Vulnerability is Strength of Expressing your Heart in Its Purity

man on kneesI just had a twin flame session with a man. It was just so beautiful and blessed. Tears came through and up, insight came in with a profound embrace, love was given and received, encouragement and support readily here between us. I feel so deeply within my being that all of us are balanced within, our masculine and feminine energies. As we remember this, we release our attachment to the illusions of the blockages of love within us… and therefore, the waves of emotion are able to freely flow. The energy in motion is constantly flowing through all parts of our being, moving us into the sweetness of our WHOLE essence. I was so honored to witness the open vulnerability of this man allowing his love in expression, and expressing my gratitude for his sharing of his heart. Thank you!

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An abundance of waves of love from my heart to yours,
~Gabriella Hartwell

1 Comment on “Vulnerability is Strength of Expressing your Heart in Its Purity

  1. Thank you for being able to recognize these simple truths. It is by being vulnerable that we allow the strength of Source to flow in, thus becoming energized by Source, fearing nothing, and radiating our pure heart-love to those that are attuned to that frequency of vibration.