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Guaranteed that wherever I stay, I must visit the bookshelf. Not only is what books I find a great conversation starter, but also an invitation to bask within the pages. In Lemuria, I have no doubt that I was one …

Infinite Divinity We Are Read More »

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The masculine needs the feminine and vice versa to continue rising in love and flowing with one another. Acknowledging and honoring these energies within, bringing them in balance with one another, then flowing this balance within relationship with a partner …

The Divinity and Oneness of Us All Read More »

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As you be love and allow yourself to be loved, you are embodying the BELOVED energy, which is the Source of creation ~ GOD. When you connect the love within you to the love within your beloved (in form), the …

Trinity within Infinity ~ Awakening Your Beloved Energy in Remembrance of Your Divinity Read More »

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Divine = Dive In. Dive within and you discover your divinity, as it is eternity within infinity, within, you and all as ONE.

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