Infinitely We are Always Connected

weaving heartToday as I was laying on the beach, I observed a bee going away from this big tree trunk immersed within the sand…he would go away from it and then come back (for there were many little holes within the tree trunk) and push his little body into a hole, move the sand out of it, then go away again, then back into another hole, testing each one, seeing which one feels right. I thought of how this is like what we do as human beings merged with our spiritual essence…we go away, and come back, feel what resonates with us in each moment, though each moment is not the same as the next, and what resonates now may not resonate tomorrow and what doesn’t resonate now may feel right tomorrow…it is all ok. Let yourself know, let yourself profoundly know that as you “go away” from others, you are always connected, when you move away from an experience, you are always connected…we are all so intimately interconnected with one another, and when one relationship, friendship or sharing feels right in one moment, another moment it may not, however, the important thing to remember is that we are always connected. We are always, all ways, meant to be the love that we are and receive the love that we are, and this love, this love that I AM referring to is limitless, infinite, truly expansive and abundant. Sending you all so much love!

~Gabriella Hartwell

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