Trinity within Infinity ~ Awakening Your Beloved Energy in Remembrance of Your Divinity

As you be love and allow yourself to be loved, you are embodying the BELOVED energy, which is the Source of creation ~ GOD. When you connect the love within you to the love within your beloved (in form), the love shared between you is given to all ONE. This Beloved energy is giving love and receiving love in the same moments ~ as you give, you receive AND as you receive, you give ~ the constant flowing of this energy in motion ~ the EMOTION of LOVE in FORMation ~ the expression of the Divine love that you are.

The Trinity is you ~ your Beloved ~ connected to the Beloved energy in motion, allowing the love to come in and be extended out, sharing/giving this love to all one, to all that is, and allowing yourselves to receive this love back. This is the flow of creation…all becomes created within this vibration ~ in this sacred space of love in union and communion with itself ~ birthing and rebirthing itself in infinite ways.

Phew! ~ these words and this energy just fills me with the sweetness in this experience of feeling the journey of remembering ourselves into union with all that is. Awakening to this Beloved emotion that is always, in all ways, present and surrounding us is not only comforting but so inspiring and peaceful.

Connecting the love that I AM to the love that you are ~ we are walking into the deeper expression of this love in communion with each other in each moment.


~ Gabriella Hartwell

**If you feel inspired and desire to read more about my personal journey sharing a bit more of this with my twin flame, you may go here: A Dream within a Dream within a Dream…Reality it Seems…Like a Dream ***

7 Comments on “Trinity within Infinity ~ Awakening Your Beloved Energy in Remembrance of Your Divinity

  1. Dearst Gabriella ,
    I just burst into sobs after reading this post and your DREAM. This is exactly what happened to me. When I mentioned the sex with threesome ,etc. it was my beloved TF who asked me all this. I strongly felt it had more meaning than those words. Exactly as you say , he was watching how I was responding. And believe it or not, I was talking to him about Trinity.
    He was putting me in extreme conditions and challenging me. Though I was a bit shocked I kept Expressing my love and could still feel his love beyond all his words, and told him so exactly. I kept telling myself yesterday and the day before when all this happened , that I will get the answer to all this soon and TODAY , I receive it so clearly in your POST. This is a miracle, NO LESS !!!!!!
    I Feel so overwhelmed . I talked these same words that you have written about love beyond form. I told him that we are making love beyond form and how I feel the oneness. I gave him my conviction that we will be reunited and that I love him so so deeply and reiterated that he is my
    TF and that I can sense him even if I am physically away from him. Gabriella that dream of yours is like an enactment of all that happened to me and the follow up is so much sweeter for me for that I feel is the answer for me. He coming back, and expressing his love. We are all so connected indeed !! The very words he used were, ” think about it and let me know” . He was waiting for my response, Gabriella,.. Just as you say…. I am so amazed!!!! I texted to him about divine TRINITY day before yesterday. Reading this post just blows me away. I am deeply humbled and feel so blessed. No words to thank you enough and waves and waves of love to you..

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    WOW. Your EXPRESSING the LOVE you feel beyond the words from your twin flame has me smiling and holding my own heart. This love with our twin flames is so beautiful in its myriad of layers in revealing this closeness between us, the ever constant unconditional, eternal, depth of love that is, ALL WAYS present WITH us. You have me so excited by witnessing the synchronicities within my experience for YOU on your journey. YES. This just continues to show the interconnectedness that always surrounds us ~ such divine bliss, FOR SURE !!!!! I am glad that you did find the words to express your gratitude and the sweetness within the mirroring of our experiences ~ love that we are moving away from seeing and experiencing the duality into the oneness and the TRINITY as we bring it all back to one. Receiving your waves and waves of love…as I am now feeling blessed. Thank you.

  3. I have being dreaming with my TF too, but I don’t remember if we talk or not; I see him there in my dreams…Today I saw him in the university library again. Now he sit closer to me but he still don’t want to make eye contact with me. So, I left and he still there. I don’t know what is all this about it, but I’m finding everywhere the series of number 111. I just saw the 118 and I like the number 8 because has the shape of the infinite symbol and of course I like 11 the TF symbol. When I see my TF I feel so happy and strong; everything looks brighter. Is this infidelity?

  4. Joanna,

    I would ask you to see how you feel about this…read through my responses to Sleeping Beauty on the post Universal Oneness is From Within Shared Around as We are Guided in Each Moment for I feel that it will bring through a lot of insight regarding the feelings which brought through your question. When we expand our perception beyond the limitation of the love that we are, our thoughts/feelings about such things as infidelity/cheating change vibration and we are able to see see the whole of it. Though, I always continue to bring you within ~ feel what resonates for YOU as your own truth. Sending you love!

  5. Dear Gabriella, I will always remember these words for now and on: “this path is truly about following your own heart, your own guidance, knowing that what you are feeling resonates with your soul is NOT wrong, as nothing ever is”. I just was out of balance, it seems that my TF is getting closer ( in this 3D plane) to me and I never expected this situation even if I was prayer for this to happen. Sending you love and to everybody in this site.

  6. Oh Joanna!

    I am so excited for you as the vibes of anticipation are flowing through me as well, for I am at the same point with my sweet and Beloved twin flame ~ getting SO much closer in this physical experience to embracing him…and how divine, quick and beautiful the flow is to bring us to the point of making a decision ~ when it’s time, it’s time and there ain’t no denying it. Gosh, I am bursting with jumpy happiness as waves of love flow through my heart chakra!! I will share with everyone the details as soon as I can…but SOON! Sending you such warm and gushy hugs Joanna…I feel the love building for you in this moment and each moment to come…honor each moment as you move forward, and of course, keep your eyes wide open. Lots and lots of love to you and to ALL.

  7. Dearest Gabriella,
    Wow ! Your energy and enthusiasm is jumping on to us. We are feeling that strong connection with our TFs growing. My TF seems more relaxed now. I can feel him very slowly opening up. Love to you.
    Dear Joanna,
    I am so glad for you. Patience, trust , faith , being in the divine flow, seem to be the key words here and of course, balance. Love to you.