All Your Experiences are Used, Infused with Light

write your storyHaving that feeling that a chapter is closing in my life, as I found out that I am completing an 18 year cycle astrologically. This feels so accurate on many levels, that what is transitioning is merely the beginning of new ways of expression and creation in my life, all of the previous experiences are used, infused with light so that I might utilize them and realize them into my consciousness. Integration and inspiration, meet manifestation. The book that is my life, then and anew, is underway, as I shall play within it and display it in my second book, openly raw, intimately authentic, passionately vulnerable… feels good.





light in darkThe dance of balance always, all ways, IS ~ how witnessing the extremes of light and dark, masculine and feminine, etc, etc has brought me to a place of fully comprehending what union consciousness is. It is AND rather than OR. Everything is part of the whole of it and nothing is separate. Not only through the talking of it but the walking of it… experience makes everything known, shown. There is bravery in choosing this incarnation and using every moment to gift the world with your own uniqueness uncovered and discovered along your journey.

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  1. I in the perfect moment have stummbled across one of your utube post. Your words have eased my heart during my transition from life to death thank you