WHY? The Constant Fluidity of our Divinity and Humanity

alphabet from A to YThe question that continues regardless of age, race, topic, geography, etc, etc… place anything after “why” and a string of conceptualization begins. The quest of truth, for the discovery of an answer. Is there truly one to be had? And does that answer, or conclusion, remain fixed or is constantly in flux? Some express that curiosity is in human nature, or perhaps it is within divine consciousness, as our souls choosing this physical sojourn to experience ourselves into expression and creation. Perhaps we ask “y” with the anticipation that it will lead us to “z,” the end of the alphabet, and the whole journey would make sense…but then again, we could repeat the alphabet, so it doesn’t have to end there. Is there ever an end?

I have been brewing quite an intimate batch of the finest ruminations starting with “why”… and the results are always fluid… yet the expectation of pondering is to arrive at some point of grounding essence into form and flow. At least this is what I feel… and there are many specific questions that resonate as they permeate through my being, as the unforming forming answers abound in me. For example, I recently heard that Ryan Gosling announced last year that he was taking a break from acting because he wanted to feel into WHY he was doing it. By now, you may have heard of the American Dream, in which we, as a society, can have certain expectations, guidelines, or outlines as to what is important in life, and how to go about bringing those essentials into your experience. I honestly believe that the human condition and the spiritual questing can finally bring us to a place where we look a bit deeper into our reasons for being here. Truly, we are meant to do whatever makes our heart sing, and experience what we choose, moment to moment, hence, the infinite fluidity. If you get to “z,” you can repeat it, and while you’re at it, learn a different language so you can journey through “a” to “z” in another way. Back to Ryan Gosling, I liked how he wanted to delve deeper into his perceived reason or passion for acting, not just because he is used to it, because it is what he has known or is known for, for the fame or the name that it has brought…but what… what is driving him to express himself through the screen as another character? Will there be one answer, will there be more than one, will any give him some sense of grounding within himself to know that what he is doing has meaning for him beyond the doing of it? Regardless of what transpires and inspires, the pondering has begun… or the feelings within have continued to flow… and the desire to bring BEING, into the doing…

We are each of us unique within our oneness, and so what may be your truth after “why” presents itself may not be the same for me, and so the essence of creation is each of us bringing through that YOUness in whatever way feels true. And true, for that moment. Again, that fluidity.

painting wholenessSo, today, I read the article by Maria Popova on why we create … I must admit, the attraction to “why” is quite immense and intense in its depths, so magnificent. I do label myself as an artist… we are all creators for we are always in creation, but in particular, one of my arts is writing. It almost comes as a prerequisite, that in order to write, one must be enthusiastic to immerse into and traverse within the many layers of experiencing humanity, divinely. Observing people and human nature, with a high emphasis, on “but what about…” not exactly accepting one answer but a myriad of possibilities. Characters and stories are created out of imagination and observation, most often a combination of those two. And so… why do we create? Again, we are all unique, and there is no right or wrong answer, or a concrete one, only what feels true to you, in the moment. So there is mystery here, infinitely, which, perfectly, is the seasoning for creativity. From a writer’s perspective, more specifically, THIS writer’s perspective, I write because there is an inherent drive pushing me to place myself through these words onto the page. I find that as I do so, some semblance of wholeness is experienced within the reading of the weaving together of these letters, and I am found anew in another formation, other pieces of who I am somehow embrace me, yet still remain in the mystery, for they are ever-changing. Art brings form to the formless and allows the creation of the form to bring emotion, and perhaps clarity to an experience…while in doing this, it offers connection to self, beyond self, and in all things, all others. It inspires…oh this could go on and on… any kind of art brings us on a journey into the fusion of our essence and our presence, the depths of the experience of such, it makes us feel alive, and here, we thrive, rather than survive! YES!!!!! If you desire to read more about ART, here’s another blog I wrote ~ The Meaning of Art is in Art Itself

twin flame fusionPersonally, I have been asking myself the same question that Ryan did… why am I doing the work that I am? Why am I writing this second book? These are valid questions… because authenticity comes from understanding the passion you bring to your endeavors. When you connect to your passion, you release the “fashion” of following and conforming to what is popular or financially rewarding… here, you find that what brings abundance is your specific soul song, and this abundance is experienced in so very many ways. You are probably wondering if I have found some answers to my wonderings… and I can say, I have. I am writing this second book because my soul is sweetly serenading the verses to its song in the formation of it, and the vulnerability of my willingness to bare the truth ~ my truth and the truth that is moving through me ~ is the authenticity I have been craving. I am writing this book for my soul feels that through writing it, I bask in healing and receive revealing, as it invites you to do the same. When we read books and we go on a journey with the writer or the characters, we get excited when we witness ourselves within, intending in the bending of the paths, to uncover and discover more about who we are, as individuals and as one. My service is changing shape, and I am having patience with the process of its unfolding… for while twin flames is at the HEART of it, it is through feeling, awakening to, encountering and knowing (while LOVING) my twin flame, that I have come into the profound journey of remembering my own essence… and our unified soul song, while I am bravely embracing my own notes. And THAT is my passion for all of you!!! That you take your LOVE and birth it onto this Earth in your particular, spectacular expression, in the confession of your UNIqueness and ONEness! Our diversity and unity, always in fluidity. Choose your own dressing. Such a blessing. And if that dressing isn’t yet known, it is for you to make it shown. Mmmm… the invitation for creation is ON!