The Divinity and Oneness of Us All

The masculine needs the feminine and vice versa to continue rising in love and flowing with one another. Acknowledging and honoring these energies within, bringing them in balance with one another, then flowing this balance within relationship with a partner who is also in tune with the sacredness of all that is, as you both rise in love spiritually and physically as ONE in this ONEness, experiencing the formless in form. ~Gabriella Hartwell

Truly, the return of the Divine Feminine is every bit as much about the return of the Sacred Masculine. It is about the Awakening to the Divinity in us all, and our One-ness with All That Is. The sacredness of the masculine energy is about using our ability to assert ourselves appropriately with strength and integrity, honesty and authenticity, and generating structures where needed to support life. Women will believe in themselves more, and assert themselves, and men will respect the feminine heart wisdom within themselves. Both men and women will recognize heart as the master, the mind as the servant. Sacred Masculine in a woman supports her expressing her heart, and sacred masculine in a man has him take actions that are more compassionate, attuned with his heart.

And so, it appears, one cannot rise without the other. This becomes obvious in the deeper recognition of One-ness. Blessings to all as we open to more light and love! – Kari Star