The Invitation to Our Hearts of Love: Display Your Play in Your Own Way

walking alongThe moment you discover the one that matches you and fills the spaces that have been waiting for its fit, the fire in your heart has been lit. You begin to walk each step along your journey, knowing that you have never been alone. Your feet are graced by the confirmation that the destination in which you were connected to since birth has taken course…as you realize that the journey is what this life is about. You are inspired to live in a way that moves you as it soothes you into a new formation. All that which you envisioned love to be arrives as it takes on a whole new shape, it is now molding into creation as it is unfolding . In this grace is where dreams are born, miracles are breathing, where Paradise lays retreating, knowing that the Paradise now is that which you give flight.

The soul whispers, “it has begun,” remember, there will come a day that you will be shown the visions from all that you have known, all that you have collected through the aeons of lifetimes you have walked upon this fertile ground. In the heavens, rang out a glorious sound that reminds thy memory of echoing drum beats. The future is born, right here and right now, that if you let everything be, as you see, all who walk along with you become transformed.

The organic hunger transparent in my psyche now emerges in its attempt to find  and merge with those that it can flow with, those that it somehow knows already, those at which stand ready to join in the birthing of a new world. This is a world where love is honored for the magical elixir that it is, where those that have become aware of this inherent, divine love are gifted with a fire in the heart which burns as it yearns to give of itself. The calmness and excitement in which this love abides is in the witnessing and progressing of its reverent arrival, the return of the balancing within the dancing of these two as one.

These lovers become like children, playful and carefree, ready to bask and immerse within the fun-loving intensity burning within their souls. They paint a picture of such warm, silent synergy, innocent, sweet in their intimate harmony, inviting you into the mystery of each moment, to let go and have fun connected to the play in your heart…this is the beauty of our art…

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    This post resonates so much with me.. ” the soul whispers.. It has begun”… I want to share something very special. A few days back , my TF and I spent time together , but in the company of friends. But we also got time together alone. It was so romantic. He made sure we got the time together and arranged for a lovely boat ride. The heavens seemed to get together and it started to rain and we had to sit so close to each other and felt so beautiful. It was a perfect play of events and so romantic. Later we got DID get together privately and became intimate in all ways. I do not know if you call it merging but we did become one after all these years. However, the beauty of all this is he still claims that it is only physical and not love. I was quite upset and then, the next day, he again became so gentle with me , though he never mentioned anything about love but looked at my eyes which such depth from a long distance saying nothing. I felt a warm glow inside me and could only feel that and say nothing. The rest of the day passed by with him staying close to me saying no words, and he planned to take me to beautiful nature filled place,( of course in the company of friends), and in that place again we connected so beautifully and I could sense a gentleness in him . We had to go our ways after that and we have not spoken to each other till now. But my love for him grows . Gabriella , during those intimate moments when we merged I asked him not to think it is only physical and told him how much I love him and he is the only one for me. Gabriella, is there is some clearing for us. Why is it so difficult for him to express love, though I can sense his deep love for me. The whole experience was bittersweet for me. I cherish it. That is why your words, ” soul whispers ….it has begun..” resonates so deeply. Exactly at this time you have posted these words, I am so amazed.
    Angel Gabriella, I am so filled with gratitude for your guidance and I send waves of love to you. I receive messages saying I am on the right path home.. I want to share and express love with my TF. I want to enjoy this world and life’ s experiences with my TF. These brief interludes that we have are not sufficient for me. I want more.. Is this feeling ok..? I want so much to be with him in all ways…share, feel good, enjoy each other’s company,…. I am happy as I am , but I also want to share physical togetherness with him… Feel our love and ….oh God ,,,,no more words for this…
    I JUST LOVE HIM …take care Gabriella and I am so glad to share this with is a very profound experience for me..

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Tonight, I heard the song, “No More Words,” and I thought of what you expressed. How powerful the feelings can be when you merge your essence with your Beloved, that truly the words cannot even contain such a powerful experience! Ah, but yes us creators attempt to use them to express it to each other. It does feel that there has been a lot of shifting recently to bring us into a deeper expansion of sharing with one another. We truly are merging our human presence with our spiritual essence, so there is a natural desire to want to unite all aspects of our being with the other. This is absolutely natural, for it is an activation of your heart’s core that is so deeply emerged in your radiance that desires to merge with that of your Beloved. When you encounter your Beloved, there is a full awakening to all of the pieces of your essence for you to bring forth, to shift, to acknowledge. This can bring you to an open, vulnerable, raw place where you are given the gift of moving through uncomfortable places inside as you step deeper into your beautiful Goddess presence as he is in his God presence. You begin to shift in many profound ways, the way you perceive things, the way you communicate, the way you interact and connect with all aspects of life. It is as if you are being born anew. This can bring up any fears, any self-esteem concerns, anything lingering to be loved into the light. What can happen is a reluctance to communicate because of such intense feelings arising, yet it is important for you to be able to love despite it all, so that your love vibrations are still moving within and between each other. Recognize and honor all of the beauty in your sharing, how you have been gifted with such beautiful moments with him, such intricacies of intimacy, and allow all expressions of love. This relationship is not about being “perfect” but about loving through what could be seen as “imperfect.” Perfection is what we naturally are, and as we shed the perceptions that we are not, we realize that we are. How bittersweet and profound the journey can be, yet how cherished and rewarding it is ~ to be able to encounter and embrace your sweet reflection in the flesh. How the love is growing limitless, profoundly and with such a depth that moleculizes the body! Trust that you are showing each other home ever more as you walk along, for you are healing into the revealing of all aspects of your oneness ~ yours, his and the creation of this into the world that you are birthing with each glorious step that you are walking together.

    The intimacy you have shared is the oneness that you are…and as you continue to move along the currents of your bliss together, you are transcending into heaven’s essence merged with your physical presence.

    My Dearest, I am so thankful for your questions and response here, as it is beyond words to express my love and appreciation for the sharing of your love! May you be enfolded within the waves of my warm love.

  3. Dearest Gabriella,
    Wow, such a heartfelt reply. Thank you. The experience did release a lot of deep feelings. In fact, after that I cried out my heart for nearly two hours and was having a lot of mixed feelings. But in the morning everything cleared and I was deeply calm and his behaviour made me very happy.
    This is the kind of releasing that happens so frequently. Each time I become more convinced of our love and more in sync with the Universe . The surrender is flowing now. I am able to love myself and accept myself more. TF merging is certainly not an easy one and we need to hold on in spite of all the pain . Only our love will show the way as we take each step as it comes. Gabriella I do not know what Or how I should go further from here. We are fully guided by the Universe and the feeling of such total surrender is indeed blissful. though I do miss him …
    Waves of love to you.

  4. I’ve been in hiding for a while, but Gabriella I stop by and read your words every now and then. I think in a sense I have dismantled all of my thoughts and feelings towards what the twin flame is. For me it’s been catastrophic, anger, hurt, denial. Before, I was getting tons and tons of signs and messages regarding it, dreams galore, but when I moved to another area of the city they all stopped. Which leads me to believe I was just seeing things and making it up in my head.

    Your feet are graced by the confirmation that the destination in which you were connected to since birth has taken course…as you realize that the journey is what this life is about…. Oh I SO wish that was the case! I actually don’t recall a time in my life prior to meeting my ‘twin’ that I ever felt so alone and lost… before things used to make sense, and after meeting him nothing makes sense. When I met him it ALL made sense and then furthering into the journey, it no longer made sense either.

    We haven’t talked in nearly a year and he’s moving to another continent. All the guidance that I thought I was receiving and believing really has been turning out to be the opposite. Not just with the twin but in all facets of life… prosperity, love, friends, everything. When one thing crumbles I tell myself it is to be built back up again into something fresh and new… and then it falls apart again lol.

    I’ve more or less shut any ideas of my twin flame off. I don’t want to be physically alone anymore. I’ve actually never had a real relationship in my life other than with myself and I’m tired of myself at this point. But no matter how much I’ve focused on myself I haven’t met anyone in my thirty-ish years of existence. I know the Twin Flame will always be there, but at some point you accept the numb and succumb to the possibility that it is not meant to be. I keep meeting people, random men, who show interest for about 30 seconds and then are gone. I am really really tired of dining for one. It’s like the universe doesn’t want me to be with anyone, twin, soul mate or otherwise and it’s starting to bring me down.

    I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here – just a bunch of mumbo jumbo rambling I am doing! lol! But I guess I am saying that I thought I felt certain and filled with that pure love – as you said Gabriella – and I did for a long long time – and that certainty is gone. I feel like it’s a big set up – like a hamster on a wheel – you are always getting the signs and if you keep running with the hope one day you’ll get there – well sometimes you just have to jump off before you have a heart attack. I guess that is where I am – just longing to get out of the whole cage completely! lol

    Sending my love to anyone and everyone here. Until next time..

  5. Dear Sleeping Beauty, I’m so happy for you, wishing you the best to you and your twin soul. Dear Gabriella, I still reading you blogs, so beautiful all of them…Misty I hope you find the beauty on everything…I’m not with my twin soul and I don’t know where he is or what he is doing, but there is whispering in my heart that tell me that he is always thinking on me as I do for him. Anyway, twin souls never are separate from one another. Life for me is flowing, as I learned finally to surrender to love for everything around me, and to the love I feel for my twin soul.

    Blessings to everybody

  6. Dear Joanna,
    Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your loving wishes. I did meet my TF after that event, two weeks later. We again connected beautifully but with minimum of words. It is just a flow of feelings. I still long to be with him and share life with him. But I feel it will only happen with divine timing. As you say the connection with the twin flame is always there. We will be drawn to each other when things fall into place. Please do keep your connection strong. Love will find a way.
    For me it is trust , faith and love that keeps me going against all odds. Your twin soul will find his way to you.
    Dear Misty,
    As you see we have to keep going with love. The journey is pretty tumultuous . May times I have been discouraged but the Universe always brought in the connection of love. Synchronicities abound and lead us when we feel lost. I have felt so lonely many times and have called out to God and my guides for help. They have always responded in a way which we can recognise only if we are attuned to receive it. Even though my TF and I are still going through a period of being away from each other, I feel I have come a long way from what I was before. We feel much closer now and I eagerly await the time when we will be together in all ways. Keep your hopes up. The singing birds will come.
    Love to you all.

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