In Your Eyes ~ Your Mind ~ Your Heart ~ Your Soul Too

in your eyesI remember being connected to the essence of my wholeness within another presence since as far back as my memory can go, knowing one day I would meet and remember this other. I could feel him, I knew him beyond the mind’s comprehension of knowing, and I knew our unified energy field we held with one another. Yet nothing could prepare me for the day when I became consciously aware, in physical form ~ the dreams started, hearing his voice within me began ~ feeling as though I was physically with him increased, and intensified, to say the least. No words could quite capture the experience or ever do it justice, yet I have felt so strongly connected, beyond any physical expression actualized in my experience thus far. Amazing, impossible some might say, completely crazy, others would whisper. Nah, it’s just one soul living in two human vessels, connected so intimately, infinitely flowing with one another, growing together.

This movie so beautifully encompasses what this experience can be like. Every journey is unique to the individual and joined soul intention of both people, so that the steps, the experiences, the soul pathway towards union may play out differently. Yet everyone that has had such a profound awakening into their oneness knows and would express that the connection cannot be erased, for it is traced so intricately within the fabric of their being, and that it magnetizes them together, beyond all circumstances. Nothing can bar this love from blooming, blossoming, beckoning, becoming…

…oh if you know what I am talking about to this point, watch this movie. Even if you don’t know what I mean, watch this movie. It’s a great experience. It is love introduced like produce, organically, naturally, intimately, perfectly…


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