Love Yourself, Love Your Beloved, Love All, and then Do it Again. Love, Love, Love.

Q. I have been in the awareness of knowing who may be my twin soul. Yet a reoccurring soul issue has been running or him not aligning to his own divine knowing. Is there something that can encourage him to speak to me in the near future. Or something I should work on to assist?

A. Every moment, every experience, brings us to aligning or remembering our divine intentions for creation in this lifetime…divine knowing as you mention…and all is always, all ways, flowing in perfection to be experienced step by step bringing about the whole of it all. Is there something you can do to bring about seeing the proof of his divine knowing? See, the thing is, you can’t quite be sure if his knowing or remembrance has fully awakened or not, but you can know that you mirror one another and will continue to do this as you move along…so that the more you focus on your own awakening and creation, the more you give this openness to your Beloved…trust what you feel, and what your inner guidance mixed with the guidance of the universe gives to you.

Q. That makes so much sense. I just find there have been some negative people who block both energies. So I find he puts blinders on- as a defense mechanism of sorts. Sometimes or of late I wonder if he only wishes to see fault in me?

A. Know that with the twin flame, it is essential to and almost impossible not to look in the mirror ~ meaning when one twin looks at the “faults” in another, it will come up for them to notice and acknowledge it within themselves…it is a journey that encourages you to go within just as much as you look to the twin…the self love and the love of the outer self in the embodiment of the twin…as you allow your love of your self to grow, so you allow the love of your twin to grow…blocking one blocks the other…it is a journey of constantly opening your heart even when it is perceived to be painful, for pain is chosen…it doesn’t have to hurt…or if it does, ease into the pain for it will pass. The love is always there, as it will grow stronger to embrace you after the waves of emotions flow through.

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  1. Wow…this really resignated with me! I do have a question that goes along with soulmates or dating other people. I used to think of my twin all the time….and now I dont, i have started to look at other men with excitement of dating. I will always love my twin that wont go away…but it feels completely separate of what I will feel for someone else.

    Question if we aren’t focusing on our twin that is ok right? I feel for so long I was making decisions based on him etc, but now I am doing things more for me and what I feel is right for me right now…and I feel I want to move fwd instead of feeling like im in a waiting pattern waiting for my twin..

    So the bottom line is its ok to move fwd and not focus any energy on my twin correct?

    Thank you

  2. Dearest Jessica,

    it sounds to me as if you want to follow what your inner wisdom, source and inner guidance is telling you to do, and this is ALWAYS the right thing, no matter how it looks from the outside.

    Short answer to your bottom line question: yes, I believe it is o.k. . It is o.k. to move forward, even if it means not focusing your energy on your twin any more.

    It does not mean you love him less,
    it does not mean you are abandoning him,
    it does mean no harm to your twinflame relationship at all.

    If you are doing what your inner wisdom calls you to do, this is good for you and as a consequence this means: it can only be good for your twin. After all, this is the beauty of this twinflame constellation: each movement that is good for us will automatically be a blessing for our twin as well.

    I am convinced you need not be afraid to harm your twinflame relationship in any way.

    God and the angels are keeping you and your beloved twin in their loving protection anyway and you need not fear, dearest.

    Much love and light to you and all

  3. another thought:

    the question implied also seems to be whether we need to focus consciously on our twin in order to send love to out twin and let our twinflame love grow.

    I don’t think that we have to do this, dearest. I very much think this whole twinflame journey is like an instinct awakened in us once we met our twin and our hearts touched, and that from this moment on we are kind of on autopilot so to say, and this inner programme leading us to our highest good and ultmately to the reunion is guiding all of our steps and all we really need to do is accept this …. accept the whole programme even with the parts of it our conscious mind is not able to grasp …. just accept all that is happening and all we feel nudged to do … and do it all without feeling guilty and without fighting it …. whatever it is …. whether it is to wait for out twin … whether it is to start a life with a soulmate … whatever …. Source will show each one of us the prefect thing to do … start a new career … or keep on staying with our husband and family … each of us has a special thing to do in life and Source is nudging us all to do things in each moment …. if we hear it …. and everything that this inner navigational system is saying is always to our highest good and always in line with the whole twinflame journey !

    I don’t believe we have to consciously focus on our twins at all times …. this twinflame love thing is so much bigger than that ….. this love grows whatever we do and whether we consciously focus on it or not … and we are constantly sending our twinflame love and light and support just by being with them all the time in those realms we can’t see …. and we cannot shut this off, even if we wanted to.

    We are always blessing our twins just with BEING and so are our twins. They are as well a constant well of blessings and love and light for us, no matter what they are doing right now. And I believe our twins are giving us their blessings from their deepest hearts to follow each and every one of our desires of our wise inner heart of light and divine love.

    With blessings to all and their twins,

  4. Dearest Delphina,
    “We are always blessing our twins just with BEING and so are our twins. They are as well a constant well of blessings and love and light for us, no matter what they are doing right now. And I believe our twins are giving us their blessings from their deepest hearts to follow each and every one of our desires of our wise inner heart of light and divine love.”…ah i love everything you wrote, but this final part is really the real Truth that can only come from your heart and spirit. Just BEING, yes, there is nothing what we have to do, just BEING is the gratest work we can do. Through beingness we can actually live our TF love and feel our true essence and essence of our TF (hihi 22:22), like we hear better the truth in us, we remember more easily.
    Thank you for your words, love you much and all that came here!

  5. Yes, not focusing on our TF is fine. I think of it as a vacation….sometimes you need a mental and emotional or even physical break to come back to a more balanced state.

  6. Delphina….thank you so much for your kind words…they really have helped. I have always felt some sort of guilt….and really tried to force it…to forget him. So I now actually feel like I want to genuinely date, even though he is in the back of my mind…’s different…something has shifted. I did feel sort of like I was abandoning things but your words have helped me understand.

    The other question I have is why do people say they are attracted to me….chase me for a week..then disappear…without so much as a date! Is there some type of energy around me or that I putting out there to make ppl ..guys run? I mean I am finally open to dating and I cAnt seem to get to a first date….lol


  7. Relax, be yourself, laugh and have fun and I’m sure there will be guys who are attracted to your energy …and pluck up the nerve to ask you out 🙂

  8. Dearest Sunshine,

    thank you for your loving words. You seem to live in the same time zone as I (because of the 22:22) 😉

    I am also happy I can write it this way and feel that this is really the truth, and you are right that this is my inner guidance speaking.

    Although it is of course rather bitter sweet because in writing and thinking these encouraging words I am also giving my beloved twin full encouragement of not focussing on me any more, which also makes me sad of course. Because for me it is the other way round. I need to feel her in my heart and without that I am not able to do a single thing.

    Only when I am feeling this and only as long as this feeling is “whole” in me can I follow my own life’s tasks, adventures and my path. I somehow need to have this inner feeling very whole, very much intact in my own heart or I am not able to focus on anything at all. So somehow this journey at this point is for me very much about remembering the oneness that is always there. It is so absolutely crucial for me. Somehow this journey has lots of twists and turns we have never ever expected I guess, and it seems to be a big big adventure to me.

    I’m so grateful I can feel the angels with me all the time and see their messages telling me all is in divine order. This is soooo important to me!

    Dearest Jessica,

    thank you for your kind answer. I am wishing you all the best in letting your feelings of guilt go, dear one. You are truly a blessing to your TF whatever you do. And let me say again: to follow your soul’s plan, dearest, is the best thing you can do… and when your inner guidance is shifting things for you and nudging you to do things, then this is never only the best for you, dearest, but also for your twin.

    Imagine the two of you sitting there arm in arm before you were born, planning this life time … and thinking: wow, one day Jessica will do this and that, how can we help her find this way … and think about how to give you hints on your path … and imagine how happy BOTH TWINS are when now Jessica is doing what is in her soul plan and which BOTH twins know will be the best for them.

    Oh, this puts a smile on my face and in ma heart now as well as I am thinking about the same thing for me and my twin of course … and maybe I am also right now smiling somewhere up there in the soul world as my twin is walking this part of our path that we don’t walk hand in hand … and which is so difficult for me here on earth as a human being … and maybe we are both happy up there and maybe we also see the much bigger picture and how our earthly paths will meet again … some time … some day …

    …. smile ….

    silent soul smiles
    from Delphina

  9. Dear Delphina,
    yees, i know what you mean, me too, i constantly need to be in touch with my soul, therefore my TF, our essence, it is inseparable. I wrote a lot in my diary but i can only write when i am completely aligned with this TF energy inside of me, soemtimes when i wrote something and i readit it later i can`t believe that came out of me, this is a Spirit in action a would say, through aligned TF essence. This remembering of oneness is crucial for me too i could say, i just need to feel this to work with and through this, to speak and live thorugh this Knowing and yes it is hard sometimes and you can`t see direction, but you can always go back to yourself and just feel and BE.
    Hihih i love what you wrote to Jessica, i am imagining things like this too. Also, a lot of times i see my TF and me in a small house on the hill surrounded by meadows, wind is blowing, it is sunny and i just have this feeling of complete freedom.
    I think so too that we are in the same time zone 😉
    Lots of love to all!

  10. Dearest Sunshine,
    how beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Yes, I can relate to all you’re saying so well! Thank you ! 🙂
    Love and light to you and all,

  11. Hi! Everybody, don’t you feel more your TF this day, February 14? I do, I just sharing and I would like to know if somebody else has this experience.