Continuing to Merge the Spiritual Essence and Human Experience

I have been feeling for some time now how oftlove intimacyen the spiritual path with all of the concepts, ideas and truths can make it sound like we are somehow supposed to transcend all feelings of being human, which in itself separates, in its attempts to unite, the journey of spiritual essence and physical presence. This is a journey where the intentions are to merge both the physical and spiritual while honoring each/all of the aspects within them both… in order to do this we mustn’t separate them, but embrace them as we integrate them into a fusion of union together. I am spiritual. I am human. I know that I AM love. I know I AM to be this love in each moment as I choose it. Yet I also desire to love in physical form… this is part of my heart expanding and opening to share in this journey with the body too. May you go along your journey never discounting or feeling ashamed/guilty for what you feel. This is about love and union, not about separation and isolation.

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