Awakening the Jesus and Mary Within

We were not created to possess, but to “be with.” ~Gospel of Mary Magdalene

This is an amazing time that we are living in right now. We are moving from the old way of relating and interacting in relationships to the new way of being in love as we be with another person that we choose to be in relationship with. What I mean is that no longer are we just choosing to physically share ourselves, our time, our energy with another but we are being called to operate and be in the space, the vibration of love. Therefore, we are being in love. Then we come together with another who is being, just being as they are IN the vibration, the frequency of love. We then come together and we are being in love. A whole different energy around this than previously you may have experienced in relationships. If you are reading this right now, your consciousness, your intuition has already been knocking on your door, “wait a minute, wait a minute, something is shifting here. This is not right for me anymore. The way that I have been acting, the way that I have been in relationship, what I have been accepting, what I have felt was acceptable is no longer because it doesn’t ring true for me anymore.”

I am a Relationship Life Coach and the Author of the book, You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching. As you may know, we have had a “fast food society,” a fast food world, in that when we want something, we want it right away, whether it be food or a relationship. We have fast food restaurants, drive thrus. We have dating sites. If you want a date tonight, go on a dating site and get it. We have had that for so long in our world that it has just become habit. We are moving now into going within so that we can experience what we receive, what we connect with inside, outside of us, which is a relationship with another spiritual being in human form.

The thing to get to here is that YOU are complete exactly as you are. There is nothing that you need outside of yourself to be happy or to be complete. You don’t need a new car. You don’t need a fancy place to live. Actually, you don’t even need a place to live that has four walls. There’s nothing. You don’t need another person. There’s nothing that you need to be happy. Your happiness is a perspective. It is something that you choose to feel and then therefore just as I said earlier, you are sharing your being in love. As you are vibrating in this space of love, and then being with another who is also in that space, you are being in love together. This is the same thing with happiness. You feel that happiness within you and connect with happiness. It’s a choice. When you choose that and you connect to that, you are then sharing your happiness with another that’s also happy, choosing happiness and sharing their happiness with you. You are sharing your happiness, sharing your love vibration, together.

You are complete. You are looking for another that knows , feels and operates in the space of knowing he/she is complete also. You share your beingness in love together. You share your happiness together. You share your completeness together. You are sharing, in all ways, together.

Also, this is why I don’t usually promote dating sites and dating in general because of the importance of not searching. The whole energy of searching is not conducive to following and being within the flow of guidance as you walk into all of the moments on your journey of where you are meant to be. If you are searching for something, you are saying to the universe, “I do not have this. I am lacking something. I do not have happiness so I am going outside of myself to try and find it. I do not have love so I am going outside of myself to find it.” I do promote going to singles groups or going to groups where people are doing things that you enjoy and have things in common with you, such as being single. The focus is not to find someone to go on a date with or even to connect with someone. It is to go and enjoy what you like to do, something you are interested in with others that are also interested in the same thing. If there’s a connection made, awesome but there’s not that expectation energy or lack attached to it.

If you let go of searching, then you come to the space of feeling that it is okay to be on your own, to spend time on your own, to know that you don’t need someone outside of you to be happy. MEN: you are being called now to go within and be connected to the woman inside of you, to the female essence and energy inside of you. WOMEN: You are being called now to go within and be connected to the man, the male energy inside of you. We are being called to balance our male and female energies within ourselves so that we can then draw to us that form, that female or male physical form, to share our energies with.

When we balance those energies, we come to the space of fully knowing and feeling completely that we are complete on our own. There have been many books out there and many movies made, you may have read or seen some of them, which bring up the perception that men are “like this,” and women are “like this.” If we believe that, and we perceive that, our behaviors will reflect that. Our relationships will be an extension of that. Ultimately, what we desire is to have a relationship with another that is going to be in this love space where we are receiving love and giving love equally. Well, if we already have the perception that men are “like this,” and women are “like this,” then already there is no equality there. You see, we are creating separation before we even begin. We are creating separation but we want union. How is that possible? It’s not possible.

What we are being called to do now is to release the ideas and perceptions of separation. By releasing these ideas and perceptions, we change the whole energy that we feel around relationships, around the opposite sex and even around ourselves. If you are a man and you feel that men are a certain way, then already you’re sending this energy to the female that is going to be in relationship with you; “I am like this, and you are like this.” It’s not black and white. Relationships are not black and white. You need to release the idea if you don’t want to create it. To do that, you need to go within yourself to embrace the opposite sex energy within you. If you are a man, go inside and embrace the woman within you. If you are a woman, go inside and embrace the man within you. All of the things you think that are “manly” and not attractive, love them and embrace them. Know and see those qualities within yourself. Love them, embrace them and release any separation that you feel about them.

All types of separation are from us and them mentality: men and women. We are not different species. We are spiritual beings having a human experience whether a man or a woman and we desire to share our beings in relationship with each other.

We are being called to be self aware: to be aware of ourselves as we are in relationship with another, to be aware of the other as we are in relationship with them without taking anything personally. If there is something that comes up within us while we are sharing in relationship, review it to look at it. Feel whatever emotions come up as a result of doing that, transition out of it, release if we need to so that we are not blaming each other in relationship. Relationships are meant to offer us some challenges, to offer us some bumps along our journey. Why? We grow that way. If we didn’t have those challenges, we wouldn’t be able to grow. When you are having challenges in relationships, take a moment to be thankful that you have an opportunity to see something reflected back to you for you to receive. What is it? How can you take it forward within your relationship with yourself and who you choose to be in intimacy with?

I titled this essay, “Awakening the Jesus and Mary Within.” Let’s talk about this for a bit. Whatever religion you believe in doesn’t matter. You don’t have to perceive Jesus as God or the Son of God in a religious way. Let’s look at Jesus and Mary as both being spiritual figures that we can use as an example just like characters in a book or players in a movie. Jesus was loving. He was an example of breaking down the barriers, all barriers created from separation: tax collectors and others, Romans and Jews, women and men. We are going to particularly look at the latter. There were many barriers of separation that he gave insight to and helped to transform, release and transition out of. I want to talk about the women and men issue here because he said many times and he showed it many times that women are not less than men. They can be equal. They are equal and they can share in equal ways. Actually, the man needs the woman as the woman needs the man. We need each other to understand all aspects of ourselves because within the man, there are womanly qualities and within the woman, there are manly qualities. When we acknowledge this, we embrace this, we accept this and we say yes to union, no more separation is when we can actually have heaven on earth in our relationships. This is what we are being called to do. This is what we are moving into, fully NOW.

Jesus spoke with Mary, connected with Mary. They had a very special relationship whether or not you believe they were married. Technically, from a soul level, all of us are soul mates, we’re all connected, we are all married in this way. So let’s say that Jesus and Mary had a very strong connection, however you want to see it. Mary, being accepting of Jesus and his teachings, the way that he was and how he presented men and presented women, was also open to breaking down all barriers of separation to be in union, to be in love, to be in unconditional love with herself, Jesus, all men and all women. They had their own energies, their own individual essence and ray of light, but when they came together, their energies complemented each other. They had balanced the male, the female within themselves, the perception around males and females, and let go of separation to choose union. They came together and created one.

I like to bring up the number 11 here because we are in the 11th year and moving further, taking this 11th year insight so to speak, with us into the years past 2011. So take the number 11. You have 1 and you have 1 and both 1’s exist on their own. They are complete on their own. They are happy on their own. They can be on their own. When they come together, when 1 and 1 choose to come together, they create 11, which is an extension of their own being, of their own oneness. They come together to share their oneness, total union.

Why are we coming together in relationship now? We are called to embody UNION in all ways. I want to bring up the word union because it is so so powerful. UNION: it’s all in that word. Un I on(e) (You and I are one). U n I on (you and I on a mission). This is what we are doing now. We are coming together as one first, recognizing and acknowledging that we are one. As we do that, we merge into the action and the choice to become one together. Both of our physical bodies coming together to be one, one essence extending onto each other by being together, by being and then being together.

Then we come together and we share this beingness with the rest of the world. We share this love with the rest of the world, however we choose to do it. Therefore, we are one and we are one on a mission, on a mission to serve humanity, to raise the vibration of love on this planet right now. We are awakening the Jesus and the Mary within us so that we can let go of separation and enter fully into union. We don’t need to search for anything outside of ourselves. We don’t need to feel that we need anyone outside of ourselves to be complete or happy. We have it all within us. One of the things Jesus did say, recorded many places, is “the kingdom of God is within you.” God is love so if God is love, love is within you. It’s connecting to that love within you that you then attract to you in another being that is connecting with the love inside of them. You are then being in love together. You are one and you are one on a mission to share that love with each other and the rest of the world, anybody who comes in contact with you.

This is a really powerful time we are in right now. As souls choosing this experience right now, how amazing it is. We have a gift. When we acknowledge it and we know that we have a gift, it’s now time for us to take that knowingness and that acknowledgement of this being a gift here in this present moment for us to be in relationship with ourselves and each other in oneness, in union. All it merely takes is awakening the Jesus and Mary energy within us, connecting to the male and the female essence within us, releasing all barriers of separation. Separation truly is just an illusion. It takes a perception and a reconnection to shift it around. Welcome to heaven here right now on Earth. It starts with each one of us.

2 Comments on “Awakening the Jesus and Mary Within

  1. Gabriella,

    What a beautiful message! You are truly an inspiration and I believe that the Divine guides you to share such wonderful and inspirational teachings that everyone needs whether they are with their twin soul or awaiting the time when it is right for their twin to enter their lives.

    May you be blessed every day!

  2. Kelly,

    I agree that the messages that come through are for those that are with their twin flame physically or spiritually or even if they are not aware of twin flames. It is universal messages as I am meant to bring light to the process of relationships and union in all ways 😉 Thanks for reading and for your words.

    May you also be blessed in every moment of every day!