Awaken To Divine Love

There are two sections of the Awaken to Divine Love Show… *just click on the title of the section to watch all current episodes*

Awaken to Divine Love: Be You to Full

This section will include episodes where I delve into the depths of being, offering you opportunities to remember the divine love that you are, to feel comfortable to be this love in your own unique creative way. Many people will share their journey of awakening into the truth of who they are, and how they are bringing their love into the world in expression and creation. We are here to remember ourselves into the oneness we are, into the love that we are. Each of us has our own unique contribution to add to the whole, as we are walking this journey together.

Awaken to Divine Love: Twin Flames Revealed

This section will include episodes of revealing the truths of the Twin Flame connection ~ as those that are on the journey to embracing this love in form and those that are already physically united will open their hearts. I will interview those that have been awakened into the Divine Love of Beloveds, how this love is remembered from within and then brought into the world by trusting the visions and emotions from inside, to allow it to flow into creation on the physical realm. You will hear from men and women who have had such strong sensations of knowing who they love before the form materializes before them, how they have had to not resist what they know yet can’t explain or understand and what they intuitively feel so deeply within, how they had to surrender into the truth of this depth of love, letting the journey take them into a profound spiritual journey ~ a journey that will bring them profoundly into seeing the illusions of their existence into the truth of their essence incarnated into this human presence, remembering themselves into the oneness they are, shaping reality from their infinitely divine nature. * these interviews will become a documentary/movie ~ if you are a filmmaker and inspired by love, desiring to transform the way relationships are seen in the world, allowing people to feel comfortable connecting with the love they feel and know within as this brings them to their reflection in form, RATHER than the perception that you need to know outside before you KNOW within whom you love, I would welcome the chance to co-create with you! Let’s spread the love *

light beings connect

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