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You may come here to ask any questions in the area of relationships (soul mates and twin flames). This is a safe space for you to share your journey with me and those who are on the path with us.

Keep Feeling, Strengthening and Being that Divine Love

Follow Q. I am so happy how things are transpiring for me at the moment, I feel so much love for my twin flame, and I have told him how I feel. I feel so comfortable with him, like I

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Love Yourself, Love Your Beloved, Love All, and then Do it Again. Love, Love, Love.

Follow Q. I have been in the awareness of knowing who may be my twin soul. Yet a reoccurring soul issue has been running or him not aligning to his own divine knowing. Is there something that can encourage him

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Loving a Soul Mate and Your Twin Flame

Follow Q. Has anyone else had the experience of dating while waiting for a twin to return? The universe has brought me a very kind and attractive companion, and I’m finding it challenging to be physically affectionate toward this man

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Your Reunion is Right here, Right Now, as you Remember that it Always Is

Follow Q. So many shocking things have been happening in and around my life and some miracles too. I am seeing my loved ones going through emotional and physical turmoil. It is so painful and I am trying to bring

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Pulling Away to Pull you Within: Self Love and Love for Twin and All That is Goes Hand in Hand

Follow Q. I have never been in a better place in my life. I am open, loving, centered, serene. I feel powerful but in such a true and gentle way. Then all of a sudden I’m getting shunned by a

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Ride the Waves of Each Now Moment Unfolding to Shape your Life Plan

Follow Q. What if twinflames cannot be together.. how does one go on? How am I expected to live life, to be with anyone else? I cannot see it possible to ever touch anyone or kiss anyone or allow anyone

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Can you Show me the Oneness of All?

Follow Q. Can you elaborate on the MIRROR aspect on twin flames more? I KNOW I have met mine, but I am not real sure I totally understand this concept. I feel we are the same in the way we

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Honor the Wholeness of Each Experience

Follow Q. When your twin flame has been possessed by some unwholesome energy, how do you help your twin in dissipating this energy so they can have a clearer connection to you? A. The first thing I would recommend is

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Feel Your Way into Love Within Each Moment

Follow Q. Why when I meet or see someone who I am attracted to I automatically day dream of how our relationship would play out? Why am I always looking for a partner??? They say it will come to you

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Surrender into the Divine Flow of the Perfection That Is

Follow Q. Is constant surrendering , BEing, all you need to do to have them come around at the divine time? Does this rejection happen often on the twin flame journey? A. There is nothing that you have to do

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