Infinite Divinity We Are

Guaranteed that wherever I stay, I must visit the bookshelf. Not only is what books I find a great conversation starter, but also an invitation to bask within the pages. In Lemuria, I have no doubt that I was one who delved deeply into the pages to scribe messages and insight for others. Well, not only in Lemuria, but in every lifetime to some degree, in some shape and form.

divninity bookThe picture is from one of the books on the shelf in the room I am staying in Sedona… I randomly (but not, of course!) opened to a page to read this, “The Divinity is our True Nature, and thus, we should attain the dazzling radiance of our True Nature. Divinity is who we are inherently. The True Nature of us is our Divinity. There is a fundamental difference between the one who tells their children from infancy that they have something precious in their body, which is called Divinity, and the other who lets his or her children just eat delicacies and live a comfortable life. Their directions of life will be completely different. We need to spread this to the world that we have Divinity within us. You have the mission to pass this on to those around you as I have passed it on to you.”

I would say that this is a perfect sign to let me know that it is time to start this show… and this place, this week is the time to do it ~ “Awaken into Divine Love: Be You to Full,” here we come!

And… right when I walked in the door, this card was on the mirror, greeting me, meeting me, “The Empress: Archangel Gabriel. Lavish abundance. Give Birth to your dreams. Nurture yourself and others.” YES!

Wherever you go, may you know that there are signs all around you, that you are always guided, that truly home is where your heart is, and if you stay connected to your heart, knowing you bring home wherever your feet step, you are in full bloom of walking your destined path. It is exactly where you are, right now… as you delve deeper within and into it.

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