Moving In and Within LOVE

I have feeling for a while now about the concept of running away from the Beloved. What I’ve come to find in my experience is that there is never a running away. Running away implies that there is separation. There is no such thing as separation.

what goes aroundThe infinity symbol is relevant here, the figure eight. There are intersecting points, where you are in the middle reflecting the other. “The other” can be an actual other yet also an experience. Usually these both merge. If you and your Beloved’s paths have intersected, in the human sphere as well as the spiritual, and there is a choice to move within that interaction, this movement, however it is chosen, in those moments, is not a pulling away, it is a movement. You are meant to move. You are always in motion. You are energy in motion, emotion. If there is an experience with your Beloved, of having this intersection, and this deep reflection, it absolutely can bring up an intensity of your energy in motion. How you respond to this depends on a lot of factors. There are a lot of patterns, behaviors, triggers from earlier in your life experience and previous lifetimes, that can come up. It can assist you tremendously to be self aware, as best you can with each moment. Recognize what is happening, “what is this energy in motion bringing through for me? What can I see here? How from this balanced place, can I respond?” Respond without reacting… reacting is an instantaneous thing that does not bring into the balance of energy in motion and flow in your body. (This is not to be confused with the intuitive rush you get to act upon guidance ~ this comes from a different place). However, if you do react, it’s ok. There are no bad choices. There are no mistakes, there are only experiences. Each choice brings about an experience that gives you an opportunity to rediscover yourself anew as you renew your trust in your heart and in this abundant Universe. You release the fear. You are not separate. If we go back into feeling about this movement, that we are always meant to move, there cannot be a “running away.” Running away would imply that you are going away from movement, but it’s not possible because you are always IN movement.

love onenessWe are all connected. You are very deeply connected, in oneness, with your Beloved twin flame. If you have an experience and there is a choice to move where you are not standing directly in front of the Beloved, you are still connected. You are still moving closer into each other in all ways. An experience like that really does bring you into yourself, into your core, for very deep reflection, allowing the deep emotion, the energy in motion to continue to move. It allows you the opportunity to move into your wellspring of love that you are and to emerge within that love, to shower yourself with that love, to bring that love outside of you, extending it, expanding it into expression with your Beloved, with everyone else that you touch, and to be free, to be free to enjoy these moments. Life is about enjoyment. I encourage you not to get so attached to the labels and processes of things.There are no stages to follow. We are moving from choosing separation into this full experience of union. This is a process of feeling and following your own way, and your own heart, your own journey, your own intimate journey with your Beloved. Therefore, it is you that knows, each step of the way. If you don’t know, it’s ok. It’s ok not to know in any moment ALL of the pieces, and still to take a step. Your beloved is the balanced counterpart and deepest reflection for you. There are pieces that you hold within your destiny. There are pieces that your Beloved holds. These pieces are meant to continuously expand and open both of you as you give these pieces to each other as you fuse them and merge them with each other. It is about continuously opening your heart, choosing the love within your expressions with one another, choosing the love, being that love.

I offer the terms moving in and moving within. It is a combination of both. You are moving in and moving within. It is this flow, this movement, this energy in motion. You are moving in, within yourself, within the experience and within the other. Moving in and within. You are never separated from this movement as you ARE, you are this motion. Therefore, I encourage you not to discredit your emotions. Allow yourself to not distance your emotions. Allow them to flow, allow them to move. The honest intention with relationship is for both of you to move. You move within yourselves, you move closer to each other, you move into each other continuously, infinitely, co-creating this from within and without.

core of my heartEmbracing your destiny is about embracing and facing every aspect of your movements, total non- attachment to any judgment. If you are always in movement, judgment is only a limitation. It brings about a ceasing of this moving. It brings about a ceasing of the releasing of YOU, to be YOU. Oh and Beloveds, all of you have such bright lights. Your heart is aglow with love. With that glow, you are meant to flow. Listen to the beats of your heart. Right now, just take a moment. Take a breath… start listening. What is your heart saying? What is your heart pulling you to?  Trust. Trust in your destiny. That destiny is within you moving, always in movement. You are always moving in and moving within. With this moving in and moving within, allow yourself to feel this love with your Beloved. Feel that love, let that love flow, let that flow within and without of you, all around. It is a blessing. It is a blessing to be in this movement, this constant infinite movement with you. As we continue to intersect our paths, as we continue to reflect each other. This is the blessing. I thank you for being on this journey with me.

In the deepest vibrations of divine love with you,


2 Comments on “Moving In and Within LOVE

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you. this is very encouraging. On many occasions I did feel disconnected but I realise it is all a flow and it keeps on going … I only wish we would see more tangible results.. love to you

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    What I was reminded of today, is to “expect the unexpected.” 🙂 and to always know that any feelings of disconnection are just that, feelings, and allowing them to pass brings a deeper sense of connection. Keep staying connected within your self as you bring that self out in communication with your twin. The results are always blooming, ever deeper still. Love to you!