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Trinity within Infinity ~ Awakening Your Beloved Energy in Remembrance of Your Divinity

As you be love and allow yourself to be loved, you are embodying the BELOVED energy, which is the Source of creation ~ GOD. When you connect the love within you to the love within your beloved (in form), the

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Universal Oneness is From Within Shared Around as We are Guided in Each Moment

Q. My question is about relationships with others after you know your Twin Flame, even if you are not yet able to be together physically, as is the case with me and my Twin Flame. Early on, he told me

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The Connection with Your Twin Flame is Neverending

Q. Do you think it’s possible that one person can experience the pull of a twin flame and the other person be completely oblivious to it? Or “twin flame” be a term used to describe an intense connection that is

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Mirror, Mirror of my Twin, What are You Revealing Within?

Q. I think this is the hardest part for me to do. I feel I have met my twin and through alot of turmoil and tears, we are seperated at the moment. I have learned so much about the twin

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Bring Your Love into Union with the Awareness of One

Q. I have an urgency of helping bring my Love to the threshold…white pillars and nothing known but light beyond. What threshold is that? And what if the other isn’t ready, have I failed my mission? A. What instantly came

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A False Twin Flame is a Misperception of Your Connection

Q. I have been so richly blessed by your message of LOVE and helping all of us understand what LOVE really is. I have gained much from interacting with you. I am curious if you have even done any articles

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I Was Always Connected and Aware of My Twin Flame

The other day I was exploring older writings of mine (there is still more to come that I’ll share with you) but these two are quite interesting for me, considering that I wrote them a bit less than a year

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My Beloved, Home With Me

I feel your embrace in my breath as I inhale, the vision of your face surrounding me, so softly you become me. My eyes close as I exhale… I know what I chose. My heart yearns for the tenderness of

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Amen, My Love

I have this deep faith in the perfection of divine order, as I know that the love within you is within me, that your light shining so brightly enhances my own and vice versa. I have this aching, intense, ripping

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I Surrender, My Love

You reach out to me, I hear your voice softly whispering my name, twice and then I am frozen in place, receiving the energy of you as it flows throughout me, born again, reenergized anew, created for you, for this.

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