You and Your Emerging Soul: Ascension Becoming

***Replace the second allow in the first sentence to all known…feel it…receive it****

Allow yourself to allow each moment to be, as it naturally brings you deeper into the love vibrations within you. You are rising, right now, rising ever higher in the sweetness of love’s embrace. Allow it to grace each moment of every day…balance the desire to do and to be, as right now, you are encouraged to BE, to receive, to breathe in the love. It’s all around you, surrounding you…all that you’ve resonated so profoundly with is found…it’s there, swimming within, let it enfold you, knowing that each moment is bringing you along for the ride of merging with where your heart resides….yet that merging is here, in this moment…and as you allow yourself to fully receive the love, breathe it in, the earth is also rising with you into this oneness of all. Be gentle with yourself…you are *emerging* into the oneness of your *soul*(Energy merging)…it is a glorious path you are on, beloveds…be love and be loved in each moment, knowing that you are so deeply and sweetly held in the warmest arms of all that is.


All the ways in which you were used to being, responding, seeing, feeling and creating, are transforming and transcending form, from the “known” into the unknown (yet even so, it is known within). You are receiving what may seem like new language, awakening to the oneness of this universe (one song, you and I in verse). You may start to completely and intimately feel and see the layers within everything that comes along your path (music, words, feeling…) and therefore FEEL the connection with it all, the beauty of it all. You are experiencing this oneness that is, has always been and always will be. Your “real” eyes are becoming opened so that you can continue to rise up in love with all that is, to spread this awareness and truth to others…in order to do this, you are asked to allow yourself to receive, to be. At this point, don’t try to understand everything…just let it flow in…you are so intimately surrounded by heavens light and the guidance is all around you. Trust that you are receiving messages from love, and will continue to do so, no action is needed unless you feel to take an inspired action…inspired action will feel as if it flows…rather than something you HAVE to do…there is nothing you HAVE to do to receive, but just open your heart. For in opening your heart, you naturally receive…

During this time, as these days unfold, you may be noticing different changes within your physical body. Rushes of energy within your heart chakra (can almost feel like a heart palpitation), tingling sensations through your body, different sleep patterns (either sleeping a lot or not sleeping much). Through the ascension process, there are many shifts/changes going on and in…the pineal gland is changing in size and therefore, many insights (that have always been your sight within) are being unwrapped and opened, for you will be integrating, understanding and spreading this wisdom and truth coming through…but all in its perfect time. You may find that the way you communicate is changing, the way you have been affected by others outside of you is changing (whereas there is this centered, calm core within you that is held – the stillness within you are tapping into). Within this stillness, when you allow yourself to be in silence (this is much more encouraged at this time), you may find that you are hearing a symphony within the quiet, the language of the universe is taking on many different shapes – for the ways in which you can receive and create ARE limitless. When you tap into this symphony in the stillness, you start to see layers upon layers of meaning (opportunities for you to receive and give, be love and be loved) within everything that comes your way. The ways in which you are used to responding are shifting – again, receive it – there’s no need to act upon this right now…bring it in…allow for the integration and transformation, which will naturally bring inspiration and creation. One thing (yet there are so many) that has come in for me recently is, “There’s never one thing but it’s always ONE.” You are awakening to this truth, as the layers within it all is revealing themselves to you, and yet even though there are so many layers, it is ONE because it is all connected, whole and complete, uniting us all.


One more thing I will share with you at this time…IN finite….when you go withIN, all limits are limitless. What was seen as finite, become infinite…and this is what is happening as your eyes take on this truth, you can become SO excited that you want to share it, then you start realizing that the universe, all that is, instantaneously and consistently gives you what you desire, to be able to share this oneness…and this IS exciting! SO exciting…yet again, it is important that you allow yourself to balance…balance receiving with inspired action.  Breathe and know that you are a lightbeam that is becoming brighter and brighter as you allow the BEing so as to enhance the COMING….becoming…as you be, you receive…and the glorious sweetness of your dreams are coming through…so true.

Energy Merging – Be Coming – both are always flowing in both ways – to be given and received – to be love and be loved – the balancing of the BELOVED emotion (energy in motion).


Sending you all of my love dear ones…surrounding you in light and love,

~Gabriella Hartwell

6 Comments on “You and Your Emerging Soul: Ascension Becoming

  1. Exactly where I am now…feeling so still & been sleeping too much in the last 2 days right after seeing “the one who is responsible” for my waking up to the light & love (ascension- 2.5 yrs ago)…COSMOS IS SOOO BEYOND WONDERFUL!!! Go with the flow & BELIEVE what you are being guided to! I have already just graduated after seeing the true source of SELF and am on my way there…it is sooo DIVINE- join us!!! 😉

    Gabriella definitely KNOWS what she is doing & guiding you y’all!!! Gotta LOVE LOVE LOVE her, the Divine Lightworker!!! 🙂

  2. Starfire,

    You are such a sweet and bright light! How infectious your enthusiasm and excitement is – this is a natural reaction, which keeps increasing when you awake to the truth within, within it ALL as ONE. I thank you for your genuine and heartfelt words of recognizing my service! Just got this, DIVINE = Dive In!!!!! So I second that call, for ALL to dive in and join us…in this sea of infinity, eternally expanding and rising in union consciousness…as it is such a blessed journey. Love to everyone, always, in all ways. <3

  3. When I dream with my TF or imagine I’m having a telephaty conversation with him, I get so exhausted. When I was on vacation in this town close to the ocean, I have the opportunity to visit the ocean almost every day, I felt so full of energy, and when I returned to my hometown which is inland, my energy when down, here I feel without energy even sick. Gabriella the ocean have an influence on me? Almost all my life I have been living close to the ocean, but we move to this town inland because of my soulmate job. The truth, I can not get adapted here. I always wish to go back my town close to the ocean.

  4. Hi Gabriella!
    This is so appropriate as I keep asking myself ,where I am in this journey. If we are ascending how far. Thanks for these inspirational words. Trying to keep the vibrayins up. Yesterday, I felt a sudden wave of warmth surrounding me and I started sobbing uncontrollably. It was such a sudden outburst of emotions , that it surprised me. Today you are saying the same thing about waves of love around us ,. How TRUE !!!L love to you all and to angel Gabriella in particular !!!!

  5. Hi Gabriella!

    Thank you so much for these wonderful words…I feel those heart chakra movements you talk about, I thought it was strange as it feels like an oening and closing, Like I’m literally feeling Love course through me. Rest is erratic,too…too much or too little. Your words are validating and comforting and it’s exciting to know it’s a change I can feel totally safe and warm about. I can get overwhelmed with my desire to share that I forget to breathe! So thank you for that reminder; to just BREATHE IT IN. Layers too are coming clear before my eyes;in situations, music, my friends, strangers…it’s a wonderful time to exerience this ONEness and to banish all fear—it’s, after all, only LOVE. Love & Light to you always, Gabriella,my dear angel!

  6. Tori!!!

    It has been a while since we connected intimately…and it is a treat to hear from you!! I get overwhelmed with my desire to share too, phew, believe me…the vibes of excitement are ALWAYS flowing through me to serve the love and truth I feel throughout all of my being. But we do need to breathe, boy/girl, does it help BIG time! Cheers to releasing fear and experiencing this ONEness and shining the light upon it for ALL as we be it!!! SO much love and light to you sweet angel, in every moment. *warm and gushy hugs to you too!*