Understand Why You’ve Chosen Your Life Plan Before Birth

Have you Wondered Why You have Certain Challenges in Your Life and Just What you Are Here for?

I was joined by Robert Schwartz, a Hypnotherapist and Author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born and the just released Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. We discussed his new book and delved deep into the topic of planning your life before birth, before physical incarnation. This sequel delves deeper into pre-birth planning, exploring the planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage and abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. Robert worked with mediums to bring forth great love and wisdom from “the other side” to explain why such experience are planned. A powerful continuation of sharing on pre-birth planning this interview will be!

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  1. Ok so our soul plans everything Before. Does it mean that whatever atrocities happen in our lives we should just say ,it was our soul plan and take it lying low? Should nobody ever try to set things right ,in case we disrupt the concerned person” s Learning process? Should we all just carry with our own lives and not feel empathy for others?

  2. Sleeping Beauty,

    Our souls do not plan EVERYTHING before birth but we do plan a lot of our challenges for the purpose of healing, growth, and experience so that we can also teach what we receive. We do also have free will – that is never taken away from us. We should never just push aside something that happens in our experience – because it is there for us to take a look at, to review it, to see what we can receive from it, and then take appropriate action as we are guided. Our soul learns what it most desires to teach as expressed in Robert’s book Your Soul’s Gift so if you are experiencing a deep challenge or “tragedy,” then how you can view it from a place of seeing what it can offer you and then what can it offer others? You are absolutely meant to observe others experiences around you and feel what feels right for you – and you can offer assistance or advice to another, however, if one does not follow what you say, that is their choice and their own process – we can observe but this perception of planning your life before birth brings in the understanding that you don’t know what the soul having the challenge is truly experiencing or learning. Absolutely through our own challenges and witnessing others, we are meant to grow within our empathy for others and to express love and kindness to others – however there’s a difference with offering help and forcing others to take our perspective on things or to follow our advice. Empathy does not judge, it understands the human emotions that one can go through in any experience, and when we add the perspective of our souls planning experiences before incarnation, then we can also understand that the soul is also growing, healing, learning within that experience. Did you listen to the interview with Robert? I would recommend listening to his first interview too and reading this article: Understanding Your Challenges as Planned Before Incarnation (the link to the first interview is in this post). He will be coming on later in the year for another interview – I will save your questions to present to him then as well. (I also encourage you to read both of his books if you are interested to delve deeper into this topic of pre-birth planning)

  3. Dear Gabriella,
    Thanks again for your in depth explanation. It doea pain to see your loved ones go through suffering and not be able to help at all. I have seen my near and dear ones put themself through misery and now I console myself that it is their journey. None of my efforts to help were of any use. I used to feel very duty bound but now I am able to accept that they have to face it.Will it help to send love and kindness through the heart.
    Regarding twin flames, I have read that our Twin soul may choose our soulmate for a lifetime. I feel this is so for me.There are many synchronicities to make me believe this. I feel it is for a purpose. One day I asked him if he’ll leave me. He said ” No. I’ll be around”. I feel there is some purpose. My soulmate and he are well known to each other. Maybe we all planned to incarnate at this partcular time for a grand mission. At one time ,I used to feel jealous of his relationship with others. Now I feel so comfortable and know that it is all inclusive in this journey.Your blog helps a great deal to handle everything that unflods in my journey. I feel so supported and loved.Thank you and that song, “I have loved you before” is so moving and was a balm to my heart.

  4. Soul agreements and pre-birth planning are interesting topics. On the surface, both presuppose that time (and incarnations) are linear. This fits very neatly within a 3D conceptual framework and we can easily imagine lifetime after lifetime with familiar souls working towards particular learning goals. Why should we imagine something different? While alive we experience time (for the most part) linearly. Some of us like to plan our lives, ie, go to school, progress through careers, get married, have kids, etc. And all these goals are accomplished through agreements with other people. Perhaps you can see our inherent linear bias? What happens when we change the perspective and, for example, consider time to be non-linear or even all at once? How marvelously complex! You might imagine, just for fun, your beautiful, unique soul in the center of a sphere. All around you are movie strips playing different lives, all at once. And in each, you see and feel and are directly connected to all the different personalities that you are incarnating. Every soul is doing the same and you are in each other’s movies, instantly and lovingly responding to every other soul’s needs, desires, so the whole is completely connected. In this scenario, what are soul agreements and pre-birth planning? These concepts are how we try to grasp the infinite variability and creativity of our multi-dimensional souls. If we can define a “plan” and take comfort in “agreements” then we quiet the fears of our intellects. Our souls don’t fit these 3D constructs, but are something infinitely more complex and wondrous. Hold onto the ideas of pre-birth plans and soul agreements if you like, but you might find it more freeing to view these as always in flux, changing moment to moment with your best interests at heart-everyone’s, with perfect love.