If Only ~ You Had a Second Chance to Love, Would you Take It?

Last night, I watched the movie “If Only” with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I must say, that it profoundly brought me into the depth of my personal journey, all of the steps and everything that has happened to bring me to exactly where I am right now. Who I am in my core essence, and where I am right now as I’m typing this to you. I would be lying if I were to say that it has been smooth sailing. The past year of 2012 has brought with it so many bitter and sweet moments. My sweet dog Shila was put down, my uncle went through a harsh and hard liver transplant surgery and recovery, my mother went through a divorce, and the biggest, still emotional thing for me was my father’s passing at such a young age. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of him not being physically present in the future unfoldings for many of the biggest moments of my life… yet I am blessed with feeling him here in my heart.

At the end of this movie, which ends completely unexpectedly!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying anything else in case you decide to watch it. It totally opened up the waterways in my eyes and out poured an abundance of tears. What I felt was the profound complete journey of each step that I have taken thus far, and all that I feel unfolding on the rest of this journey (though mind you, I don’t know all of what is to come ~ what would life be like if we knew everything? 😉 ). I was in such a humble, open space full of the deepest gratitude for the journey to experiencing divine, sacred love and its infinite capacity to connect beyond form. I have had many dreams with my father since he passed in addition to feeling him beyond our bodies. I have had the same experience with my Beloved, whom I shall be able to embrace physically soon, not without tears, I’m sure of that. It feels as though my journey has been one of knowing the sweetness of divine love so deep within my core pieces of my being, and holding to this throughout everything I’ve experienced as I watch all that I have been given from within ~ the visions, the emotions, the intuition ~ unfold in my life as I know it anew THROUGH the experience and witnessing of it. I am blessed, truly blessed. All of you are blessed too.

Laughing closenessMay you allow yourself to review, to view your whole journey of life up to this point, feel the love that has grown in you, that you are sharing with others. You can choose again right now, to feel this love more profoundly flowing through you, to balance that vibration of love as you give it to others you encounter, and allow it to come back upon you. Look right into the moments that have seemed harsh or bitter to you and see what you have been given through the experience. Where do you see the love given and received? I love you so very much and wish that you continue to see the love around you and to cherish the love in your life.

Much love for a blessed rest of your weekend,
~Gabriella Hartwell

P.S. Sometimes when I do look back upon the steps along my journey, I am in amazement for my unwavering trust and faith in the inevitable reunion of love’s embrace. I am blessed to have been given this undying, everlasting, and infinitely growing depth of love inside of me. I have always held true to it, never faltered, nor altered the love that is my unique vibration. This is the blessing.

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  1. Gabriella,

    Timing once again is everything. I resonate so deeply to what you have written. This journey has not been “easy”, even before I came into physical contact with my TF. Delving deeper into who I am, answering my soul’s call to truly begin to become aware of who I am. Looking back on this truly amazing journey I now so deeply understand when it is said it is not just about the destination, but also the journey. Bearing witness to those around me blossoming into who they are. I sometimes can’t contain the joy as I see them become aware of their magnificence. My latest guidance of “listen to the knowing of your heart” has helped me stay strong when I have to admit I almost faltered. But my heart would not and will not allow me to give up. So thank you Gabriella for sharing and helping us see more clearly the many blessings that indeed have been bestowed upon us.

    With so much love,

  2. Durinda,

    You are so very welcome. “Listen to the knowing of your heart” is a powerful message, one to always remember and reconnect to. It is such a pleasure to feel your presence again. I thank you for sharing it! An abundance of love to you always.

  3. Dearest Gabriella,
    It has been a long time since I contacted you. I have been following your blog though but I was feeling only like an observer. Now something has come up and I want to share it. About a year back I found out that my soulmate ( husband) was texting to another female who was a close friend of mine. After I confronted them both, he agreed not to continue. But suddenly a few days back it stared again and they were going to further extremes. My children also came to know about it and were very shocked and disappointed. We had a serious discussion and now my soulmate says he will keep away and that other woman’s husband is also aware . As regards me I do not know what to feel. I was shocked but not pained cos I am aware of my TF and I love him very much and my soulmate has been only my companion for all these years . Further I have kept away from him physically since I became close with my TF. Is this all part of a grander plan? I feel relief on one side that my soulmate can no longer claim that I am hurting him. However I have since asked him to go for spiritual guidance and we have been going to such a centre for the past few days with my children. I do not know where this will lead and what is the purpose of this all and how I should take it. Gabriella what can you understand from this…love to you all.!!!

  4. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Quite nice to hear from you! I understand about feeling like an observer on the blog for I’ve felt this myself…seems like a lot of that energy going around ~ observing things around us, our relationships, situations, what we feel, think, believe within and witnessing what we are creating without, shifting it as we feel guided. Honestly, in this situation, you would need to feel into what feels right for you… what resonates with you from deep within you… how you feel about what has transpired, and what you are to receive within it, as well as to give because of it. But from my own personal experience I can say, that many times, the wheels can be turned, so to speak, to give you a different perspective and wholeness to the love that you are. I remember you expressing that you were sharing, opening and feeling the love/connection with your Beloved, that you shared this with your soul mate, and that there was shifting going on within your relationship and your heart as a result. I understand this as I have felt it with my soul mate as well as the closeness between my twin flame had intensified, has and still is increasing.

    Remember that I said that all love is shared with all, as the twin flame one heart unifies it all together and doesn’t see the separation, which our human minds can focus upon. You have come to a place where you were comfortable with the closeness building between your twin flame and yourself… going back to the turning the wheels to see the other perspective… do you feel comfortable with your soul mate opening to and within a closeness with another? If not, why? Often times, we can be okay with one side and not the other… but if love is balanced, then it sees the wholeness, sees both sides and not just one. Are you feeling that this is a personal thing against you, and if so, why? For love is all inclusive and does not separate. Would you want your soulmate to stop you from opening to the love present between your twin flame and yourself? If he were the one who knew of his twin flame, would you deny him the expression of that connection? These are questions to feel into… allow the time to feel into them, without thinking but immersing yourself within them. Remember, there are no wrong answers… just what feels right for you in your heart. This is YOUR journey. Things always happen for a reason or more than one reason… things are always flowing in perfection. Only you can determine what those are and why this is happening now, again… only you can know this… as you allow it to continue to unfold. Focus on the love that is present on both sides… and let the love guide you, not the fear. Remember there is no separation, always there is union. Is there a grand plan playing out? Well, there always is. Our lives and the interconnections between the souls that we love are always playing within our intended co-creation, and each step brings the clarity to the wholeness of it all. Love to you, your soul mate, your children and everyone else involved!

  5. Dear Sleeping Beauty:
    My husband was in contact with his ex wife by phone for years, (they sent to each other birthday cards, gifts, etc, too) and I did not know anything until later, in those days I felt hurt, but after meeting my TF all that disappointment disappear. I said, disappointment I really felt hurt because I though he was my best friend and he kept this matter behind my back. So, sad she passed away, and he cried so much for her. Since, I met my TF, I also can not be with him anymore, so we are living together just like friends. I only have the feelings that this brother-sister relationship will not last longer, I’m looking for a property to a place, he will not like to move, and he has plans to go back to his hometown, and it is a place I don’t have plans to move either. So, God will let us know our ways. My son is a mature soul, many times amazing me his maturity. So, I think him will be fine if us will decide to separate.
    Blessings to everybody

  6. Dearest Gabriella,
    It is so good to hear your guidance. I do not know where this will lead . But I do feel scared that any major disruption to the family might come about. I cannot blame my soulmate nor can I expect him to be celibate all his life. Maybe I do not have the courage to let him go,…..children, security, society, so many things hold us… As of now I have decided only if God should decide to take me further on the TF journey, then it will happen. For the past five months my TF have been in touch v briefly and infrequently. Now I feel I should not contact him. I feel quite lonely and lost and I know that it is my journey and no one is responsible. I am so grateful for your forum where I can express myself and so deeply grateful to you for your continuous guidance. So much love to you and all here.

  7. Dear Joanna,
    Thank you for sharing with me . Your words give me solace but I am scared to disrupt my family as of now. My children are in their teens and need to be in a supportive family . At this age many strong impressions are formed and I do not want this to affect their adult life and relationships. I hope to maintain a status quo with my soulmate. He has been good to me in many ways. I have a feeling that only because of my decision to keep away from him physically, he has drifted away like this to another woman. So I have to accept it I guess. I have been intimate with my TF too. Now I leave it to the Universe to take us all in this journey for the highest good of all. I have no clue what to do, just be in the flow. Love to you. Best wishes on your journey too. God will lead us and Angels like Gabriella will guide us. Love.

  8. Dear Sleeping Beauty: I understand all of this. Our son is a teenager too, and he is starting noticing weird things. HIS dad never go with us on vacation, so he is starting to ask why? And I guess he also notices that we sleep in different rooms. Finally, maybe our son will find out that we are still together only for him. I’m beginning to fell guilty too, he will have this image of marriage. I don’t want to give to him this image. ALSO, I think that keeping my husband in this situation is not right, one day he told me that he can not be romantic with me, many times I think that he can find somebody which he can be romantic. I also let this situation to God and the angels, and I’m taking some steps for my future.
    Blessings for you and to everybody

  9. Here is the duplicate answer from the other post for I feel the comment thread needs it here.

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I am glad you found comfort from this post. Love does not have expectations. Love desires to love, reflect itself back to another, and receive that reflection in deeper waves of love back, adding upon it and balancing it within, to then give again. You can be the love with yourself, with your soul mate, and your children. This love comes from within you and is not dependent on anyone or any circumstance outside of you. It is also not dependent on what you receive from your soul mate or what you don’t receive… your love wants to be love and receive it back. If you are feeling something other than this, it is not the pure vibration of love and there is something there blocking it. Rumi has a beautiful quote that I love, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” This does require taking a look at all of what you have believed, what you have felt, the actions you have taken to see if they are still in alignment or is something there that is blocking your full expression of the unique vibration of love you are. This is not necessarily an “easy” task for it can encourage you to break away from thoughts, emotions, patterns you may have been attached to… to move into the expansion and liberation of surrendering it all to right here and now, to what is happening now, what you feel now, and what your heart is guiding you to. Understand that if your heart is guiding you into something, even if there is fear, it is guiding you for a reason, or more than one reason. Your heart would NEVER steer you wrong.

    I know that this is a delicate situation, when it comes to marriage or intimacy, for everyone truly needs to follow their own way… and in relationships, every single one of us, is in the relationships and sharing with the people that have come along our path because our souls have intended it, so no one can say knowingly that one situation is not good for another, but only the souls themselves know. then again, from the soul perspective, all experiences are for growth and expansion, therefore nothing is viewed as “bad” or “wrong.” I do agree with Joana, in that even if you stay in the marriage for the reasons you feel are right, your children can understand what is going on… and may be learning other things, even if you stayed. Whatever you say, actions do speak loud and the energy within the actions or lack of actions is still felt, even if not clarified. Ask yourself if there is something that you are holding onto because you resonate deeply and agree with it or is it because you are afraid of change and what the change may entail? If you are staying in a relationship for thoughts that are outdated and no longer how you feel, you are living a lie… and I ask you to ponder what would living in your truth feel like and look like? Is it what you are creating? if not, why? Would you live with this? One thing I believe you may want your children to know, to receive, is that they can trust themselves… then you must trust yourself… and after answering these questions above, do you feel you you trusting yourself and knowing that whatever you are receiving from your inner guidance will bring you to where you need to be and also be best for others involved? Remember that nothing on the soul level is “bad,” it is an opportunity to expand and move deeper into the truths of love as well as the expression of and creation in that love. If the souls involved are there with you, their souls have agreed to co-create with you… what you may choose has been understood… and then the layout would happen after the choices are made, offering all of you the growth that you have intended. Just because someone stays together for 30 years doesn’t mean they are happy, and just because a couple separates after one year doesn’t mean that they weren’t happy or that they aren’t happy now. SO much love to you and to everyone in your circle dearest Sleeping Beauty.

  10. Dearest Gabriella,
    So many questions to ponder !!! I did think .. My soulmate is willing to go on like this.does this mean that our souls have contracted to experience this. My TF relationship is also abstract.. I guess I just have to be practical and not shake the boats,so to say. Cos I do not get Anything out of it but insecurity and pain all around. My soulmate says he will not keep in touch with that woman again as her husband is also aware and has put his foot down. She also has two teenage children. I have a deep feeling that all this is again divine orchestration and very much a part of the journey towards TF reunion. Something is happening behind the scenes,I feel and as you say, maybe all the souls involved here know deep down that we are co creating together. I have not contacted my TF to tell him about this. In fact last year, when my soulmate behaved with such indiscretion, I spoke to my TF about this and he said, ‘leave it”. “Let him be. Do not bother and do not worry.” he was quite casual about it. Now I want to talk to him but, I feel , I should wait for him to contact me. As you say, I have to feel deep inside and follow my heart’s guidance. Thank you for your insight and loads of love to you. Sweet Gabriella.

  11. Dear Joanna,
    You are right. Children can sense everything. I have told them that father will be fine and we should move on with lloyd and care. We are all going for a short term seven day spiritual course. This is helping my soulmate and all of handle the situation. The rest is left to God. Love to you.

  12. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Such a true statement… to move on with love and care, holding hands with Lloyd 😉 and the Lord. Everything is always unfolding in divine perfection. Continue to trust that all is moving into place as it should, and recognize when fear comes in so that you can move through it, knowing that all is happening in co-creation with and for you, never against you or anyone else involved. So much love to you, sweet Sleeping Beauty, bunches and bunches of love.

  13. Dearest Sleeping Beauty and Gabriella,
    I love the thoughts both of you are writing here ~ that we are all co-creating together. It shows me more clearly and helps me remember more clearly that not only the two twinflames constantly co-create together but it conveys the idea that ALL of us are co-creating together.
    So maybe we can say that even the soulmates of the twins (in case they are married or in a partnership) co-create the whole situation together with the twinflames …. for *everyone’s* best. It is never against anybody as you say so beautifully, dearest Gabriella, and always FOR the highest best of everybody involved.
    We might not understand how things can work out for good for all, and might only be able to shed light on our own path and see how certain things would be good for us and might wonder whether they are also good for others involved or whether we are only being selfish.
    But if we really feel it in out hearts and if we are sure that it is our sacred path in life, and if we then follow it, I do not believe that this even has the potential to harm any other being. If we follow our true heart’s desires that God himself has put into our hearts and that the angels are supporting us in, then we simply cannot cause any harm to others, no matter how it looks.

    It reminds me of the series TOUCH we talked about and how the boy Jake sometimes causes experiences that look like accidents and unfortunate experiences in the life of someone, and then in the end it ALWAYS turns out that what could have been perceived as “bad” for a person was in truth a blessing in disguise and had a powerful meaning and was needed to “get things right” … and to cause the blessing and relief this person needed so much.

    I truly believe that our job is simply to listen to our own true inner voice of LOVE and LIGHT and follow its guidance. The true inner voice cannot be wrong.

    God can figure it all out, we can’t. And he shows us by putting the true wishes in our hearts that we can feel to be really true and full of LOVE. This is his way of communicating with us.

    What also helps is to let go off all those rules how life has to be like ….. and to move into the space of true LOVE in our hearts and to see what wants to enfold when we listen to our heart’s voices. I think a lot of suffering in this world has been caused and is still caused by this set of rules that are predominant in our lives. Many people come to this moment where they are married and truly love their spouse and also love another man/woman truly. But the rules say: you can only love one. You have to decide which one you want. Take one and kick the other one out of your life and heart. How many films and soaps do all go round and round this topic …. and how much suffering is caused …. in all of those films and also in real life. It may be time to let go of those rules in favour of finding the new rules of LOVE that will guide us all into a new era and world. Who knows what this will mean for our children like your children you are worried about, Sleeping Beauty? Maybe there is an easy way of LOVE that you can find with your soulmate, your children and your twin. How this way might look like? I certainly don’t know. But I feel there might be a way ~ if we let go off all expectations and solely look from the eyes of LOVE and just find a new way, make a new way, live a new life.

    Like in the film “three men and a little baby” from many years ago when this little darling baby was raised by three bachelors and had three fathers … o.k., if life creates this …. why not? This baby was so blessed by this unusual arrangement, and all were happy.

    I believe that if we feel so strongly and so stuck and just so unhappy in a situation and tend to put the blame on us (because we are the ones who have found our twins and should not have fallen in love because we are already married with children), maybe this whole situation is not our fault at all, maybe it is no one’s fault at all, but maybe it is just a task that God has given us, a task that shouts for a NEW way of dealing with things, a new way where ALL will feel loved, where ALL are blessed with love … with one exception: ;-): the rules, they might not feel happy with this 😉 those old rules of how to live a life may have had their entitlement long ago and may have been important and surely also are important so that not everyone just acts selfishly, BUT when we act from the space of TRUE DIVINE LOVE, we can find a new way of living beyond all those rules and regulations and limits we as mankind put upon ourselves …. we have created them, so we can also uncreate them. And I believe that especially twinflame couples have the power to work as pioneers to uncreate those rules. <3 <3 <3

    It is not easy, no one has said that 😉 and we all know about the difficulties, but we are the ones who can feel this PURE DIVINE LOVE and it has GREAT POWER. Never understimate true love's power! Let's use it for good and feel the power that we truly have 🙂

    Love and beautiful angels for all and your twins

  14. Dear Delphina:
    What you just wrote is divine, there are a lot of rules in our societies, but the twin flame love don’t know any limits so I just always sending my deep and unconditional love to my TF even though I don’t know where he is, what he is doing with his life, and I have not been seeing him for months now.

    I watched the movie: ” The adjustment bureau” it is a TF love story.

    Blessings to you and everybody

  15. Thank you, dearest Joana :-D,

    I so much long for the day when we as human beings will be truly HAPPY when our twinflames enter our lives, the day when we stop experiencing so much trouble because of this love that simply does not fit into our lives today ~ but I think it only does not fit because it somehow does not fit into the boxes all those rules have created ~ and when we learn to see the twinflame love with the eyes of love only, we will see the total BEAUTY of it and will be able to experience all the wonderful blessings it brings into our lives and the lives of all our loved ones and of all people we meet.
    I truly so much long for this day when people will shut “HURRAY” when they hear you have met your twinflame and when they see it as a true gift from heaven and celebrate with the newly reunited twinflame couple who have found each other in this lifetime and when no fear blurs the vision of it all, the fear of losing something or someone we have had in our lives up to that moment.
    The twinflame love surely does not want to take away anything at all ~ yes, it may open our eyes and in case there are things or people in our lives who don’t do us good any more it may show us these areas and we might feel emboldened to leave those things or people behind ~ this may or may not include a soulmate or other partnership ~ but I truly believe with all my heart that all people who truly belong into our lives and all the things like work etc. that truly are our calling …. all those things that truly are for our highest good will not be kicked out of our lives by twinflame love, but will feel enhanced and blessed by the wonderful true divine love light that shines from the twinflame love also on our loved ones and the things important to us. We begin to glow from the inside and so will all things and relationships that are in our hearts.

    Dear Joana, I know how hard it is not to be able to see your twin, but I truly believe we are connected in our hearts and I am sure we are co-creating every single day. These past days I am gathering more and more information that is being given to me in dreams and inner visions and the feeling is getting stronger and stronger on the inside of me that my twin and I are somehow, in some way working together on the soul level.

    Have you seen that beautiful photo Sunshine posted the other day? Thank you, dear Sunshine :-D! About the couple about to be married who found a photo which showed both of them as kids in the same place at the same time, and they weren’t aware of it …
    This photo shows so beautifully that we are not always aware, but that the connections are far greater than we can perceive with our 5 normal senses. And I would like to add this thought: maybe this is not only true on the physical level …. maybe this photo is just a reminder …. a reminder that this is even more true on the spiritual level …. that we as loving twinflames are often together in the same place … even if we are not aware of it …. and of course we all know we are together in the realms of the heart and the soul … but I think maybe this is even also true in ways of what we are currently working on …. it may well be that both twins have some kind of shared soul intention, of shared vision, of shared task or something that both of them work for, strive for, spend their time with …. even if we are not aware of it …

    I will check out the film you mentioned, dear Joana, thank you for your recommendations 🙂

    By the way, your 101 and its multiples keeps being my number as well 😉 ever since you mentioned it 🙂

    Love and light to you and all;

  16. Dear Delphina:
    Thanks for your words, they help me a lot. Yessss, the 101 is my friend I find it in almost everywhere, and now I find also 110 too. And the series 1111. Also, I started noticing images-shapes, I read in someplace that it is not only number series, but also images, letters, for example, that show up to us as sings or language of our guides or angels. Somebody wrote around here, that when we imaging intimacy with our TF, according to this person, we are having intimacy with ourselves, just with ourselves; this did not resonate with me. When I research something about this TF journey and awakening, I take what resonate with my inner knowledge and ignore the rest. Yes, that photo is amazing. It is always, nice to read your post here.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  17. Dearest Gabriella,
    Everything is in divine flow!!!!!! Your words are so true !!! Everyday I am faced with new challenges and new truths dawn on me… It seems we are anchors of light in this New Earth. I get these messages. It is all abstract but my reasoning keeps questioning all this.
    I feel these downloads of energy into my body all the time and I have to understand that it is true, but i dare not say it outside or I will considered strange…!!! This journey is so interesting, painful and full of learning. Your blog keeps me sane and the comments of everyone here keeps me going making me feel that I am in the right track. Love to you.?

  18. Dear Delphina, Joanna,
    Your are so empathetic. So caring and kind. Your words are filled with compassion and Guidance for everyone here. The words are so thoughtful and has given me hope. Joanna , when the time is right , your TF may again come into your life. This is an on-off journey and we have to. Ling on with hope and faith. Love to you all.

  19. Dearest Sweet Sleeping Beauty,

    One of my wishes for you is that there will come a day when you are able to express the downloads you receive outside of you to others regardless if you feel they will think you strange or that you will feel strange. I am blessed and humbled knowing that this blog, my words, continues to provide you inspiration and solace as well as connects you with the love that you are, which is never separate from you. You are always on the right track when you’re following your backpack lighted from the love in your heart 😉 So much love to you and for you Beloved, always.

  20. Dearest Joana,
    it is so nice that you are sharing that you also feel a kind of development in seeing those signs sent to us to guide us. I have also been experiencing in the language getting more advanced so to say, taking me from simple numbers to higher numbers and also using more language so to say to weave it all together. I also see a lot of “mirrowed numbers”, e.g. 2112 etc., the 101 being a special one of these of course as there is the 0 as a kind mirror in the middle. Oh, by the way, your comment was posted on 3:03 ? … perfect timing ;-). I have also come to see numbers that are the other way round than my “normal” numbers (e.g. special dates and other special numbers) and when seeing the reversed number I now often feel they are messages from my twin, as she is my mirror, so when the mirrowed number is sent, it feels like a message that the angels want to send me from her. And very often I make up kind of conversations while driving …. and start with one question and see which “answer” comes up on the number plates …. and then the inner dialogue progresses from there and I interweave the numbers I see into the whole dialogue, and believe it or not, it always makes so much sense to me when I do this and gets me to connect even deeper with my inner knowledge?.

    I also do take only what resonates with my own inner knowledge, but I am happy, dearest Joana, that you said you also don’t think that when being with your twin, we are in fact making it up and it is our own soul and we are making love to ourselves, which for me would also extend to : we speak to ourselves, we would share hearts with ourselves etc., as I see love-making not as something completely different from all other heart-to-heart conversations or soul-to-soul-meetings we experience with our twins, but just as a continuation from these forms of sharing . And this post you mentioned also put a lot of question marks in my head and I also feel that this is not myself who I am feeling in these intimate moments with my twin and that it is not me who I am sharing with and who is sharing with me, but it is of course my beloved twinflame. And : I have also got a lot of proofs from my twin during the time we were still sharing more often in the 3D, because very often she afterwards told me what she had thought and done and it fit completely to what I had felt. So it is NOT imagination !!!

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,
    I am so very happy about your WONDERFUL WONDERFUL image of us being anchors of light in this New Earth ! Oh, YES, this is such a powerful image and feeling it creates and I am so grateful for you sharing this with us, dearest Sleeping Beauty!!! It resonates so much with an inner image I have had for some days now and it feels fantastic. And just RIGHT! Completely right. With all the difficulties that may sometimes be involved, with all the light flowing into us, through us and from us into the world, with all the LOVE flowing…. and it is just so much better than this beaten-down feeling one can sometimes get when things get difficult and when another difficult task is again there to be managed. But the truth is we ARE anchors of light and we do have the connection to the light coming from the angels and this whole realm where only pure divine love exists, to this space of the ONE, and we as twinflames who have come to know our twins, we truly have the power and the love and we know how it feels … and we are the ones to share this knowledge with others … and to help it grow in this world, to protect the light and bring it to all ….. and every time I REMEMBER this, I feel better right away :-). I feel so much better when I remember this, then I can go on with the struggles twinflames are still facing in this society today, because I know that this is not how it is gonna stay. I KNOW that it is going to get better and better and that this pure LOVE will be more and more accepted and people WILL lose their fear, because LOVE is the highest power and LOVE can heal ALL. So more doors for reunited twinflames will open :-D.

    I also do believe ~ with all my heart ~ that chances are very good that we will meet our twinflames (for the first time or again) ~ because this is also what this journey is all about: it is like you say, dearest Sleeping Beauty, an on-off-journey …. reminds me right now of these hop-on-hop-off-buses for sightseeing ? ….. with the difference that we get hopped off without choosing to sometimes 😉 ….. at least not consciously choosing it. Oh, how much I wish the twinflame bus would come around the corner with my twin on board and I could hop on again ? …… Anyway, I do believe that for learning and growing also the meetings with our twins are important and so I believe in meeting again. But of course every twinflame journey is different and also this meeting again could be in another lifetime. But maybe it also helps to see the WHOLE journey also over a longer period of time, like over a whole lifetime and even beyond …. as twins we constantly meet and separate and meet again and separate again and meet again …. over all those lives …. and we meet in all kinds of different settings and with all kind of different roles …. oh, how much I would love to recommend a book here, but it is not available in English right now … it is the journey of one pair of twinflames throughout all ages, all times, all lives, and it is SOOOOO beautiful and so wonderful to read this, to feel this, to take on board the truth that one lifetime, which has been heard for both, is followed by a lifetime full of bliss and just wonderful love shared …. truly inspiring and wonderful!!!!

    Waves of love and light to all of you here, my beloved twinflame journey companions and your wonderful twins,
    love you all,
    Delphina <3 <3 <3

  21. Dearest Delphina:
    I never could talk with my TF, but I have many experiences like feeling him coming in my mind or looking at me in my mind, and then yes, he was coming to the room. I felt it even minutes before he was coming to the room. I tell you, I have many experiences like this, and now that we don’t see each other, because of the distance, I always feel him. I know, what are you talking about those dialogues, is to much to think that is pure imagination or we are getting crazy. I just ask a question in my mind, and here is the answer manifested with numbers, words mentioned by people, or songs…it is amazing how as we are awakening we start notice more and more this sings. And even we start putting together or planning things for a future, in my case it seems now that somebody is paving my way always, whispering on my ear what to do next. I guess this is all about the phrase: “Going with the flow”

    Something happen with my computer right now, all the vowels “o” when yellow, so better go.

    Blessings to you and everybody

  22. Dearest Joana,
    this is so beautiful what you are sharing! Thank you very much, dearest ! 😀
    Yes, it is so good to share with others and get to understand: we are NOT getting crazy (what our mind might sometimes suggest 😉 as it cannot piece all the pieces of the puzzle together and just has not experienced something like this before) but we are indeed opening up to all those things that do exist as well.
    These days there is the Hay House Summit (June 1 to June 10) online, where you can listen for free to 10 talks daily and although I only listened to one talk so far I got a powerful message. The man who gave the talk said that he does not live by his beliefs any more, but by his experience. I think this is so powerful and also so very much at the core of what I feel needs to be done. Our beliefs are rooted in the past and have formed by what our experience in the past was ~ often our collective experience ~ like all the rules and boxes society has created ~ and they were all meaningful and also helpful at the time ~ BUT (and this is what our mind just forgets to take into consideration sometimes I guess) things are changing, the world is developing, new ways of life are enfolding, new things are happening. Reminds me of a psalm which says that God says “Sing me a new song” ~ yes, a NEW song ~ don’t sing the old songs all the time, only the old songs ~ sing them as well, but also sing a NEW song. And when we experience things that are simply NEW (like our twinflame journeys e.g.), then this author said by his sentence that experience is in this case more powerful than his beliefs. And I think that this is so important ~ to open up to NEW experiences and in case they don’t fit into the old belief system: make the old belief system bigger, enlarge it, so that it can encompass the new experiences as well.
    Live by your experience and not by your (old and fixed) beliefs, but be ready to renew your beliefs.
    And so I LOVE what you are sharing, dearest Joana :
    ” I just ask a question in my mind, and here is the answer manifested with numbers, words mentioned by people, or songs…it is amazing how as we are awakening we start notice more and more this sings. And even we start putting together or planning things for a future, in my case it seems now that somebody is paving my way always, whispering on my ear what to do next. I guess this is all about the phrase: “Going with the flow” ”

    Yes, this is exactly the same that I experience: so often when I ask a question in my mind, I see the answer manifested in heavenly signs ~ it’s just the same as you are saying, Joana, and I am always so surprised and also happy when this happens! I also experience the paving of my ways and the whispering in my ear or heart or soul about what to do next :-).

    I have also started to allow for “divine appointments” ~ what I mean is this: when I am planning what to do over the next weeks and which appt. to arrange for which day, there are some days that sometimes just refuse to take an appt. so to say. I think person A might want to meet me for lunch that day ~ no, person A is not available that day ~ then I think o.k., let’s do this dentist’s appt. on that day ~ no, the dentist is already fully booked that day ~ or e.g. all other appt. I have already made jump off of that day or afternoon and leave it free ~ and in these cases I have begun then to let this day or morning or afternoon free and to see what happens ~ so just writing down a divine appt. that day ~ and so far ALWAYS something important has turned up at last notice and it was so important that I had left this day free!!!
    Makes me think of my twinflame experience as well because both of us also experienced this when we had found each other ~ the divine paving the way for us :-).
    Oh, and while I am writing this and thinking about this, you won’t guess it but I know you will believe it ;-), the postman calls and brings a truly divine parcel of something which I have ordered lightyears ago, had completely forgotten about it, because it was obviously not available at the time I had ordered it, and here it comes, in the divine timetable ~ and it is a set of twinflame cards …. 😀

    Love and blessings to you, dearest Joana, and to all and your twins,
    and may a beautiful angel be by your side today and always,
    Delphina <3

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