from me. This was not before he told me that he wanted to mainly offer support to me. I had a hard time understanding that at the time. It is starting to click more and more.

    For me, I choose to let go of my ideas of what our union is supposed to look like. Maybe we will be together in the tangible world intimately. Maybe we won’t. I won’t think he is selfish anymore. I won’t think he is denying what is there anymore. I will remember to live the life I feel I am supposed to live, practice unconditional love with myself, family, him, and greater community. I will let go of my expectations and except this for what it is. Expecting more has only caused me pain. But the pain has also helped me to let go of ego based expectations.

    So I am open to a companion who is a soul mate. I am open to a companion who is a humanitarian. I am open to a man who wants to share life with me in this lifetime. Maybe my twin ran away for so long because he felt I had specific expectations on him and what our union was supposed to look like.

    I wish him well. I love him. I am not trying to replace him. He is who he is. He energy is very strong and apparently isn’t going anywhere. I will live and wish him well and not resist what is currently presented in front of me. All else will be revealed in time.

  25. Janique says:

    What is currently presenting itself to me is a spiritual connection that exists between Twin and I that has aided in incredible spiritual awakening, and no signs of a tangible physical union anytime soon.

    I have to remember he has helped me just as I have been helping him lately. For me to expect more from him right now, is hindering his birth and growth into this person he is trying to become.

    I am slowly learning to give freely as I feel he needs me to at times, because he has done the same for me. I have reached some amazing spiritual places after focusing in on this unique energy that he possesses that again I know I have within myself, but could not access it on my own. I feel he is asking me to be his focal point while he grows into himself. I choose to do that now, letting go of specific intimate and physical expectations.

    God knows my desire for companionship and I feel that maybe I have been communicating with Twin since I was a child; as I too felt this strong drive to do something specific in this world and that I was going to share that humanitarian journey with a man who shared a deep soul connection with me. He is still with me. Always will be. It just may not be in the way I expected.

  26. Gabriella says:


    I first want to honor you for your overwhelming growth, awareness, and understanding of the twin flame journey and the truths that lay within it! As I say in various places throughout my website and my blog, there are similarities along this journey, yet we all have our own unique path towards home with our twin flame, while knowing that we have never left that home. What feels right for one may not be the way for another…which is why I teach so often that each must stay connected to their intuition and the guidance that comes in each moment because as you mentioned, that one way may feel right for a time, and then it shifts, as no way is right or wrong, it just is what feels like your way in that moment. You said, “I felt the need to be celibate for a while. Then I allowed myself to share physically with a soul mate/best friend of mine. I did not feel like I was hindering the ultimate union of me and my twin. I am blessed to have this deep soul level connection with my dear friend/soul mate and I feel that our friendship and the times we have shared physically has served to help in my healing process, his healing process, and my twin’s healing process.

    If I box in this unique dynamic, that often times has little words to describe how deep this union is (b/t me and my twin), am I not hindering both our growths?” I agree with you completely on this and it is one of the themes that I will be discussing and sharing on in much detail in my next book due out this year, Rising Up the Ladder of Love, From Soul Mates to Twin Flame: The Path of Union Consciousness Rising Up the Ladder of Love. We are here to know that union fully encompasses the truth that we are all connected (as you know, your twin flame is so much a part of you, where you feel the emotions, thoughts, growth, healing) including our soul mates and all that is. When we know this, believe this, feel this and bring this into our experience, then we understand that sharing intimately with a soul mate increases our capacity for unconditional love (for self, the twin, the soul mate, all that is), that the healing, the growth shared in such a relationship is benefiting all, and the circle continues, going back to each one again, also extending out to the collective. This is why twin flame awareness, connection, love is so strong and such a powerful force of healing for the entire planet.

    Also in this next book, I will be sharing on the many ways that twin flames co-create and share in their love together, while from the ego/mind, we want to focus so much on the physical union, all ways of co-creation and sharing in the love are so beautiful and have their own amazing opportunities for shining the light and love to everyone. It just depends on each souls combined intentions for this lifetime…and deep within, as you allow yourself the continuous opening and constant presence of this now moment to guide you, it will, and you will receive more clarity as the journey continues to unfold. The twin flame blessing does express that if the twin cannot be with you in any given moment, then the love that you can experience in any moment (if you feel guided to) is blessed because your twin wants you to be happy, while honoring and knowing that as you share in love, all are benefited. Celibacy may be a way for some, and as you experienced, it may be a way for a while…but the path can bring us in different directions depending on our souls purpose and intention for growth, learning, healing, sharing and giving to the world. I will share in more detail on soul contracts in this next book too – because soul mates are so much a part of the union with the twin flame, that even when aware of the twin and feeling the deep love/connection, one may have a soul agreement with another soul to aid in this process of union. All ways lead to home, all ways help us to see that home is always here with us and within us, as it is all so beautiful. I am thankful to Spirit for your happening upon my site, as there are no coincidences, and I honor your journey…stay connected to your heart, your soul, your guidance in every moment, knowing that you have a safe place to share in here at anytime.

  27. Janique says:

    Absolute BLESSING!!! Thank you So very very much Gabriella. I was definitely lead here. I struggled for the last couple weeks trying to shield this connection between Twin and I. I was operating in my pride. I admit it now. I was allowing myself to feel “used” instead of like you mentioned, “sharing”. Someone mentioned before in one of these posts that you never really get rid of the Twin energy. It stays. This dude’s energy isn’t going anywhere, even when I tried to make it go away.

    When I was trying to shield the energy I was getting from him and when I was trying to “have my own experience that did not involve him” I kept getting this gentle nudge from Universe/God(dess) that I should open up again. This time, give with Agape (unconditional love). I am in a very intense graduate program studying body psychotherapy and it is a very spiritual school. This is my second semester and since last semester, I just kept feeling Twin sitting right next to me learning all the information I am learning. He expressed (when we were together in the tangible world) that he has this same interest (body and mind based healing).

    This semester I started off committing to “having my OWN experience, without feeling like someone was right there learning all the stuff I was learning”. I am now changing that commitment. I now see that he needs the information I am learning just as much as I need it. Somehow it is not a coincidence that I am now immersed in and studying this field that we both happen to have a deep passion for. I will remind myself that it will all make sense in time.

    I have also started to admit to myself that I am in love with my Twin. I fought it, convincing myself that our union would not make sense in the tangible world. I fought my feelings because I was honestly hurt that he left and didn’t come back over a year ago.

    My expectations back then were set in traditional relationship standards, though I tried to conduct myself non-traditionally with him when he was here because we both became more comfortable with each other once we removed labels from out interaction (we started off in a dating dynamic). I think that we were both unsure how to define this union. He tried to put it in strictly friend category, while it was obvious we naturally needed to share together deeply on an intimate level as well (and we have never made love, we just seem to really need each others closeness and touch when we were together). I tried to make him admit to the feelings I could tell he had for me. And here we are, a year later with a deep soul connection (amazing growth that has taken place) but distance in the tangible.

    I struggled with feeling forgotten. I struggled with feeling rejected. It was too vulnerable to admit that I might actually be in love with Twin. It was easier to try and categorize him.

    Now as I finally admit that I am in love with him, I somehow feel this release inside and I know he is connected to it. But, WOW, what an amazing expression of love to try and practice, “I am in love with you, but I can learn to accept that we may just need to be spiritual helpers to each other”. That is stretching me quite a bit, but I do appreciate the spiritual exercise. I am more at peace now that I am choosing to put the guard/shield down a bit and let him in the way I feel he needs to be in right now.

    When I had the shield up, I knew inside he was right in the middle of birthing himself. I felt it. I felt he was starting to feel deeply and show it. He is a very reserved man who does not show his emotions easily. He is quite self contained. Yet he knows he is supposed to be a healer. That is a calling. That is a big task, a big responsibility.

    When I had the shield up, I also kept getting the words, “stillborn” in my spirit. I didn’t like that. It made me sad. When I chose to open up again, and let my guard down, admit my feelings for him and offer assistance, I naturally started breathing for him. Offering slow deep breaths as he was starting to actively birth himself and not end up “stillborn” or stuck for too long. I do feel like I am his focal point right now as he is about to come to life.

    I am very happy for him and now I just say “hi” and “You can do it, you are amazing, just keep breathing. Its OK to ride with the wave and not against it”. Working through these issues that has caused him to be stuck, as I am working through my issues that have caused me to be stuck as well.

    Yeah, he is going to be just fine and so am I. Gabriella, I will remember to take each day one day at a time. I will try not to get ahead of myself or this journey that we are presently on right now. The future will take care of itself.

    Just a little joke to lighten the mood: Whenever I go on a date, which is not very often, his energy is So incredibly strong. I have to consciously make sure I do not call the other guy by Twin’s name. I wonder if he is trying to mess with me a bit. I started talking to the energy during times like that and just say, “Now you know you need to stop. You are OK. I am here if you would like to share on this level when you are ready. Until then, I continue to live my life and I know you are still there”. I feel it is a very lighthearted energy exchange during those times, so I just joke back to him. There is background history to the reason I don’t hold on and wait for him or stop dating. I strongly feel like, for our specific dynamic, I am not supposed to. So this makes sense for us.

  28. Joana says:

    Anna, Connie I like your writings, My husband and I don’t have intimacy anymore, I ask to him long ago if he has a lover and he told, no…but anyway I don’t want intimacy with him either. Long ago, when we were together, I felt that I was having intimacy with my brother and I run away from him… God! I did not like that sensation. So we are fine this way. I don’t know if someday I will be with my TF, but I don’t feel that I’m in celibacy right now, I find him in the ethereal world and we have a wonderful time, I never has this with my husband. I feel a strong telephaty communication with him (TF), I don’t know if he is concious about it. Though, It is unbearable the physical separation from him, I least I would like to see him again.

  29. jenny says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have met a man who I think is my twin flame. The first week I met him I was in a constant state of strange bliss, wich I hadn´t felt before, even though I have been more in love with other men than him. I later came across articles that mentioned the word twin flames and kundalini rising, and realised that that was what I experienced. He seemed to be in that stae of bliss as well. Still though, I can´t belive that I was fortunate enough to meet my twin on this earth, partly because apparently it´s supposed to be rare, and partly because twin flames that meet in the same incarnation are supposed to be highly evolved souls, and I don´t consider myself or my twin to be very evolved. But there is something that makes us different from others, wich is our sensitivity, wich is both a blessing and a challange. My twin flame has what could be described as narcissistic personality disorder an anyone who is familiar with this knows that there is no way anyone can have a healthy thriving relationship with someone who is so out of contact with their true self. I do have hope though, because at one point I used to be out of contact with myself too, but I was awakened and I´m now on my way to recover. I was victim of narcissistic abuse by my mother and I would never put myself through that again, not even with my twin flame. That´s why I chose to love him from a distance, even though I see him all the time because of our careers.
    My twin flame is not physically attracted to me, I think. He wasn´t my ideal either, but now I have come to reevaluate beauty and I can honestly say that looks don´t matter to me anymore. I used to be jealous at beautiful girls, but I´m starting to heal and see the beauty within. I love my twin for what he is on the inside. That´s what makes his outside beautiful to me. He is constantly on the search for beautiful women and I think he even has a relationship at the moment, but none of that changes how I see him. I don´t want to own him, and in fact I wish him sucess with the ladies, although I do not approve of the idealisation – devaluation cycle he goes through with them.
    He has done this to me too, but the difference is that it´s a never ending cycle of push and pull, and he always comes back to idealising me even more after the devaluation. I can always predict every move he´ll make because narcissistic abuse is predictable once you become familiar with it, and I´m one step ahead of him, so I always “duck” before the punch.
    But I am getting tired of this process. I start to deubt it all and I want to stop being in love with him, to just let it go. Occasionally I suceed to block him out, but those are the times whn I feel like I´m blocking myself too. I feel like I´m stuck sometimes, not knowing if I should give up on him or stick around wich would only be enabling him. And yet I know that I really have no choice. I HAVE to stick around and take all the abuse.
    I have found that alot of the advice I have been given especially about how to deal with narcissists isn´t helpful. It belongs to the old belief system and doesn´t apply to those who want to experience universal love, wich is what I strive for. Therefore I have chosen to love my twin even though he has a wandering eye, and runs away from me. I know that in the end those that belong together end up together. When I looked into his eyes and talked to him the first time I recognized his soul and that it loves me. I know he has a long way to go, but so do I, and I will not be with him until we are ready. Until then I can only work on myself and on letting go of my own ego so that I can unite with him and the whole universe completely.

  30. Gypsy says:

    What to do if you have one night of blissful sensual & emotional connection, but because of a complicated situation on my part he has completely cut me me off. Will not call, message nothing. I want to say that a friendship is far more important than a potentially fleeting intimacy but I can not access him in any way!! It is the ruin of me. I want to cleanse him from my thoughts but am completely consumed by the essence of him.
    Please help!! <3

  31. Xhotica says:

    I found my twin flame in an online game. I had just logged on a guild vent and heard his voice for the first time yet never even talked in game or knew who he was. It was like something within instantly knew he was someone I was to find. We instantly connected and felt this deep sense of love that is beyond us. We both felt we had known eachother forever. When I saw what he looked like I felt I had seen him so many times. I knew then I had many dreams about him. We found out there had been so many things in our lives that felt like we gave eachother hints. Like his love for baseball yet I hated so much but collected cards and liked his favorite team. The universe works in mysterious ways. I think had I not found him online in wow I would have when he moved here next year. Neither of us were ready for the intensity of this union and saw our flaws and knew we had to part. I tried to deny it and hurt him and only hope he forgives me one day. I knew I had karma left with someone from my past who I left because I felt I was about to meet my twin. Everytime I would try to feel my twin it was my ex who would call or text. The universe definitely guides us when we ask. As much as I hated to hurt my twin and lose him, I know I wasn’t and may not ever be ready this life. The only thing I know to do is to face life head on and learn from my past and clear all the karma I have left. It’s so hard to know he is out there but I can still find comfort knowing that everyday I am closer to fixing my issues to be able to handle the intensity of our union. One day my love I will be ready..maybe not this lifetime..

  32. tom says:

    hello im gonna share my story it has been three weeks since i have reunited with my tf, we met exactly one year before whe reunited. like the classic tf stories, she was in arelationship and i was waiting unconcouisly for her to be ready. three month before we reunited i was smoking a lot of marijuana and we started talking on the phone slowly becoming more open about amonth before we met, since she ended an 8 year relationship. we were talking love on the phone and i felt like i couldnt be with anyone else since i met her first. two weeks before i came to see her finally she had a week end of sexual adventures , she was taking drugs and had sex with a guy, another guy she kissed and had dry sex with, he was naked and kissed a girl , all this while she were talking to me inbetween, hiding the truth from me. about for days after it happend i was convinced that i felt something and asked her what happend, and she told me about the sex with one guy, i was broken my heart start pushing very strong and i was feeling misrebale. two days after the confession i asked if there was any thing else, she was defending her self and than finally came clean that there was a kiss also, not telling the full details that there were more than a kiss, i felt down i was broken, and i am feeling very unconfident, we had manny talkks, fights after i came to see her. but it seems so hard for me to forgive or let go… i am not sure what to do, she said that she doesnt understand how she did it, how she hided it from me,,, really she has cried so much,, and i was talking to her really bad things, felt like i hate her.,.,. i just dont understand how you can love someone unconditionally and still have intrest in others. how could she do it and most important how can i trust again in unconditional love, because i did loved her unconditionally she was free but i had never imagined she would do it,, i myself two weeks before that happend was txting a girl , had an intention but didnt really 0planned on doing something… on that weekend i could feel it and an hour befor she kissed the first guy she wrote me i love you and you are sexy,,, that is sick and the hardest part is that i could recondnize that behavior of sending her a massage and than to someone else from me,,, but what is opposite about us is that she actually did it without intending.. my question to you,,, do you think we are not ready if i am still hurt and in my ego unable to trust and setting us free again because of the trauma… do you think seperation is required for healing again… because to be honest i felt i wasnt whole with my self when i came to her i was just affraid of loosing her… note that our love making exceeds all we ever known and she honestly feels belongence to me… thank you

  33. Giselle says:

    I met my twin flame 2 years ago. The journey has been very painful and he hurt me deeply. I recently had to cut him out of my life, and I almost died of sorrow. But I survived, and I’m taking one day at a time. I got stronger as months passed by and I have learned how to be without him here in the physical realm. He is far from ready and I have finally come to terms with that. I know we will be together again, but I don’t know if it will happen during this lifetime so I have to keep living my life the best way I can.

    But I miss being with him in the physical. I have been open to meeting another soulmate, but it looks like it’s not in the cards for me right now, so I am currently celibate. Which is not a big deal for me, because when you have experienced making love with your twin flame, you don’t settle for anything less than… True Love.

    I am celibate now because I’m following my hearts guidance. I am sure that we all have different paths to walk, but we should not desperately seek another soulmate to fill the void when we’re not with our twin flame. If you are meant to be with another soulmate, that will unfold when the timing is right. Same goes for your twin flame.
    We can’t force things to happen. Trust in divine timing. Just because twin flames love each other deeply, doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together right now, or even during this lifetime(sad, but true). If either of you have too many issues, then it will be impossible to be together. I used to think that I was the exception, but that wasn’t the case. It was hard for me to understand why we ran away from this incredibly powerful love, when we had been searching our whole lives for it! It didn’t make sense to me!

    You are going to be together when you’re meant to, after going through some growth lessons. We have to learn to let go and trust that everything is exactly as it should be. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart. Fear stirs up negative emotions in you, but your intuition gives you a calm loving feeling.

    If you are meant to be with another soulmate for some time, then go ahead if it feels right. But don’t descend into lower vibrational acts of gratification, out of desperation. It is ok to be celibate, and to be honest the times where I have been celibate in my life, is where I have been the strongest and when I have gained clarity,

    No one can tell you what to do or how to live your life. Trust yourself enough to follow your inner guidance, and choose love over fear. And if you make a mistake, that is ok. We are here to learn.

    I send my love to all you separated twin flames out there. Things will get better with time, and one of the lessons we need to learn now is patience.

  34. Eva says:

    Thank you for your info and website. It is possible a person I dated years ago is my TF, then we ran. We are now settled and married to other people. These married relationships have become platonic (few years now) because we married for the wrong reasons. Recently we have been in contact again and we both acknowledge the rare relationship we had, but refuse to explore it now because of obligations to current spouses when promises were made in front of God. I know these are lessons in unconditional love, maybe more for me as I am further along in awakening. I am patient as the Universe gives me signs that I am transitioning out of this married relationship, but my ego holds me back telling me that I made a wedding vow in front of God and man to be married, though I know now that the decision was made without knowing all of my truth. I’m feeling limited and blocked from growing and moving on. Any advice?

  35. Nique says:

    I met my twin flame and he has done more harm then good in my life. He has cheated and lied to me fm day 1. This man has had 2 kids on my. Lie lie and more lies. I wish I never met him cause of all the pain he put me thru. I’m finally getting over the idea of us ever being together. I haven’t been a angel but I did to him what he was doing to me. I just never got caught. I’m over the games the. I just wanna be at peace and happy. I definitely don’t wanna be with him tho.

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