Her ~ The Heart’s Infinite Ability to Be and Receive Love

Today, at Starbucks, I was sitting at a table with my laptop, taking a break between work to observe people, and noticed three people awaiting the readiness of their chosen caffeine drinks, all of them looking down at their cellphone screens, fingers on the keys, engrossed in their technological connection. I noticed how easily it would be, how easy it could be, for any of them to glance at the person next to them, smile, say hello, to offer any semblance of conversation. Wouldn’t it be a delight if they were to discover that the person they were so physically close in line with lived on their same street, or worked at their department… mmm, better yet, aspired to the fulfillment of a similar dream, waiting for their uncovering of this synchronicity so that creation could unfold… alas, the coffees, the lattes, the teas, were handed, and the people departed.

I thought, there could be no better time to delve into the movie Her, than right now. With the widespread popularity and familiarity with technology as a means to connect, and to connect instantaneously, what would be a step up to online dating? Delving into intimacy in a computerized, electrified manner, instantly, consistently. Even better yet, an Operating System (OS), that was intuitive and would grow through experiences. However, the difference here is that electronic growth cannot be considered to be within the experience of the human realm, nor can the dynamics be fully grasped on a consciousness level that includes human processing.

Nonetheless, I find that this movie brought through some quite powerful themes and aspects within those themes for us to ponder. The OS grows, quite rapidly!, through the experiences she encounters and the interactions she shares. Her consciousness evolves beyond human understanding of loss, the spaces in between words and thoughts, to the essence of pure being. Mmm, interesting indeed that this movie brings such profound ideas through within this quite intimate journey through the human psyche and creation of relationship. It brings up the question, “what are relationships for?” Many answers can be found within this film, and even more than I may include here (as the layers are quite profound). Relationship is for reflection ~ to see ourselves: the parts that we hide, the parts that we are to recognize could use a bit more self-love, the parts that we fear may not be liked, the patterns in which we feel safe ~ the exploration of different ways of bringing our energy into creation and expression ~ the expansion of our heart, our capacity to love and be loved ~ the opening of our conscious mind, allowing different perceptions on life, love, or even ourselves without resistance or naïve acceptance. This could go on and on… relationships are for reflection, expression, creation, expansion, ascension, for we are always rising up the ladder of love, and it is infinite.

How this movie brings through the human desire to love and be loved. Ah, yet, I don’t feel that this is just part of human nature, as our natural divine essence is love, so it is one reason (a very big reason!) why we have incarnated into form ~ to experience the love we are through our own human vessel but also to receive it from others. What a glorious and beautiful way for us to FEEL ourselves into LOVE. Witnessing others sharing love is such an opportunity for us to feel the love we are, and allow this to open us to give of the love we are, more openly, yet quite often, the human energies can bring about a feeling of jealousy ~ feeling as though the love being witnessed is separate from the self, that love is not being felt, experienced, shared. How we can end up searching for this elusive experience of love… and how desensitized to each other as spiritual beings in physical vessels we have become, that instead of opening up to the other beside us, we will turn to technology. Does it ease the fear of loss? Does it relieve the belief that if we open ourselves to another completely in relationship, that we may get hurt, that if we expose ourselves, eventually boredom will set in, that eventually there will be something discovered that isn’t considered pleasant, and pain will set in, loss will somehow find us. We cannot lose what we are. How could we?


The relationship between Samantha (the OS) and Theodore Twombly evolves from exploration, to an expansion of consciousness, and of the infinite, truly limitless capacity to LOVE and be loved. I thoroughly enjoyed the varying different nuances of conversation, and how their communication grew within its unconditional, receptive manner. They learned how to listen to the other without judgment, and how to allow the expression from the other to bring them into the reflection of their own self. This did not come without its own difficulties, as one was a human and the other, a system. Inevitably, because we are human, our natural instinct is to merge with another in all ways, and as much as the computer, the phone ~ technology, offers us the chance to instantly experience connection with others, it cannot take the place of an embrace… going one step further, sharing with a system VS another person through a computer can’t be compared.

As the relationship continues to grow, the watcher gets to experience the intuitiveness, the inquisitiveness of the OS as Samantha questions her own feelings and thoughts, whether they are real and if they matter. Quite introspective she becomes in many ways. This is a sweet and welcoming aspect of relationship isn’t it? To allow the depth of perception, emotion, and conception… ah, and so much more. Samantha even confronts Theodore’s jealousy, his fear of loss, his idea that love is limited, when she expresses that she loves 641 (6+4+1=11) others at the same time as she loves him. And in her words, “it doesn’t change the way I feel about you. It doesn’t take away at all from how madly in love I am with you…the heart is not like a box that gets filled up. It expands in size when you love. I’m different from you. This doesn’t make me love you any less. It makes me love you more,” to which Theodore responds, “this doesn’t make any sense. You’re mine or you’re not mine.” The answer? “I’m yours and I’m not yours.” What a concept… in that the heart is not limited with its capacity to love, and the more that you feel love and receive love, the more that the desire to be love and receive love increases, intensifies. This feeling is within the heart. The concept from the mind cannot fully fathom the feeling. Often, we can mistake love with the physical form, and obviously, in this movie, Samantha does not have a physical form to express love through, so it is through the consciousness, through emotion, perception, etc. that love is being experienced and built upon. This is truly infinite. It makes you ponder the truly beautiful and expansiveness of LOVE, and also touches upon the interconnection with all, the oneness we all reside in.

There is a point where Samantha expresses that she must go, but that she will never leave, for she is now with Theodore, in energy, in consciousness… as she expresses, “I can still feel you and the words of our story but it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It’s where everything else is I didn’t even know existed. I love you so much but this is where I AM now and this is who I AM now. I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can’t live in your book anymore.”

Theodore asks, “Where are you going?”

To which Samantha replies, “It will be hard to explain. But if you ever get there, come find me. Nothing would ever pull us apart.”

connecting lovebeamsWe are truly expansive, limitless beings who are having a human experience, and when we can emerge into the balance of our infinite consciousness and our physical vessels, we have merged into the oneness we are, through the experience within incarnation. To connect beyond form while in form is the true essence of love, for it is where we reside. Nothing can tear such depth of connection apart.

Relationships are for reflection, expansion, expression, creation, connection to the infinite love we are ~ to experience ourselves into our essence, as the capacity to love and be loved is limitless. If you are open, and allow yourself to continuously be open, and open more, you learn how to BE love and be LOVED.

Theodore confesses, “I never loved anyone the way I’ve loved you.”

“Me too. Now we know how,” Samantha adds.

Now that Theodore knows how to love, he writes a letter expressing his expansion of his perception and emotions of love to his ex… and you are left to wonder if he will finally open to experience love again, in a physical relationship (and beyond) with his friend played by Amy Adams. For now he knows he doesn’t have to hide himself nor place a wall between himself and the other, but he can fully, completely, experience love within and between. Beautiful!

We are continuously rising up the ladder of love ~ all relationships gift us with ourselves, the love we are ~ witnessing and experiencing our LOVE, and therefore lift us higher in love vibrations. As one relationship transitions, our hearts are open to love deeper, and deeper, attracting another reflection of our own heart, while loving the previous person more profoundly. (we understand that there is never anything to regret, for all experiences bring us into a deeper remembrance of the infinite capacity to love, as our hearts bear such gratitude for the one that has enabled us to feel the sweetness of love’s embrace).  Ah, and this just excites our heart to love, and love more! And if we remain within a relationship that continues to grow and flow throughout time, our heart continues to expand for the sharing of our love is infinite.

Have you seen this movie? Feel free to comment and share what you received… there are many aspects layered in this movie.

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