Never Underestimate the Messages Streaming Through in Dreams

528I awoke this morning at 5:28am with a memory of dreaming of an address that was 528 something… and right when I opened my eyes, I recalled the address, but before I wrote it down, the address went away and I was left with 528. And so upon research the meaning of the number, I became aware of 528hz, or rather re-introduced to it, and so today, I shall be listening to this frequency. Never underestimate your power to receive messages within dreams and other means. Waking up at the same time was an additional extension of the significance of the number 🙂 Enjoy, explore and let me know if you find another link or video with this frequency that has provided some peace for you.

You can do a search on the number to read more ~ here is one of the links I came across ~ 528HZ

2 Comments on “Never Underestimate the Messages Streaming Through in Dreams

  1. I love the beauty of communication between my beloved and I. I was sitting at my desk working and a song just started going through my mind. The song was Miss You by the Rolling Stones. I had to look it up because I kept humming the melody and knew it was a song by the Rolling Stones but didn’t remember the title. But I found it online. I went and read the lyrics and I had to smile. It gives my heart such profound joy and peace.

  2. Durinda,

    Such a sweet, beautiful and intimate expression of love from the Beloved! How beautiful a reminder to experience this connection and special communication, knowing how we are never separated or disconnected. This is the bliss, to experience this! Thank you for sharing. I love when those songs and layers of messages come streaming in, the immensity of peace and joy they bring.