Upside Down ~ The Fusion of Two Twin Worlds Separated

upside downThis movie brings the concepts of twin souls to the forefront, yearning to unite, magnetized to each other, stopping at nothing to come together in their love. It starts with them encountering each other, recognizing that they are polar opposites, yet are attracted to one another, and flow in perfection together. They have to get past any perceptions, any limitations that block them from being with one another, and interacting with each other. The forces of the world seem to come in between their love… and forgetfulness comes in, as Eden hits her head, creating a seemingly lack of memory for her past, and in particular, her connection to Adam. It is interesting to note the significance and relevance of the names of both of these lovers, main characters, as Adam and Eden 🙂 the first man and woman on Earth (Adam and Eve) in the Garden of EDEN, according to the Christian Bible, and where the original theme of separation is introduced. Right on cue, this storyline follows such a theme ~ as both Adam and Eden are literally thrown out of Eden, and the remembrance of their love, physically separated from each other.

Years go by and eventually Adam encounters Eden, though he thought she didn’t survive the physical accident which occurred years back. He goes on a quest to connect with her, even though it is forbidden for the Upper World and the Lower World to interact with each other. He disregards the “rules,” and follows his heart and magnetism to be within Eden’s physical presence, convinced that she will remember him, yet he didn’t know she hit her head and has amnesia. They do meet and he attempts to get her to remember. She cannot deny they have a connection but she doesn’t have any memories of who he is to her or of their times spent together in the past. What a journey it becomes, quite perfectly symbolizing the infinity symbol, they connect and separate physically, and again, connect and separate physically.

One of the reasons in which twin flames choose to incarnate is to break UP the perceptions of separation, to build DOWN and create the truth of unending, divine union, so that love can be experienced within its purest essence. That purity places all things within unity, making void all that can come in the way of remembering this. Rules that bring about separation, limitation, exception, cannot survive when the intention of love is to thrive.

There are other messages weaved throughout the story ~ how it is important for them to let go. It is as if they both take turns letting go of the other, and having to surrender to what IS in the moment, while holding onto their love, for it is impossible to extinguish. Often they go return back home as well ~ there is a balancing of him going to her world, and then her going to his world. Eventually they end up coming together, and their love transforms the world by merging both the Upper and the Lower so that they are able to all live together, in harmony, therefore wiping out the rules of separation, as they fully live in union. And here we have another intention of twin souls in emerging as one and merging as one together ~ to unform the foundations of formations within the world to transform the experience of the soul’s journey in form. You are informed 😉

Thinking about the opposing forces within concepts and language is something prevalent herein as well ~ Falling UP and Rising Down ~ and how such perceptions can create a union of things not commonly placed in union. Hence, the term, “opposites attract.” Taking it a step further, one can realize that “opposites” are actually “complements,” and that the attraction is the recognition of this knowing. In this film, you witness the separation with wealth and poorer conditions, with dark and light, hot and cold… the imagery within is done exceptionally to reveal much of these concepts in formation, and then the union of it all at the end is shown in such a splendid way.

For this to happen, they awakened to their love, released any limitations or rules that attempted to come in between their expression of love, remembered who they are to each other, and were willing to do whatever it took, never giving up the connection and trust in their love to see them through. How appropriate that she was pregnant with twins, as is revealed in the end 🙂 Literally ~ the expression of “Upside Down” is revealing a world of separation, but it is also showing the dance of balance between polarities, and how together, they create a fusion of their complements ~ the “Upside” and the “Downside” creating a world that is both Upside and Down, flowing and growing together, knowing that their pieces fused creates the masterpiece.

What if Love is Stronger than Gravity”

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  1. knowing that their pieces fused creates the masterpiece …. and not to forget MasterPeace! Amen.