Honor the Wholeness of Each Experience

Q. When your twin flame has been possessed by some unwholesome energy, how do you help your twin in dissipating this energy so they can have a clearer connection to you?

A. The first thing I would recommend is to not see this energy as “bad” and something to be got rid of, because all experiences, all emotions serve their purpose…as it is THROUGH the experience that we release illusion and come to know the truth. We have separated what we consider “dark” and “light” for many years now, yet when we come to see that they are both one, as they both serve to bring us deeper into the oneness that we are, encompassing it all, the more we honor all experiences as opportunities to remember, to learn, to help share with others…but what can you do as you are witnessing your twin going through an experience (which more than likely you are also feeling)? I would suggest for you to follow your guidance in each moment, for I have a feeling that you are already getting some nudges on what to do or not do…as you know that you are connected and already one, then what you do ABSOLUTELY benefits your twin. The more that you can focus on “positive” vibes and energy, bringing these into your experience more deeply, the more you send this to your twin flame…sometimes, it may take you to open to your love that you are, and that you are as one with each other, bringing it forward in expression with compassion, which opens the pathway to a clearer connection. Sometimes, what you consider not to be a “clear” connection may be your perceptions around the experience he is having…if you perceive something as not good or desire it to be a different way, there is already resistance there, and this can block the connection that is always present.

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  1. Dear Gabriella, it seems that everybody is on vacation, Thanks for all the spiritual support you and everybody have giving me here in your site. I have been learned so much about TFs connection. I’m in peace right now enjoying the spiritual-telephaty connection with my TF. Happy New Year to you and everybody who writes on and read your site,
    Waves of love to you and everybody.

  2. Happy New Year to all and love and light and angels to guide you through the New Year!

    Dear Joana, you wrote at the perfect time! ;-)How beautiful !

    Yes, I am on vacation, too, but just had to write some New Year wishes here to everybody ! 🙂

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  3. Dearest Gabriella,
    Happy New Year to you and to all here. It’s has been a year of great expectations and we feel lighter after having crossed it. After my beautiful encounter with my TF on 21 st Dec 2012, I have been feeling v happy. Again I met him on 31 st at a common function. We communicated but without words!!! Again it was a brief encounter. But nowadays I realise that all these have been planned by us and I can only go with the flow and keep my faith and trust in it all. Our souls have planned all these experiences and we still seem to be waiting for divine timing.
    I had a dream two days back. I saw all around me freshly ploughed red soil ,very fertile and lots of freshly grown , vegetables so lush and I express my surprise and happiness on seeing such fertility all around me. It was a vivid dream and I also saw a huge house that was mine located on top of a hill with a beautiful view of all the natural surroundings around. I have never had such a vivid dream.
    I feel a greater calm now as if my job is done and my love for my TF only keeps growing deeper and deeper. Yesterday I saw a movie and the words ” ITS TIME ” were mentioned twice and resonated deeply with me.
    As usual Your blog is a beautiful forum for all of us and my gratitude to you. Love to you all.

  4. Wow! Dear Delphina, it you did not tell me about it, I even did not notice…I tell you, this number is following around. Last night I when to sleep unable to wait for this New Year because I was really tire, then the clock was at 11:01

    Waves of love to you and everybody. Happy New Year and o:) angel smiley to us.

  5. Has anyone else had the experience of dating while waiting for a twin to return? The universe has brought me a very kind and attractive companion, and I’m finding it challenging to be physically affectionate toward this man — even though I’m quite fond of him — as I know that my twin and I will soon be in reunion. I can feel that this is an unnatural resistance but at the same time I just don’t feel that same level of passion I have toward my twin and so it’s uncomfortable for me. Any advice, insights? Thank you to those of you who understand this incredibly beautiful-but-painful twin-flame experience!!!

  6. many angel smiles O:-) to you, dear Joana ! I know that number is always around …. guess which number keeps coming to me … LOL … ever since you told your story!

    Love and light to you and everybody

  7. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    How beautiful it is that you had brief but powerful encounters with your twin flame on the two nights that were significant energetic gateways of living and being in union! As you have connected and feel that it is so, then it is so, that you have planned your meeting times, places and all…there is such a peace and a whole new perspective (or more than one) which comes as a result of seeing the whole of the puzzle that is your specific path leading to the remembering and experiencing of your deep love as each step continuously strengthens the love within and without!

    What a powerful dream you’ve had…as I’m sure that your inner guidance has given you some insight and messages from it to take with you…when I first read what you dreamed, what came was the home on the top of the hill, overlooking all of the natural surroundings ~ the home from within as it is created without has not only taken shape for you, but is fully created, with a strong foundation, and placed in a spot that connects you with all that is natural…all that exists within nature has its own time to ripen, to blossom, and to grow from the planted seeds into creations that reach out to all that is a part of it. Not surprising that you saw a movie with the message, “It’s time…”as I have a feeling that this message has a lot of layers for you to unravel, to remember, to reveal…and in this way, you will know exactly what you are being given ~ when something is fertile, it is ready to bring forth ~ life, love, creation, etc… All the lushness, nature, the various vegetables, the connection between it all has me thinking of and envisioning Hawaii, where I am right now. Such an abundance of nature…such abundance everywhere. Ah yes, and this house on the hill, being raised up, may represent your “higher” vision of the connection of all things, as you are overlooking the abundance everywhere, and also are connected to it. Perhaps also showing you how far you have come along this journey…be you to full!!!

    Deeper and deeper the love always, all ways, grows…this is the eternal love and truth of twin flames. You are so welcome for this place to share…thank you for feeling comfortable to express your journey with all here. Sending waves of love to you…and always, all ways, to everyone that is and will be joining here.

  8. Anna,

    Yes I have had such an experience of loving in the time between reunion in all ways with my twin flame…I encourage you to look at this as not “waiting” for your twin to return, but rather as deepening the love between the both of you and all that is. As you deepen this love by sharing also with another (if you are guided), you deepen it between you and your twin flame and for all that is. When you become aware of who your twin flame is and remember yourself into the experience of the intensity and depth of love that is always, all ways, flowing between you, it cannot be “easy” to open your heart and all of you to another person. Yet many twin flames have chosen this, to include a soul mate, to expand the perceptions, emotions, and experience of love…as it is all inclusive and not exclusive…love wants to love and to grow upon itself, including everyone with it as it goes. I can say that such an experience, of loving with a soul mate, while also having and holding this eternal deep love with your twin flame does have its ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride, of emotions…when all of your being desires to give and receive all of yourself with your one true counterpart, your twin flame…yet sharing with a soul mate offers you many opportunities to enjoy each moment as one merges with the next, joining together in sweet harmony…bringing you deeper and deeper into the limitless, neverending wellspring of love within you and surrounding you without. Note: Don’t get frustrated with yourself when you feel happy and then sad the next…just ride the waves, knowing that what you are doing is breaking down the limitations and illusions of love that you may have followed previously. There can be layers and layers…have trust and faith as you walk your journey, and do know that you have a support system here. Lots and lots of love to you!

  9. Dearest Gabriella,
    Wow, thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement. It is so good to share with you. I find greater meanings to all these happenings when I share them with you. As you say we are able to see the bigger portion of the puzzle now. Just waiting for the remaining pieces to fall into place. As you said we just have to feel our way through. My TF and I still connect only thro feelings and on 21st, our connection was very strong and there was a difference, though he did not mention anything to me in actual words.
    Oh Gabriella, this journey is beautiful, full of ups and downs and all the signs and places like yours keep us going with trust and faith. As you mentioned to Anna, love deepens every day, even when we are with our soulmate. However, my only concern is , if we are hurting our soulmate by being like this. Love to you all.

  10. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    It is a concern that many of us have or have had…and perhaps even if we’ve recognized and acknowledged it, it can come up within our psyche again, for as we move forward along this path of self love and love for all, we deeply care for others as ourselves, as we know we are all connected. However, the other thing to remember is that pain ~ to feel pain is a choice ~ and most often than not, it comes from a place of separation ~ in the instance of a soul mate feeling pain, it would be because he/she is not seeing the love that twin flames feel/have as including them. The pain comes from a misperception that the twin flame love/connection takes away from their love…and as I’ve mentioned before, true love is all inclusive…it is only the patterns of separation that would create the perception that it is not. Also, pain in a relationship can be created from the false belief and uncertainty that love can remain or that love can be lost…but the truth is that love is what we are, therefore we are never separate from love, even when we are not in a physical relationship with another (soul mate or twin flame). Yet, this is one of the very popular beliefs streaming through society…and it is one that needs to be released so that true love can be fully remembered and experienced. The important things I believe when sharing love with a soul mate and increasing the love between your twin flame and yourself (as well as for all of you at the same time) is: honesty, communication, moving through the illusions and limitations of what love is (riding the waves of the uncomfortable emotions) as you focus on love in each moment, to be present in each moment, knowing that all moments are connected to right now . Be the love that you are and allow yourself to receive the same love back upon yourself. Your soul mate can choose to feel pain, yet through all of the above, and following your own inner guidance in each moment, you can bring the love through and move you both past the “pain” into the comfort of unconditional, eternal, true love that embraces all. Love, love and more love, always.

  11. Dearest Gabriella,

    your words are so beautiful and very helpful ! Yes, the soulmate question … we all have it at times I guess … thank you for your very beautiful answer and also for saying that we just have to ride the waves …. I have been riding a big big wave since the New Year …. and all of this in the middle of the holidays … *sigh* … but the angels have been with me …. hundred thousand angels in fact *smile* … in angel form and in the form of friends and a dearest soul sister being with me and holding my hand … and I am so grateful for this.
    There is a beautiful song a friend sent me and I would like to share it:

    May the angels be with you and all of us … always <3

  12. Dearest Delphina!

    I am so happy that my words resonated and comforted you, embraced you within the love there. I have heard this beautiful song by Bliss. I have one of their albums…their sound and energy is heavenly, for sure! You are surrounded by angels as we all are…and the constant reminders within and around are just divine, truly. I am ever grateful for your presence here in the space I have created so that we all sense the constant connection and love from home, deeply feeling and knowing that we have never ever left…as we bring that home within us around us, as family. Lots and lots of love to you dear sister of love and light…as that love extends out to everyone here! <3 <3 <3

  13. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you for your lovely reply. It is a balm to my heart. I do hope my soulmate and I will be able to come to such a high level of understanding. However my trust and faith in this journey keeps me going and I am sure God and the Universe will create the pathway for all of us . Waves of love to you all.

  14. Dear Sleeping Beauty, keep faith!

    Walk by faith and not by sight! The miracle you are asking the universe for will come to pass. All will understand and feel all the love.

    I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know that it will come to pass. It is just the way life and love and God is. This wants to happen and it will.

    We have to keep the faith and trust and the more we are able to see the blessings of God and the angels all around us and in our lives, the easier this journey will be for us. And it is places like this that help us all keep the faith and walk by it.

    Waves of blessings to you and everybody

  15. My dearest Gabriella, my dear sister of love and light <3,

    how beautiful are your words and your love you are sending me! See me smile and feel my warm hugs! Thank you so much, dearest, for everything! 🙂
    I am also ever grateful for knowing you, for being here in this sacred beautiful place, for the angels who have arranged all of this so wonderfully and for us all connecting and supporting each other on this truly sacred journey.

    Yes, let us all remind each other of the love of home and the place we have in fact never ever left. One of the most beautiful thoughts for me ~ there are so many beautiful thoughts of course ! 😉 … but just one of them is this: that you are often saying to us is that it is all about remembering … remembering that we are love, that we are in love, and that love surrounds us and is flowing through us in every moment. Remembering our twinflame. Remembering our mission to bring love to the world. It is so much about remembering. I love this very much! Because it means that we already know … each of us knows on a deep level all … all about love … all about why they are here … and we only need to remember … *sweet smiles*

    feel all the love and light I am sending you from the bottom of my heart, dearest Gabriella <3 <3 <3

    and lots of love and light to all and their twinflames <3 <3 <3

  16. Dear Delphina,
    Wow! Thank you ! Yours words seem to come straight from God and the Universe. I feel so encouraged by them. All of you Us here are so connected and I am sure all our joint thoughts will make things manifest for us. Thank you and sending you and sending you waves of love.

  17. Dear Sleeping Beauty,

    thank you so much for your love and beautiful words you are saying. I am sending you so much love and light, dearest.
    Your thoughts have also been making me think …. and I would like to say how it feels for me, but I am going to Gabriella’s post about the miracles to say how I feel with what we are doing and creating here.

    Waves of love to you and everybody