Ode to Silence

I feel you beside me, quietly embracing me beyond who I thought I was
You’ve guided me to that ever expansive place within where I’ve been known to get lost
Yet also found, as this sound within sound you instill around me, has my body not moving, quite still
As I hear my heartbeat confirming, rather strongly affirming, “I AM, I WILL, I AM filled with the sweetness of ISness.”

My eyes close, feeling the tingling from my third eye right down to my toes, as my Spirit knows this is the way it has been – you are my closest kin – for you are part of me as you are me, within. Ah, but you also grace me with the silent beats of your presence, perfecting my essence with the remembrance of your existence, and the many layers of your ISness…you are the complete in completeness. Many feel that you don’t have anything to say, but you say so much without saying anything at all. Tis the layers that fall from the mere knowing that you are…and you are not far…but here with me.

You never leave as you always receive the joys of each moment that come your way, as you stay present within them for you are the creator of them. You hone in on the beauty, the love always there, and intensely open your arms to take them and make them part of the symphony of your being. I can feel the air surrounding me as you place all of this sweetness around me, and yet again, those shivers consume me, flow through me and become me. The profound sounds of the stillness, the insights of the heights of this awareness have me transfixed, betwixt movement and contentment, here right now, as everything rushes in to allow. Retrieving the pieces of it all to welcome in the receiving of it all.

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4 Comments on “Ode to Silence

  1. Gabriella,
    how to deal with daily routine with all this happenings? i never could go against my soul my whole life, there was so many situations when i put everything beside and just listen to myself, my feelings, thoughts despite everything and this year this increased for 100% and i`m on college and i just can`t learn anymore on the old way, i can`t force myself to learn something that not resonate with me, that was always my problem but now i`m worried how this will end up, it`s unbearable, i can`t fight it. i can`t stop thinking that i will all mess up because of my inner life so to speak, but also i can`t and i won`t tell that all wasn`t worth it, finding yourself, your soul you can`t measure with anything. all this outer and inner world are crashing…am i deceiving myself that everything will turn up ok? this world where everything is measured with do you have a paper or not it`s not for me, but what`s a choice? i`m little bit worried about my future, it`s all so crazy. i was telling myself that all this TF thing and my spiritual growth wont influence on my “regular” life, but that is not a thing, but how can i blame myself to finally do what i was feeling my whole life, to find peace in myself?! Sorry, i had to share this wit someone

  2. I’m in college too, and I have trouble to learn the way many of my instructors teach their classes. I love my field but when I see these intructors teach their classes one way and give to the students (us) tests that are over the top of what they thought; it makes me very madddd….they don’t care if from a class of 20 students only pass 6, for me this is cruel, but many of them don’t really know what “A TEACHER” is suppose to be, for them teaching is just a job. FOR ME teaching is a MISSION. OK, sorry, I guess I’m mad… Sunshine we can not change people or the way things are. WE only need to do the best we can. Someday I would like to have a master degree and become a teacher and this is my goal; so everytime I get an instructor like this, I tried to work hard my way and do whatever possible I can to pass my subjects. Long ago, I stopped pressuring my self with limits or dates to finish this or that, I know it will take a while to finish my studies because, I’m part time student. So, my advice is follow you dream or goal and do the best you can.

  3. Note: I think the awakening we are experiencing is wonderful, and it can help you in many ways. We realize we have enough love in our hearts to spread everywere. I think people around us can notice this.

  4. Joana,
    YEEEES!!! This sentence: “…but many of them don’t really know what “A TEACHER is suppose to be, for them teaching is just a job. FOR ME teaching is a MISSION.” I can`t stand when they act like that knowledge they have it`s theirs, they really missed a point…aaaah, i`m so sensitive about this topic whole my life…education system became a competision who will memorize most facts about some subject. what?! is this really a point of all?! No. I stoped bothering with this too, that will change also, especially with people like you. Thank you for your words and your note is very true…and they can notice, i feel that and see on them, it`s wonderful!

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