Twin Flame Reunions are Now Unfolding to Bring us into Union Consciousness

Last month, we were going through a lot of all of the various aspects of separation, feeling the sadness, delving into the separation on a physical level from our twin flames, bringing up many fears of not being good enough, not being loved. In so doing, we were healing, healing from the patterns, behaviors, emotions, reactions, beliefs that have for many years, many lifetimes kept us continuously living in the vibration of separation, away from true relationships with one another or with anything else in our lives. This has been uncomfortable for us all, in different ways, yet through what can be perceived as discomfort, we move into the place of enlightenment, and then transformation on all levels is not only possible, but becomes our creation.

Speaking of creation, why is it that twin flames were created together and then separated, as seen from the human perspective? Truly, there is a reason (or many reasons) for everything. We have the task of staying connected to our spiritual knowing while experiencing on a human level, then bringing our human sight into union with our spiritual knowing. Living and experiencing separation for so long has given us the chance of fully experiencing the illusions of separation so that we can re-connect with the truth that union (love) is all there is and has always been. When we remember this, we then move into the actions of releasing separation from our cell memory, as we understand what union consciousness is. The spiritual truth is that we are not and can never be separated from each other, from anything as we are a part of all that is, and all that is IS connected to everything else. You have never been separated from your twin flame as you are a part of each other. When you remember this, you set the stage for the re-union (remembering you and I as one) and the reunion in full physical, human form.

Twin flames are the balance of each other in all aspects, male and female, light and dark, creation and destruction, high and low, hot and cold, serious and humorous…it is in honoring all of these in their balanced state that brings you to the awareness that they are all good, they are all beautiful, and they all serve their purpose. There needs to be female to know male, dark to know light, destruction for something to be created, etc. For example, in order to be in union consciousness, we have to understand and experience separation (to destroy it so to speak). This way, we come into a deeper understanding of the beauty of all aspects that make us spiritual and human. The reason behind experiencing separation is to move away from the mind and merge with the heart, then bring the heart in union with the mind (hence the human to the spiritual to the merging of both). We are called to be open to our spiritual knowing yet honoring the present moment, all of the pieces that are unknown as to how the “known” will become a reality in 3D form. Since we have been living in separation for so long, this is not always easy for we want to know, we want to control. But when we release the mind and the desire to know and to control, we then allow for the flow to bring about what we have already seen (from our spiritual knowing) to come about at its perfect time, while we continue to stay connected to the truth that we are also experiencing on a human level, which is increasing our capacity to merge both the human sight and spiritual knowing as we move closer to our destinations, our creations.

The dance between twin flames is one of seeing all of the pieces that make us human and spiritual, seeing the whole picture (the past, the present, the future) as we honor the present moment in its glorious unfolding. We understand that as every step unfolds, we are guided, loved, supported, and connected, therefore making it easier for us to trust in the perfection of the divine flow. We then allow ourselves to stay connected to our one unified heart of deep unconditional love with our twin flame (regardless of whether we are in physical presence) and bring the vision of this love and oneness into every relationship, every situation, every moment along the journey. This only seeks to increase the love and connection between twin flames and all that is.

At this particular time, many twin flame couples have chosen to come together in all ways to assist the world in bringing the truth of union consciousness, of unconditional eternal love, of the balancing of all aspects of being alive. To bring us all as a collective away from the vibration of separation and into the frequency of union consciousness, it is necessary for many twin flames to move beyond these words and into the full physical union of showing this balance, this oneness. This will give the “proof” that we have always been connecting, loving, experiencing beyond the direct, physical experience, therefore helping to bring us into the realization of union, of oneness, of the merging of our human experience and spiritual sight. Enjoy the dance, enjoy every moment of it, knowing that you are moving deeper into the recesses of your heart, showing the world the elaborate and beautiful tapestry of the interconnectedness of all that is.

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  1. I always admire the way you describe such a complex topic.

    As if you know me and twin inside out.

    And I am really looking forward to reunion with my twin 🙂

  2. Hi Gabriel, thanks for this wonderful message. I am hoping and praying my twin and i get together physically this summer. We live 4000 miles apart and are best of friends haha thats an understatement, i feel him always in my soul. I feel we have had to endure separation physically the last 4 years since we met, to learn unconditional love. Its so hard and painful, though dream meetings help. Since last august on my birthday, we have got closer and now communicate via texts most everyday. We are planning tv series on the earth and how we can live literally closer to nature plus other big project. I am aching to be with him and praying this summer it will happen. Blessings of love light and joy to all twins everywhere.

  3. Hello Gabrielle,

    I have been so richly blessed by your message of LOVE and helping all of us understand what LOVE really is. I have gained much from interacting with you. I am curious if you have even done any articles about false twin flames? I spoke with you a while back about some very interesting multidimensional interactions I was having with someone I thought might be my twin flame. I felt him everyday. I dreamed about him. I felt I was in dialogue with him (still do) during certain portions of the day, etc.

    I ran into him once by “chance” and had a very interesting mental telepathic connection that happened within a span of seconds. I say “chance” b/c I ended up going to that particular place where I ran into him because I felt a pull as I was driving past that place and I literally turned the car around and decided to go visit the place I was about to drive past. Low and behold, there he was. The first time I had seen him in over a year. As we looked at each other, he said hello with his mouth yet I heard mentally, “I have a girlfriend”. Weeks after that, he told me those exact words via text message. I thought that I was imagining that I heard it, but I actually turned out to really hear it.

    Anyhoo, I had a meeting with a twin flame gentleman who works with his female twin flame half here on Earth through energy work as their service to the community. I showed him a picture of me and the man I thought was possibly my twin flame and decided to get his insight. He is also a channeler and his Higher Self can receive messages from other entities in Higher frequencies. His message to me was that the man was not my twin and that I served as a heart catalyst for him to meet his Soul Mate and he helped to create a new template of male expression for me. He served to help me re-establish and perhaps re-create my masculine side. He also served to help me tap into my healing abilities so that I can begin to do work here on Earth the way my soul always knew it should.

    It hurt to hear this message, but it also helped to free up a lot of energy and I felt a weight lifted a bit. I am not saying that I am totally sold one way or another, but I guess I am curious if you have come across stories like mine, where someone may not actually be a Twin Flame, but their presence, and multidimensional connections serve as a way for the other person to go deeper in their spiritual development.

    I have been able to release my expectations that this man is my Twin. I am at the place in my development that I do know our Souls go WAY back. I know that if I do not see him again in this life time, I will run into him again in another, or in the Spiritual life/Astral Planes/Flying in the Universe. I have gained a deeper understanding that our souls are indeed immortal and time is very very short in the grand skeem of things. What seems like an eternity, is really only a second in the whole Universe.

    I am still intrigued by this connection I shared with this man. I actually ended up sharing with him what my experiences have been on my end, the dreams I kept having, the empathic connections I felt, and the moments I felt the need to offer Healing energy on his behalf. He thanked me, told me he was in a relationship and asked me to stop communicating with him. He neither confirmed or denied anything on his end. It stung to have such an straight forward clear cut response. But I did ask him to at least do that instead of not responding. So I guess I asked for it, lol.

    Since I communicated with him and finally and openly shared with him what my experiences have been relating to him, the dreams have stopped flooding in. I used to have dreams about him a couple times a week. Now, very very seldom. I still feel a telepathic connection with him during the waking hours, but that is about it. I have just been teaching myself to totally let go of all of my expectations. I can easily be empathically connected to people for the purpose of offering healing energy, but this was has by far been the deepest connection, or at least to most intense that has sky rocketed my spiritual development and aided in me becoming more balanced in myself.

    One other thing: The male Twin Flame that I spoke to told me that my actual Twin Flame is in another dimension and that we agreed to be in separate dimensions so that we can offer assistance to our worlds in unique ways. I have since started meditating and learning how to put myself in a hypnotic state so that I can learn to connect to others in the Astral Planes and be available to receive what ever insight I might be able to receive when I put myself in that state. My visions and lucid dream abilities have been getting sharpened.

    Any insight on what to do when a Twin is in another dimension? I am still baffled that my spiritual development still seems to grow deeper when this other guy (who I thought was Twin) enters my dreams, and energy space. Well, sorry I wrote a ton, but I haven’t written on this site in a while and I wanted to share what my process has been thus far. Thank you for all that you do

  4. Janique,
    i want to ask you, did you feel form this man your false TF any good energy or that he encourage something good i you, to be i better person, or just comfort and warm feeling inside of you?! I ask you that beacuse i think that i have met my false TF 4 years ago…i was draged to him, some ?force? was pulling me to him, but from the first time i knew something was wrong…after we split he tourcherd me the whole year, i was so week beside him but in the same time it seems right. I heard about false TF, 2 months ago, i really now a little, but i found some characteristics and i (he) had it all…i couldn`t believe. Now when i met my TF i feel so free, i`m not trapped anymore with that experience and this two experiences are so much alike…they have very similar energy, it`s the same feeling like with my ?false? TF, just now i can breath, i feel alive.

    I don`t know if he was my false TF but since i read that characteristics everything myke sense. I would like to know more about this also.

  5. I never heard about false TF, all I know is that karmatic relationships are very powerful. I guess for the healing process of those two souls involved in this karmatic relationship. I don’t know much, I just read something about it. I suspect my soulmate (husband) had a karmatic relationship with his ex wife.

  6. Janique, I have that TC with friends and family members especially when I see that they are about to do something that in my opinio it is not a good moved. I’m keeping nagging them by TC not to do it. But then, I stop my nagging because I need to stop I can not keep telling somebody what to do, even if I’m worry for them. Example, a classmate told me that he wanted to change his major, in my opinion did not make sense because he is senior already. Then, mentally I was sending to him a message, not to do it. Later, he mentioned to me that he had changed his mind.

  7. I am somewhat confuse by this whole TF love. I know I was led to this site/topic because of the person that believed to be my twin flame. It seems to be so much emotional turmoil involved. I think its mostly on my part because I try to force things. I just don’t know anymore. But somewhere in my heart it still tells me that he is my love of my life. Help please.

  8. James, I don’t know if this will help, but you always have a choice. We all do. You can choose to believe the love that your heart feels or you can choose to doubt. Gabriella may be able to shed some light on this, but I suspect that much of the emotional turmoil that we go through comes from our ego-self, which doubts our heart-knowing. It isn’t that the ego-self is bad, after all, its role has been to protect us as best it can in the 3D world. But, it’s perspective is limited and therefore, faulty. You might say it is working in the dark. It feels like a battle going on between the heart and the head, love and fear, light and dark. Ego is quick to remind us of all those we have loved who didn’t return our love, in order to keep us from potential pain. It is fear-based and cannot co-exist with love, which doesn’t set conditions. I know it isn’t easy, but I happen to think all of us who have recognized our twin flames are here to struggle and overcome the dark. We do this by continuing to choose to love over doubt.

  9. Sidney,
    you put this so well, about the ego. I thought that my ego is my enemy, but then i realized that he is just a scared little child, i have to convince him that he will be alright. He served us well now it`s time for our hearts.

  10. I have really come to see that the whole ego based motivation can really trip me up with the whole twin flame thing. I can easily start having expectations of what that union “should” look like. I read in a fantastic book about soul connections and past life regression experiences (Same Soul, Many Bodies) that we have destiny and free choice. We may be destined to meet up with soul mates, or twin flames, but after that, anyone has free will to make whatever choice they want to make for themselves at that particular moment.

    We are all immortal and we will see each other again, whether later in this lifetime, or when we are in spirit form, or another lifetime. That has helped me so much to let go of this attachment I had to the man I perceived as my twin. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. At this point in my life, that is irrelevant because he is not even in my life. He has made that choice. I have worked through enough of my own emotional attachment to the possible outcomes that never came to be that now I just mourn the friendship. He was a cool guy. I don’t have expectations of us being romantic in any way. Sure the thought crosses my mind, but I can let it go now, as easily as it came in. We met up, my spiritual life skyrocketed.

    I gained motivation from our interaction to start setting some goals for myself and get to work doing service for my community the way my heart desires. Free will was exercised. We are not in each others lives, but I gained so much from the fact that we at least were destined to meet up. We did, and I chose to learn as much as I could from that situation. I extracted as many lessons as I possibly could from that. My life has changed because of the choices I made and with the free will that was exercised on both sides, I still chose to make some lemonade out of lemons. Some parts of our interaction remains a mystery and maybe it will continue to be in this lifetime. Who says I am entitled to all the answers now?

    I know it will be clear to me when it is supposed to, even if it becomes clear when my life is done this time around. My advice is to learn what you can learn from it. What new insight have you been taught to help you become a better you, and therefore give to the community to help uplift and elevate humanity. People run into their twin flames when their souls have chosen to come back and help humanity, first and foremost. It is not intended to be the epitome of romantic love we see in hollywood films. It can be that, but it is certainly not the first reason for the union.

    If we are only focused on the romantic portion blossoming, we may be missing the point. That is what soul mates are for. Those unions provide the expression, and experience of romantic love. Twin flames can provide that for each other and I assume it can be quite powerful between the two but first: those particular souls came back to help humanity. They are a duo expression: Male and Female expression of the same Higher Self providing healing, insight, service, and higher frequency spiritual insight to the community. That can look so many different ways. What has helped me through this interesting soul tie connection with this man was remembering my first responsibility, which I have known since I was a very young kid: How can I give back to my community.

  11. janique,
    this same book and also “only love is real” by Dr.Brian Weiss meant a lot for me too. Helps in understanding our soul journey and answers a lot of our questions too. As you say twin soul love is deep but we should try to focus on other things besides romantic though that is the first attraction. it is difficult but we need to rise above that and try to look for other reasons for having met each other.
    I do love my twin soul too deeply and can sense his love but now the waiting period is more meaningful and pain has become a dull ache. I carry on with my life knowing that he is there with me in every step I take and I talk to him in my mind. whether it is true or fantasy, i do not know, but it gives me comfort and helps me move on.we both are in soulmate relationships with children and i guess we need to honour that.

  12. I would venture to say that the “fantasy” life that you are experiencing is real, but in another dimension. Our imaginations are very closely connected with our creativity and our creativity is what we use to birth new ideas into the tangible world. I have stopped saying “real world” because all of it is real. I have started doing deep meditations and trance state exercises that help me to start seeing visions and get in touch with other dimensions on different frequencies and other realities.

    It is quite possible that me and this man are sharing a life together in a parallel universe. When we made out for the first time, in the tangible world, I literally got visions of us sharing intimately together in a variety of different places; bathrooms, nooks and corners in various settings. They were not memories because that was only our second date. Maybe they are images of what is to come. Maybe they are images of what we shared in a past life. Maybe they were images of what we are sharing in a present parallel universe. I do not know and have no way to find out at the moment, so I rest in the fact that it is not time for me to know. All I know is that I have somatic (body based) and emotional memory of us sharing very deep and passionate love together over a long period of time.

    I know our souls have shared together in multiple lifetimes. This causes me to feel pain, often. Because even though we never shared on that deep level in this present tangible reality, I have deep imprinted memory of us sharing. I try not to run away from the deep intense feelings that are just present. When I run away from them, or deny them, I cause myself more pain. I sit with it, let the emotions and the somatic memory I have of us together heal me. I have been learning to work with my own energy and channel it in my body. Nothing is wasteful. It is a very clear and vivid memory I have of us, yet cannot be used in this present tangible reality.

    So I use it for me. I focus on it. I use the energy, with or without the memory, to soothe me inside. I let my heart fall in love all over again, without the need for it to fall in love with him. I can manifest those emotions all by myself. I feel like I am in love all the time. I use it for the soul mate connection I actually do have right now. I am not in a traditional relationship, because my soul mate connection is my dear friend, but we care for each other on a very very deep level and we are both givers to our community so it totally fits right now. I don’t expect forever. I am thankful for today. But I don’t waste my desire trying to channel my energy towards a source who is not presently in my life and has expressed that he doesn’t not want to me.

    This emotional, and sensual energy can be used to offer so much powerful healing to myself and others, so I use it that way. I channel it upward from my root chakras all the way up and once it has flowed through and cleansed my body, whatever is left, I focus and intentionally meditate on sending the energy out to others. Lover energy, which includes sexual energy, is very powerful and can be very healing when used in a very pure way.

    Every moment is important. Every emotion experienced can be used. It doesn’t have to feel like torture when I remove the expectation of who it is “supposed” to be continuously coming from. It can continuously flow through me.

    Here is the website where you can listen to Only Love is Real by Dr. Brain Weiss. I stumbled upon it. It is totally worth listening to. I love to listen to books on audio. This cannot be downloaded though. At least, not through this particular site.

  13. I read the books of Dr. Brian Weiss long before I met my TF and long before I knew the concept of TF. Now, I believe it was my preparation to meet him (my TF) I agree with both of you wrote. For me, meeting my TF has been a awaking. Yes I feel that romantic love for my TF, but at the same time I feel love for people around me, for the nature (plants animals), having him in my mind has manified the beauty of everything around me.

  14. Ashley,

    I don’t know the creator/owner of that artwork but if you happen to find out, please do let me know as I like to credit the artists as I know of them. Thank you!