Sacredness in the Nakedness

divine love embracingI awoke this morning recalling some details of a dream ~ I was witnessing my Beloved in a scene from a movie, fully and completely naked. This was so vivid, that I could see ALL of the aspects of his physical form, down to the curves of his body, the details of his hairs, his manhood, each and every inch of him. I literally felt as though I was seeing him in his wholeness. And what I felt by witnessing this, was such overwhelming love… because not only was I seeing all of him, but I was seeing him feeling comfortable to be naked in who he is, and standing with confidence and trust in his uniqueness. This is not literal, for I don’t feel he will stand on a stage and be completely naked for many to see, physically that is, but that what it is showing is that he is opening to come into his wholeness, deeper and deeper, as he walks the journey. AND willing to show that to me and to the world…the reflection of such is that I am also coming into this wholeness evermore, willing to see and be seen. When I searched for more information on dreaming of seeing a loved one naked, I found this ~ “This may mean that a person has been opening up to you, and you’re starting to see their “true selves.” It could also mean that you feel this person needs to be more honest with you– perhaps you wish they would stop hiding behind things and expose themselves (metaphorically, of course).” Indeed, I do desire the fullness to be revealed, as the sacredness is in the nakedness. The willingness to be vulnerable, exposed and open. If you have a dream, series of dreams that you would like help deciphering the clarity of, I am available for Dream Guidance Readings.