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The word “evolved” implies that there was something to attain to, yet we are just remembering what we already are, surrendering into this ISness. “What the ‘Evolved’ Woman Wants,” ~ to not be labeled, for without the label she is …

There is no Evolving, but Revolving Infinitely Read More »

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The masculine needs the feminine and vice versa to continue rising in love and flowing with one another. Acknowledging and honoring these energies within, bringing them in balance with one another, then flowing this balance within relationship with a partner …

The Divinity and Oneness of Us All Read More »

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Q. I have been going through a big transition for the past couple of months. It seems that I am moving back into my feminine core at a rapid rate. Well, let me start it all this way. At my …

Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies Within which are Reflected Around You Read More »

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