Transitioning from the Old into the New

*This is a written post by my dear friend, Polona Somrak, in love and light. I resonate so deeply with all that she has written, for I feel that is where we are guided to…to give of and receive our divinity, in all ways, with the deep, pure, sacred love that we are. If you feel inspired to visit her website, it is Ascension Pioneers.*

Dear Ones!

We are in a transition between the old and the New. What is this shift in our physical Ascension truly about? Firstly, we have to be aware that all the levels of our Being need to be addressed and assessed in this shift. There is no one without the other, as everything is intrinsically interconnected. Everything is whole within the grander Whole of All That Is. So when we shift on one layer of our Being, the other layers naturally align with our Source Essence as well. What are the most apparent realizations within the New?

In the New, we shift from thinking in terms of good/bad, right/wrong, serving/not serving, useful/time wasting, etc. to the perspective of Divine order of everything and we understand that everything is just about sharing different perspectives. We might resonate with a certain perspective more, as we embody a certain vibration which we may call our predominant frequency. When in the awareness of Oneness, we can neutrally see and integrate all of the other perspectives as well, while firmly residing in our own truth and Spirit integrity. We become a neutral objective observer and we see the connection of everything and the internal influences behind the “scenes”.

In the New, we are moving from doing to Being, as we are shifting from Human doings to Light Beings. We realize that in the Divine Plan of Perfection, there is no control and pushing things. We act through awareness and only when we are so guided. This means that we are responsive through being aligned with our Soul instead of being reactive through the ego, which is the lower self. Being passive is something different than being active through surrendering and letting go while taking only those action steps that follow our Bliss … the authentic Self! We also know that we can only receive guidance on the next step and we are not interested in the “distant future”, as we only wish to reside in the Now moment.

In the New, we are humble, compassionate, loving and giving instead of being full of empty and “cheap” talk and bragging through the ego. We are starting to walk our talk! We are becoming Masters of our Self, and we are focused on giving through the collective “We”, not the “little i”. There is a difference between “the little i” and the I AM Presence of our Source Self. Because the Truth always knows its source, we don’t need to emphasize and stress who we are and try to convince anyone into anything. We simply surrender to the Beingness and Existence of everything and know that we are always right where we need to be. There is no more goal or a destination, only the joy of the wandering and experiencing!

In the New, we don’t seek answers outside of ourselves and we don’t need external validation and value. We know that we are already deserving Beings of Source. We understand that the moment the question is asked, it means that the answer is already there … within us. When we ask questions, we ask them to our Source Self instead of asking others for advice, as this is of the old. We regularly commune with our Spirit and we know that sourcing is of our I AM, while channeling is going for information outside of ourselves. There simply is no other desire and longing but to be true to ourselves and fully Self empowered … as Love, Wisdom and Power is who we truly are. We no longer seek out psychics and mediums, as we know that psychic energy is not the same as spiritual energy and we understand that this just holds us back and giving our power away. We shift from prophecy and fated outcomes to endless possibility and conscious co-creation!

In the New, we understand the importance of the Heart and higher Mind integration. We shift from judgement to discernment, which is a Soul attribute that is our own inner wisdom … inner knowing. We don’t only rely on the physical senses, but our own internal detectors that go beyond the limited physical senses. We don’t need to see or hear anything, as Divine guidance comes through feeling, which is of the Heart. As we merge our Heart with the higher Divine intelligence, we are no longer naive or “victims” of the external circumstances, we are powerful Source Beings … Divine co-creators!

In the New, we shift in the relationship paradigm, which moves from personal gain and comfort to unity consciousness. The relationships of the New are based on Soul connection and mutual spiritual growth through the sacred “Trinity”, meaning the two within One, who are creating the third! The old relationship paradigm, which is based on personal gain and mere cohabitation with another, simply no longer interest us. We yearn for a deep intimate connection with someone who shares our frequency signature and who is on a mutual Soul journey. This is a Divine Reunion that is based on our true Essence … Divine Love. We are eager to embody Divine Love in all aspects of our Reunion and our physical life.

In the New, we no longer need to advertise or promote ourselves and make things happen. We trust that we are always supported by Source just by being our true authentic Self. We don’t see this as something difficult, because we know that Truth is always simple, not difficult. So whatever still brings us struggle, pain and hardship, is not of our true Self and we let it go. That is also why we tend to keep our lives as simple as we can, as we constantly simplify them. We don’t do things in order to be paid and to make money, because we are focused on selfless service to all through our unique individualized Self!

In the New, we are aware that we are already “spiritual”, because we are all Spirit Beings. So we don’t need to become more “spiritual”, and we are learning and remembering how it is to become more Divinely physical, as we are merging Spirit and matter as One. We know that our Human and Divine Self are walking together as One, always in parallel with each other. We have a great desire to embody our Spirit, as we fully understand the nature of physical Ascension.

In the New, we are shifting in every level of our physical life, from diet and nutrition to our habitat. Life is moving from city and suburbia to the countryside. We have a desire to live as naturally and organically as we can, always in perfect alignment with Nature and our environment, as we understand the intrinsic connection with everything and we start to integrate the Divine Principles of Creation. We share a deep connection with all other forms of Creation, cohabiting with animals, crystals, plants, etc. We understand the connection between our environment and our Ascension, and the same goes for nutrition and Ascension. We understand that the 2nd density realm (the realm of plants) is serving as a connection link between our 4th density Human template and the 5th Light Body density, where we no longer require external nourishment and we only feed on liquid Light.

In the New, we know that we are each Self responsible Beings, and that embodying a sense of integrity and responsibility is what is propelling our Ascension journey forward. We are always brand New, as we see things through the eyes of the child. We are eternally shifting and re-creating ourselves. We never stay the same, and we are never a constant! We are a dynamic part of all Creation, and we start enjoying our experiences and the role as Divine co-creators!

Within Divine Love, Polona

11 Comments on “Transitioning from the Old into the New

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    This is so true and I strongly resonate with this. I have been feeling this sense of just BEING ! No action, just feeling , no words to describe it. The deep inner sense of knowing, I had two powerful dreams.. One, in which my TF is intimate with me in front of all my relatives and when I express little hesitance, he says,” your are now part of the Government, no one can say anything thing.” the next day also also I got a similar dream, where we are with family members and he is so loving and intimate , but nobody says anything and we all get into a car and go off, my TF , soulmate and his soulmate..
    I am strongly in the divine flow and I keep getting messages that everything is done and now is the TIME.. !! I was speaking to my son about , how things were progressing slowly with regard to a project and I was amazed with his reply.. He said, ” mom, you say it is Golden AGe… So Wait for the dust to settle down and thief things will start going.. ” I was stunned with such a mature reply from someone so young.. It felt like a message from God.!!

  2. Sorry !!!! cut out the word “thief” . It was meant to be things !!! LOL !!!! Love to you all !!

  3. Dear Sleeping Beuty, my son is 15 and many times he tells me things so mature for his age. I have a question for you, are you still feeling nervous and shaking when you know you will meet your TF? If its so, how you control yourself?
    Blessiings to everybody

  4. Ah i resonate with this too so much, to just BE, BE and BE…and love Ascension pioneers also, i recommended to you all and their forum, there is a lot of interesting topics!
    Love you all :)!

  5. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    How beautiful your dreams are to show your letting go of what others feel about your truth and honoring/connecting with it anyway. How it makes me smile to read the second dream where you, your twin flame and soul mates are coming together and moving forward together, as soul family sharing in the oneness! Everything absolutely is always in the divine flow…as you are continuing to move into what is already, therefore it is “done” and you are just moving along with it…it is the time to be in this moment and hold on to the sides as the ride continues forward! What a delight to witness the wisdom coming through your son…age truly is only a number, whereas the Spirit is ageless. Looking forward to hear more as the days unfold. Lots of love to you and to all!

  6. Dearest Gabriella,
    Yes , the ride continues. And I am just going with it floating… Waves of love to you.!!!

  7. Dear Joanna,
    Whenever I am about to meet my TF I used to be filled with apprehension and there will be loss of words. I will be so anxious about how I look, how I am going to communicate with hi, etc and so on. This was before.!!!! Now I am just totally in the flow. Just BEING !! Today also I met him but we did not communicate in words. Before this used to worry me and I used to cry my heart out. NOW it is so different….. I feel we are one. No need to talk,no need to feel any separation, no need to feel any pain. We are one.. So I feel so strangely calm nowadays and no urge or drive to do anything. It is taken care of. We will be guided to the next step. Before I used to keep texting him or voluntarily meeting up, etc. NOW it is just NOW !!!! Intake it as it comes , totally surrendered to the flow. I only feel deep,deep love for him and that enfolds me…. Wherever I am , I am one with him . Love to you.

  8. Dear Sleeping Beuty: I had the opportunity to read your answer today, and this gave me I lot of peace in my heart. I have not seen my TF for months now, and there is not way we can communicate in the 3D, ( he does not have my phone or email and viceversa, we don’t have common friends either) the times we were close to one another words could not flow from us, the energy was so intense that we were paralized, I guess. But as you described above, the times we were close we communicate without words. Now, I don’t know if someday we will find one another again. I cry when I’m in the places where I used to see him, I can not control my tears, they flow and flow and many time my soulmate is in home, so I go to my room, close the door and stay there until I calm down, after I Cry I feel better. I still feeling him every night close to me. All this is crazy…and here is the only place I can write about it. No to mention, that in my class theres is a young man like look like him, it is like having a photo of my TF infront of me. OMG. I have been thinking to leave this area in the futuro and buy a house close to the ocean. I hope this emotions soon go away.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  9. Dear Joanna,
    I can understand your feelings. This journey can be very challenging. But you know it is. TF journey and only love faith, trust and letting go and being in the free flow can help. Feel your emotions and release them. I have always felt that somehow we are guided to the next step. We are always connected to the beig picture. Maybe it is a pause time for you. Do not lose heart and keep yourself diverted in other ways. As it goes you will be guided to follow your to you.

  10. Thanks, Dear Sleeping Beauty, I feel that my marriage will not survive as it is right now, but I love my soulmate like a friend and I always want the best for him and care for him like a friend. I think, he thinks the same way about me. I don’t know what I’m feeling, but I will never be or can not be intimated with another man, just with my TF. So, I’m realizing that TFs send waves of love to one another or love one another without mentioning any word.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  11. Dearest Joana,

    I am sending you waves of love and light and sweet angels to help you and protect you on this part of the journey that certainly is not easy for you.

    I have been sending light and love every time I am reading of you (this is also true for all of course).

    It is so full of love what you are saying and how you are describing the waves of love you can feel from your twin. I think your twinflame love is so beautiful, dearest, although it is so difficult for you to walk this path. I do understand so very well. Although your chosen path is not easy, I want to tell you this, dearest:

    Your love is just so beautiful! May it return to you a thousandfold in unexpected beautiful ways all along your life’s path <3.

    Blessings and love to you and all,