Twin Flames: The Physical Connection Spurs the Spiritual Awakening and Vice Versa

Q. The physical connection spurs the spiritual awakening, but is it possible that it will awaken only if the free will is not blocking it, or will it happen anyway?

A. With twin flames, there is a knowing of some sort before physical connection that something is going to happen, even if this is just on the level of feeling. So the spiritual awakening to some level creates the physical connection/attraction and then when the physical connection occurs, there is an even deeper spiritual awakening that happens. This happens regardless of whether the particular soul is choosing fear instead of love. We awaken from the inside and then we have a choice of what to do with that internal awakening on the outside. In other words, we can transition out of relationships around us or move forward in other areas if the awakening nudges us to make such shifts or we can stay in the same places, but we have to live with the feeling of being in a place that is no longer in alignment with our souls. Such awareness and feelings can bring about a dark night of the soul where we must confront our fears in order to move forward in a deeper vibration of love with ourselves and each other.

It is important to note that regardless of whether a soul chooses fear or love, love is always present between the souls of the twin flames. Sometimes, even when there is a deep spiritual awakening prompted by the twin flame awareness and connection, one can choose fear and not move forward to accept such a love and mission. However, I want to also share with you, that as we move further into the Age of Aquarius, twins will be merging together, physically and in all ways because the collective is awakening at such a rapid rate that it will become inevitable. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to be alive at this particular time. Keep the faith and remember that love is always present.

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  1. Hi Amz,

    Keep connected to your heart and what your heart is telling you…hold the vision and the love in your heart for your twin flame. Know that as your physical bodies are not in direct contact, you are still loving, communicating and sharing your energies together, co-creating together and increasing the unconditional love you hold for yourselves as well as each other as you go along. This is the way and the truth of twin flames.

    Be open to this present moment for it is the signs and guidance here right now, as you move forward that will guide you as to knowing whether your soul contract with your twin includes his return to you in the physical. Either way, you are called to deepen your connection with your own passion bringing that more fully into your life, as it enhances the excitement for living and loving for your twin as well, which eventually brings you back together in the deepest vibration of love.

  2. My heart says not to give up. the love is there, he is fighting it for family reasons. Embracing myself and loving more is what I need to do..I think. I feel gutted but know I have to rise, is this part of what happens in twin flame reunions?

  3. I know now after 25 years that I chose out of fear not love despite knowing my other self, my twin flame. But love remained. And we are NOW together, the connection is stronger than ever but we are separated by thousands of miles. But my heart says we will be together physically when the time is correct. It has to be or this would not have happened. I had lessons to learn. Every moment in the now is precious and gilded bright; that is what I try to focus on not the past or what will happen. And I filled with gratitude that my love forgave me and found me again.

  4. If you have met your TF and are no longer in physical communication with them and are not destined to be together, do the symptoms go away? Such as occupying your thoughts 24\7, I feel like I am obsessed. Also, being able to feel their emotions and feelings? If they don’t go away and your not destined to be together, then why do you continue to experience this, this would feel more like a punishment than a blessing?

  5. Hi Gabriella !
    2012 is said to be the time of ascension. does it mean that twinsouls incarnated here will be reunited in the physical now.we are already united spiritually , so , does that mean that this spiritual union is sufficient for planet ascension? If so why physical incarnation together during this time? can you expand on this?true to what is said I became aware of the twin soul concept only in 2011 and after that my spiritual connection with my twin has deepened.what else should we do besides going with the divine flow?

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