Love into the Remembrance and Experience of the Oneness that you are

Q. There have been miraculous synchronicities around the both of us, many things involving the numbers 11, and many energetic connections that leaves even strangers seeing that there is something that connects us. These have led us to reunite a few times over the last year.. however, when we get close he closes off and then the next few months are spent with him running and little communication.

I have asked my guides, my lightworkers and angels many times if the universe is orchestrating a divine reunion on all levels. The answer is always a very strong YES. I do see many signs that he is ‘awakening’ and we are both already spreading light in our own ways and attracting people into our lives whom we both transform and inspire.

I know separation is an illusion and I know we are connected always. I know about the balancing… this is one of the things that my Qigong class is teaching me at the moment. But as he awakens I find that he is being lead further away from me and I have trouble believing that he will discover that he has a Twin Flame… which is me. And closer than he thinks.

Do you have any insight on how the male comes to understand this?

A. First, let me start by saying that both sexes, male and female, have had to go through the ongoing process of releasing the attachments to the roles we have played in the past and the rules we have placed upon our relationship and interaction with one another. As all of these attachments, roles, rules, limited perceptions have kept us living in separation with each other, when our hearts have desired to be in union and our souls have been constantly reminding us that love is what we are, in love is how we are meant to be with all that is. Not being in love WITH another but rather BEING love in vibration *which honors and remembers that love is what you are and that this love is in oneness with all that is*. When you BE this love, then your attachment to another, to all of the behaviors and patterns in which you may have previously related to fall away…and you are left with love, pure and divine. Then when you enter into a relationship, you are already BEING love,  and therefore you both BE love WITH each other. You understand that if you see your twin flame as having to learn something or rather remember, then there is something there also for you to receive.

This path encourages you to change your perceptions on everything that you observe into the vibration of love. It asks you to acknowledge how you are viewing or seeing something happening or not happening in this moment as either in separation or union ~ viewing his path of deeper awakening as bringing him further away from you is not possible through the eyes of love. You understand that there is no separation, and truly this is so ~ when you see through the eyes that know this, then you will see that each step of awakening brings you closer ~ your awakening or his ~ both.

Both twin flames have their path to walk in remembering and experiencing their oneness beyond form and in form. Many times this calls the twins to move “away” from each other to move “into” each other. The task is to honor each moment, love deeper within each moment, and hold each moment to be another opportunity to bring the truth of love into the light ~ transform what you may feel as not happening into knowing that it’s all unfolding in its perfect divine order ~ transcend what you see as far away into remembering yourselves into the experience of your oneness.

Both males and females are balancing the masculine and feminine energies within and therefore, they are experienced without. This is the intention when we observe something within the twin, we are meant to bring it back within, balance it there and then bring that balancing without into our interaction and expression of love with others as well as our twin. The more that we honor and accept without any resistance all the aspects of who we are, and trust the flow of this abundant and divine universe that we are a part of, the more we love ourselves into full sacred embodiment of the love that we are. All of the perceptions that keep us seeing, feeling, being and acting in anything other than this eternal, unconditional, pure love fall away, and we are left with open hearts wanting to give and receive the love present in each moment.

Keep noticing the synchronities, keep following your heart as you are guided, and keep loving, knowing that in loving, you love yourself freely into the remembrance and experience of the oneness that you are.

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1 Comment on “Love into the Remembrance and Experience of the Oneness that you are

  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    I love your words that we don’t have to learn something but rather remember it.

    Yes, we need to change our perception
    away from separation … into oneness,
    away from having to learn something …. but rather remembering the truth all of us know deep on the inside,
    away from a running away … but rather to feeling the dance we are dancing with our twinflames … and that will lead to experiencing pure divine love, even in the difficult times
    away from fear and panic …into divine love and peace.

    I am arriving at the point where I think that everything is a matter of perception … and we can choose each moment how to perceive what is happening around us or inside of us … and of course our outer circumstances will not be conjured away right in that moment, but nevertheless it changes something on the inside when we perceive the world and all that’s happening through the eyes of love and light, and somehow it will change our lives, too, as we are likely to make different choices when being in love and feeling peace.

    By the way, the question could have been mine, it reflects so very much my situation and the signs and answers I’m getting are also always such a big YES … inspite of everything I am experiencing in the 3D … and these signs and answers from heaven are really not “made” by me. Often they are things happening from the outside that I definitely have no influence on whatsoever. So this cannot be wishful thinking all together, this is simply not possible. It *has* to mean something.

    So me as well, I’m trying to follow all these beautiful insights you are sharing here, dear Gabriella, and am taking one day at a time.

    Waves of love to you and to all and their twins,