The Green Beautiful – A World of Beauty, Truth and Humor

The Green Beautiful will have you nodding your head in agreement, it will have you laughing, it will have you admiring the beauty of nature and shaking your head at some of the absurdity of human creations. This movie shows that there are other worlds besides Earth, a world where untouched and serene nature exists, a world where telepathic connection abides, a world where domestication or programming in the traditional sense is not common. A woman from this world agrees to go to Earth to observe the present conditions and to assist in ways that will have you laughing, and observing yourself. This movie takes the “serious,” the “norm,” and turns it into humor. I won’t spoil it for you by giving away any details. Though I encourage you to watch it, that is, if you like to take the serious and see deeply beyond the surface towards the humor within it all…if you like to analyze the human condition and the creations within our world…if you feel that there is more to life than just the mundane and routine, if you have ever felt connected to your intuition and experienced telepathic connection or communication, if you like to laugh, you’ll enjoy this one!

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