Merge Your Heart with Your Body, and Emerge as Your One Self

brothers and sistersWe are in the stage as this is the age where we merge our hearts with our bodies more profoundly, and emerge as the blooming blossom of beauty in our uniqueness, feeling comfortable in our skin and revealing that shining sweetness within and to the world! For me, there has been much inner work, quiet solitude, many tears flowing as my presence is growing. I am discovering the wholeness that I AM as I am uncovering piece by piece, of all that is me, my layered identity. Within this complexity, yet simplicity, is a wellspring of clarity. We are uniting all that seems to be separate, light and dark, masculine and feminine, fantasy and reality, then and now (and the future). It is all connected as it is all reflected in the ONE. Union consciousness always IS, and this is the gift that is meant to uplift our Spirits into bliss on the journey of divine love, the encountering and knowing our soul mates, twin flames, Beloveds on this loving journey we are walking. There has been quiet and introspection, yet much reflection and intention…as we continue to build, to create who we are, individually and as one. Streaming love from my heart to yours. We are evermore intimately walking the path. Continue to perfect your voice, knowing it is a choice, to let YOU come beaming through in your uniqueness, which is part of the oneness we are.

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