Stay Connected to the Magnetic Pull of Your Heart

Constant surrender…I say, constant surrender is always required on this twin flame journey…yet surrendering in the deepest vibration of unconditional love with the utmost faith and trust that all is ALWAYS, in all ways, unfolding in its most sweet and divine, perfect order. It can be easy to get sucked into the battle of the mind vs the heart, yet an ever present and persistent awareness blossoms into recognizing when the mind is *attempting* to take you away from the magnetic pull of the truth of your heart. Stay there. This is a reminder for you to stay in the beauty and strength of your heart.

2 Comments on “Stay Connected to the Magnetic Pull of Your Heart

  1. I just realized that this August 2012 would be two years since I met my TF in August 2010. I can not keep him out of my mind and heart since then. So much to be happy for it, so much to long for him, and so much of everything…I just wanted to share it. Love to everybody…