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The Twin Flame Journey is Equally about Loving Self, Loving your Twin and All That Is

Q. How the twin flame may know each other, what is the different when we talking about love. How we can find out is this love is just a love , we may have to a person or is this

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You are Love, Unconditional and Pure, Flowing and Growing into Its Full Expression

Q. I came across this because I think I met my twin flame, who then pushed me away. Our meeting was accidental and improbable. It was intense, and then he wanted to be alone. It has been six months and

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2013: Creating Balance, Living in Union and Focusing on Love

2012 has been a year of bringing through and letting go of all that has blocked us from living a life of the deepest love within and without. For many, many years, we’ve been walking a path of separation, attached

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Your Oneness is Remembered Within Your Mutual Core

*Please watch the video and read the lyrics before you read what I wrote ~ you’ll get much more that way* Lyrics ~ Bjork I shuffle around the tectonic plates in my chest. You know I gave it all, Try

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The Beloved Flow of Love Knows no Limitations, Beyond Labels and Definitions…

In order to express our experiences into a way that we can communicate with one another we use the human language, however the human language can have its limitations. This twin flame journey, this journey of being alive and of

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Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames

You are already spiritually married with your twin flame, as you are already one with your twin flame. However, your spirit is within the journey of this human experience, and therefore, you are experiencing the joining of your spirits as

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Twin Flames, Twin Earthquakes, Twin Towers ~ Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ Rising in Love

Everything is connected, interconnected, weaved within the other intimately and a part of everything else. Everything and everyone is ONE with all that is, therefore we are affected and a part of each happening that goes on in another’s life

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Soul Journey Man

Soul Journey Man We come into existence first through the soul… We then “begin” the journey as man, however we are still journeying with the soul as we are not separate from it. We bring the soul memories and vibration

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Can a Relationship be Too Good to be True?

Can a Relationship be Too Good to Be True? What you believe, how you think and feel, creates your experience in relationships. If you believe that love cannot last, that if you are connecting, feeling deeper happiness and love in

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Venus Transit and Twin Flames

This Venus Transit is ushering in deeper waves of unconditional love and oneness. Yes, this will result in twin flame reunions in all ways, including the physical. It is encouraged that at this time, you go within. Take a lot

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