The One Unified Heart of Twin Flames Sees and Knows Only Love

Q. I have met my twin flame and we are at the separation and growing stage and yes, I get goosebumps and tingle feelings ALOT when I think of him and often find myself in a somewhat obsessive mode when the feelings get so intense. Is this when he is also thinking about me with all these sensations?

A. The intensity of these feelings is your heart expanding, allowing you to receive more love and to give out more love, not only from your twin flame but from everyone and everything (all that is). When your heart expands, and then expands more, you understand that as you love your twin, you love all that is. As you love all that is, you love your twin. They go hand in hand. All love shared, all love expressed is love shared and expressed with all, enhancing all hearts and the one heart of all that is, the one unified heart of the twin flame sees that underlying everything is love, what is most important is giving and receiving love in every moment, every situation, every relationship.

As your twin’s heart expands and opens, grows in intensity within the vibration of love, by receiving love or giving out love, you will feel it, for as he expresses love, he is loving you. The same goes for your experience: as you receive love or give love, your twin will feel it, expanding his heart even more. Truly the amount of love that you can experience, that you can feel, that you can give, that you can receive is completely limitless as this will continue to grow and grow, filling you with excitement and constant amazement at how much you are filled with love, ever deepening, increasing, blissful love. Give love, and watch yourself continuously feel the love coming back to you, from all sources, in so many ways, as your twin experiences the same, expanding your hearts into the one unified heart of twin flames where only love, the most pure, eternal, unconditional love resides.

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