Dreaming with Your Twin and Your Body Responding in “Real” Life

Q. I had a strange thing happen a couple weeks ago that I was hoping you could shed light on. I had a dream that I was with my twinflame and he kissed me on the neck. Later I was telling the story to my two daughters and one shouted “what is wrong with your neck?!” A mark appeared in the spot that I had dreamed about and it felt very warm! I know it sounds strange but it really happened. What do you think?

A. The connection you have with your twin flame goes way beyond the mind’s capacity to understand it and the love that you share goes way beyond your physical body. What is considered impossible needs to be thrown out the window, figuratively and literally. Feeling a warmth when your eyes are open, like you are being touched or kissed, is a common thing. You can experience, you can love, you can share beyond your body…so if you are dreaming with your eyes closed, that you are with your twin flame, that you are loving with your twin flame, your physical waking body and experience can absolutely mirror such, the marks, the feelings, and more.

There truly is no limit to what you can experience…the only limitations really are in the mind, and once you open your mind as you move deeper into the heart, then anything is possible, which is not able to be explained from the perspective of the mind. Perhaps to some, what you shared may be strange, but in actuality, it is not strange at all, only if you think it is, for “strange” and what is “impossible” are merely perceptions.

4 Comments on “Dreaming with Your Twin and Your Body Responding in “Real” Life

  1. I totally agree!!! I love this, sister Gabriella! Anything is possible (we are the Lights) and we together, in this physical realm can move mountains by faith!

  2. is it possible to download temple of balance i live in panama, shipping and customs is a little expensive. thank u. kt

  3. I totally agree as well. In fact just last night (as in every night) we make love soulfully, energetically, spiritually like this. And it is a totally different form of making love than earthly. Its beyond description really. Very tantric. You mirror my heart dearest sister Gabriella. Thank you for such. You are truly a beautiful blessing. ~Nenari

  4. I have had similar things happen while dreaming. One time my hands were cold and I dreamed that my TF and I stood with our palms raised, facing each other and pressed together. Our foreheads were also lightly touching and there was a warmth that passed between us. When I woke up my hands were nice and toasty. I find that these sorts of dreams have a very real quality, partly because the physical sensations carry over into waking time. Also, I think these seem more “real” because in the dream the communication (physical,emotional,spiritual) is more direct. I’m not even sure the word “dream” is correct for when these things happen. Yes, I am asleep, but there is a different quality from ordinary dreaming. Anyone else find that some dreams with TF are incredibly vivid, sometimes more than waking experiences?

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