How to Know if Your Twin Flame is Incarnated and More

Q. How does one know if their Twin Soul has reincarnated and is alive in flesh and blood? Plus, how will I know for sure so I do not become so enamored with naive blindness thinking some guy is my Soul Twin but he is not? Is there anything more you can tell me to help me further my journey towards reunification with my beloved?

A. The first step in knowing if your twin is incarnated and alive in physical form is to open up to this answer, commit in your heart to this type of deep, unconditional divine love, and then let go. Be in the present moment and allow yourself the various opportunities to enjoy the moment right now, bringing what you are passionate about, what you enjoy into the time in front of you right now. You will receive the answer in the perfect time. Being in the flow and letting it bring you to the next moment is so much a part of the twin flame journey for we don’t receive information unless it is time for us to do something about it. The fact that you are aware of the twin flame means that this is something that your soul chose to experience in this lifetime and all of the details regarding your twin flame as well as your individual life mission and the joint mission you have intended to take on with your twin flame will all be revealed when you are ready.

You will know when you meet your twin flame…for it will be a deep inner soul recognition that goes beyond the mind wanting to share love in a romantic relationship…it will be felt in your heart, and it will be so deep, that you will find yourself always wanting to extend such unconditional love to this person who is your twin flame. Let your heart and the universe guide you…you can already start tapping into the energy of your twin as you tune into your own more and more.

What is truly needed on the path of reunion with your beloved is to allow yourself to be in the love vibration in all areas of your life, to find what you are passionate about and bring that forward into your life experience. Bring the love within you out in the world as you feel guided…you connecting with yourself and your path will naturally lead you to your beloved. There may be soul mates that are part of the journey leading you into the arms of your twin flame, as these deep relationships help to prepare us in being ready to receive and be with our twin flame. Don’t close yourself off to such connections in the space of “waiting” for your twin flame, let your heart guide you into what is best in each moment. Equally, don’t bring yourself into a relationship with another if your heart is not guiding you into this. Feel, act and respond from your heart in all ways in all areas of your life and your relationships with others. Open up and allow the information to come, for it will.

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  1. How can you exactly feel it? What if lets say you met your twin online and then start chatting. But then he becames cold to you, like being mean and teases you and stuff like that, would your twin do that?