Connection Always Present with Your Twin Flame

On Twitter someone posted “Reading articles on twin flames again. Do they really exist or just another reason to be obsessed about another person?”

My response: “Yes they really do exist…feel it within your heart and you will know the energy of yours dwelling there…the love so strong. It’s not an obsession when you recognize this essence inside you and then in the physical but rather a connection ever present.”

5 Comments on “Connection Always Present with Your Twin Flame

  1. I was having dreams of this mystery man for years and when I would wake up from the dreams I felt so much intense love for this man and wanted to find him but didn’t know who or where he was. Ever since Heath passed and came to me in spirit the dreams have stopped. The connection was there all along in this life and I never knew who he was until he passed. So yes, the connection is definitely always there. The dreams were of Heath.

  2. I am not convinced that a twin flame exist. How could it possibly be when we are our own person? We exist without this so called twin flame. Do not bother looking for that missing piece. it does not exist.

  3. Theresa-Certainly you are your own person with free will and the choice is yours to believe or not believe. I find your question “how could it possibly be…?” curious. Many things exist that are paired and complementary, from male and female organisms to subatomic particles that carry opposite charges. So, you are not really asking whether or not it is possible for a twin flame to exist, as so many things observed and unobserved do exist. Rather, you are saying that you have no first hand knowledge of a twin flame, therefore dismiss the possibility. Again, that is your choice. As for “looking for that missing piece”, I think you will find that those of us recognizing our TF’s did not actively go looking. Instead, we are led on a process of discovery through unusual and spiritual experiences.