Bring Your Love into Union with the Awareness of One

Q. I have an urgency of helping bring my Love to the threshold…white pillars and nothing known but light beyond. What threshold is that? And what if the other isn’t ready, have I failed my mission?

A. What instantly came to me was that the while pillars represent twin flames, represents unconditional, divine, sacred, true love and the light beyond is an example of the effects of this love to the universe, the Earth and beyond, for truly that love is full of light and only offers light, truly ALL is light, even darkness is a part of light. We see this from the “eyes” of oneness, of union, of Spirit, of all that is. You can NOT ever fail from the eyes of Spirit, for you are ALWAYS in co-creation with your beloved, regardless of whether you are physically by each others’ side. This perception and vision of oneness sees this and knows this, then acts upon this, and it can never see that anything could ever be a failure. Every experience is always an experience…and they continue and continue. However you are feeling guided to bring your love into being, to bring that love into form and sharing/expressing it with others, do that. The more you do that, the more you send those waves of remembrance of the truth of eternal, unconditional, sacred, divine love to all that is, to your twin and everything/everyone within the world and beyond. That truly is the mission – to feel that love and share it with all that is – in every moment, every relationship, every experience. You have a gift, as we all do when we open to it, of seeing beyond the human eye. Cultivate that and follow/trust it when it comes…how beautiful and special that vision is! I’d say the threshold represents the gateway towards ascension, of rising above and beyond the 3D human experience, while also being within the experience itself. It is absolutely an amazing, and indescribable way of living, loving and being life. Though we do use human language to try and express it, but it can never fully capture it – though it requires us to go beyond the words, to feel what is attempting to be expressed and shared, to KNOW beyond form.

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  1. Urgency is what brought me to meet mine since a week ago…saw how fearful one is…as of last night…have setting one FREE to experience the THRESHOLD of beauty to cultivate & finding the door to DIVE IN. One knows unconsciously but is OVERWHELMED, emotional paralyzed & stuck in rigidity of life BUT know this one is heading there soon as I know it DEEP DOWN in my HEART! LOVE Shift has begun.

    Wow…you just kept hitting the perfect COSMOS of message for me to follow while here in Texas!!! Makes me wonder why is it that only few of us so resonate with you perfectly & others different times? Generation thing? Soul family? Thanks, Gabriella in advance & your work is ETERNALLY priceless. 😉