The Path of Union Consciousness in Formation

As many of you kmagic booknow, I have been compiling notes aplenty for my second book (and even contemplating what the title desires to be). This year much has been coming through, as the formation of this book is taking many turns. It will be a reflection of my own personal journey, bringing you into the depths of my being, as well as all that has been inspiring through me from Source. For we all have our unique steps along the journey, yet we have many similarities too.

From all that I have experienced since 2007 (and before), when my life literally changed in so very many ways, to this present moment, shall be shared within its pages. I couldn’t just start from 2007, for I have found that since that year, my vision has expanded to see all of my previous experiences throughout my life in a NEW way, in which I must share how the awakening of oneness changes the way you see and be within your life journey. And while I am still going through the journey of healing and revealing, though I am truly understanding that this is an ongoing experience which continues throughout the sojourn of this life, there is a need to have patience with the process, for in the unfolding of this book, in the formation of its binding, I am going through a transformation and unwinding. Yet I am excited for the building of its embrace into your lives as you read it. I desire for it to light the fire within of your flame of love, increasing excitement for you to let your light shine, in your uniqueness.